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  1. cooties_are_real

    C'Mon Now!

    Oh, yes!!! You come in talking and smiling, then when I ask what is wrong, (pained look comes over your face) "I have a migraine." Really?!
  2. cooties_are_real

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    Little Darling comes in the office. I asked her why she came to the office, she touches her hair that came out of the bun. Yes she wanted us to put it back in.
  3. cooties_are_real


    First day back on campus! Woop! Woop! Hope everyone has a great year.
  4. cooties_are_real


    I just wanted to say "See ya next year!!" (in case I don't get back before we leave.) As this day winds down, I just wanted to say Thank You for all your support this year. I have had one of the most off years ever, but now it's over. As I look forward to next year, I am expecting a good one. I really do love the new challenges of each new year. I always say I love the way this job is predictable, but unpredictable all all at the same time. Have a wonderful break.
  5. cooties_are_real

    And Just Like That...

    YES!!! Even this morning I find myself almost teary eyed once again. With this tough year, I'm choosing to focus on the successes!
  6. cooties_are_real

    And Just Like That...

    they walk out of your life.... My young man, who I have seen so much growth in this year, just came by to say, "So long." 4 years ago before I ever met him, we had already been informed of student ODD and other diagnosis that made it very hard to control his temper. So I already had an expectation of how he was going to be. They had said in this initial meeting, that "if he thinks you are for him, he will be good. However, if he thinks you are against him, he will be combative." Apparently he had been know to throw things and get violent. Well, I decided to "be for him." His walk through high school has not been a cake walk by no means, but he always knew he could come to my office an vent. I would make him watch his language and not hit things, but I would let him pace and talk. I have notice such a maturing in him, it's almost like night and day. I hate to see him go, but glad he ended his high school career on a good note. He will walk and get his diploma on 5/31. (Wow! never thought I would be this sad/proud to see him go:(
  7. cooties_are_real


    You are right. Nurse #2 was fine with everything. It's just been a very stressful couple of days. But all is well. Thank you.
  8. cooties_are_real


    Thanks, OD. Took the last paragraph out. Would have to go into way to much detail to clear up that mess. Again, ready for the bell to ring on May 31st.
  9. cooties_are_real


    We rec'd a call that a Little Darling had collapsed in the hallway. I grab my emergency bag and call for the other nurse to get the wheelchair and meet me. When I get there I see LD sitting in the hallway who has recently been diagnosed with panic/anxiety. I tried to get her to slow her breathing but she would not respond to command. The only thing for me she responded to was "to do what the dr. showed her to do (which was cover her mouth and breath) When the other nurse got there (not even a full minute) she was asking why she was doing that and then instructed LD to move her hands and breath through her nose, which LD does. LD responded to other nurse's commands and we were able to get her to the nurse's office via wheelchair. A heartbeat after we got student to the nurse's office, poof, mom is here. Instant Mom. We had not even begun to examine LD. The rest of the story is LD is fine and back in class. (oh, when the other nurse asked what LD pulse was I could not tell her. I didn't have my watch on and my pulse ox was dead.) I don't know why that has upset me so, but it has. I have taken the way the other nurse talked to me WAY to much to heart. We talked about it afterwards and she was not upset or thought I needed to do anything else. She really doesn't think it is a big deal, but now my mind is all over the place about it. Thanks for letting me ramble. So ready for May 31st.
  10. cooties_are_real

    Summer 2018 Plans?

    I have always wanted to go on Mercy Ships during the summer. I will give you an update when I can. This will be my first time out of the country.
  11. cooties_are_real

    If a student is 18

    Same thing here.
  12. cooties_are_real

    Summer 2018 Plans?

    June 9th-16th I'm going a mission trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. (I can't wait!!!) At the end of June we have a family reunion. I will stay in Oklahoma for about 2 weeks after to spend time with my mom. Gotta workshop at the end of July and also have to get in 2 days for exchange days some how. Then we start back to school on 8/13/18. We are so ready here. I think some of the teachers have senioritis. It's been a very difficult year. Our year started out crummy, but the end has been pretty smooth, but every one is ready for it to end.
  13. cooties_are_real

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Thanks OD!!
  14. cooties_are_real

    Concussion Frustration

    Not that I am aware of.
  15. cooties_are_real

    Concussion Frustration

    Yes, to the no screens. Some of LD2 classes are totally on the computer. It doesn't help when the teacher catches him on his phone and when she encourages him to work he needs to come see me for meds (I just found out this part).