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July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

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I take the NCLEX next week and after reading the messages from everyone that took it already, I couldn't be more nervous. I have been chained to my laptop and textbooks for the last... come to think of it I can't remember how long. Anyways, I just need it to be over so I can enjoy my summer and maybe have a better shot at getting a job. Pray for me allnurses and I will pray 4 u.

Wow! I know how all of you soon to be test takers feel. I take my test on july 16th at 8am. :redbeathe I have been so super nervous. One thing that has been working to help me calm my anxiety is to study when I am feeling that anxious.

I can't wait until I get the test done and over with. I have a hard time sleeping, with lab values running through my head. Hardly can eat anything, because I feel sick to my stomach.

Hoping I pass the first time I take it, I really don't want to have to study for nclex again. I have been studying for the last month every day for 3-4 hours a day.

I too can not afford kaplan. I have been doing a lot of praying and am trying to put it in god's hands.

I wish you all luck! (wish me luck too!)

starz6666... good luck to you.. i picked the 8 am because i'm a morning person.. i do the test best in the morning.. i tried to stay calm.. but the stuff keeps poping up in my head like the lab values and s/s. i think i will hit a book for a little bit... maybe i should just go rent something funny to watch.. anyway.. it will be over soon for us.. good luck to you and me and everyone else that will be taking nclex soon.. i keep you guys update about my experience and my result later...

So nervous ... took NCLEX this morning. Had 80 questions and felt horrible when I left. I could not believe that after everything I went through the past four years in nursing school it was over in an hour and a half. I am on pins and needles until friday when I can check for the results! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!:banghead:

Hang in there if you study you will be fine.

:idea:Hi Guys! I am taking my NCLEX-PN exam-July 21rst. I have so much anxiety. Anyone have any tips to help me get thru the next week and a half? Appreciate it! Good Luck everyone.

YES, try not to study the night before and get a good night sleep. if you studied up until the day before you need to try and relax the night before .:yeah:and give yourself a hand that you will do your best. Take your time read the questions.

hey everyone. how are you all doing?

well, the week i never thought would come is finally here. i take my test on friday (July 17th). I am surprisingly not as crazy as I thought I would be. But I am definitely nervous. I'm also excited to just take this and get it over with already. I've been having a hard time sleeping for the past couple weeks and I even have dreams about the NCLEX. This test is taking a toll on me! Anyone that has taking it and passed have any advice to help me survive the next 3 days???

Good luck to everyone taking it this week and this month!! Congrats to everyone that's passed!!

We can do this!!

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Tomorrow is the day for me! After work today I plan on relaxing by either going to a movie or indulging in my favorite hobby of making cards with stamps and inks. Tomorrow I will take it easy by sleeping in a little and going for a nature stroll while meditating on God's Word. I will get to the test center 30 minutes early so I can be relaxed as possible. Oh yea, I always have a large hot green tea before I take exams :grin:

mt_nurse specializes in Med/Surg.

i'm scared. i take mine this thursday, july 16th at 8am. i didn't study the meds too much..hoping not to get too many of those...

good luck to everyone else taking it this july!!

I stopped at 75 questions. I had no math what so ever.. but i'm good in math.. i really wanted math questions. .. my friend took his today and had like 6 math questions. ...i came out feeling horrible.. i think i failed.. I had 6 SATA.. 2 put in order questions.. maybe 5 questions about med.. but i don't remember the rest of it.. i know everyone comes out feeling bad.. but i really feel like i didn't do that good.. i just went blank.. i really want to pass.. now just gonna have to wait.. :cry:

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