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ED, ICU, lifetime Diabetes Education
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CoffeeGeekRN has 3 years experience and specializes in ED, ICU, lifetime Diabetes Education.

Graduated May 22, 2009

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  1. CoffeeGeekRN

    Patient ratios @ Frederick memorial hospital

    Depends on the unit. I think it is like 1:5 or 6 on day shift for med surg.
  2. CoffeeGeekRN

    For all INFP personality types only

    I'm an INFP also. I have been a RN for over 5 years and still haven't found my niche. However, I realize I don't like ED on day shift and am pretty much done with bedside care altogether.
  3. CoffeeGeekRN

    Things you'd like to say to....

    I think we work at the same place with the same pts.
  4. CoffeeGeekRN

    Working with others

    After almost 5 years of nursing, I have found NETY to be a very real phenomena. I wish it were not true but looking at the history of nursing or is something deeply ingrained in the profession. I believe it is long over due that we stand up to NETY and acknowledge it's existence and work on eradicating it. Older nurses have a lot to offer to new nurses. New nurses have a lot to offer to the profession. "Why can't we all just get along?"
  5. CoffeeGeekRN

    App for online books.

    I know that it works for Android. I think it works for iphones
  6. CoffeeGeekRN

    RN-BSN July 2012..

    Kuntanya, what courses are you taking now? The first 2-3 weeks were rough for me because I got registered late and didn't get to do the preview week. I got the hang of it in a couple of weeks and did very well in both the courses I took.
  7. CoffeeGeekRN

    RN-BSN July 2012..

    It is expensive but the program is very highly rated and from several people that I consulted with, it is fast and has less hassle. The application and registration process was almost effortless.
  8. CoffeeGeekRN

    Need some advice asap!!!

    Transitions really doesn't have any papers. It has some assignments that require searches in EBSCOHost and CINAHL. I found SOC 350 to be challenging because there are several mini papers and essays (including in the quizzes and final exam) and the large research project due at week 7. I would have preferred to take SOC 350 by itself.
  9. CoffeeGeekRN

    Chamberlain Transitions Prof. Nursing

    Transitions is really not that hard. I found it to be a lot of busy-work and using APA formatted citations and references for almost every post to the topic discussions. Familiarize yourself with nursing journal searches in EBSCOHost and CINAHL and you will be fine. I am surprised that you are able to take this course with Health Assessment as I was told that Transitions is the prereq. for all nursing courses and must be completed successfully before taking other nursing courses.
  10. CoffeeGeekRN

    RN-BSN July 2012..

    As it stands right now, I am just enrolled in the RN-BSN program. I am contemplating continuing on with the MSN bridge program, but I was told by my adviser that I can decide just before my last semester.
  11. CoffeeGeekRN

    RN-BSN July 2012..

    I am finishing up both Transitions and SOC 50. I didn't find Transitions as being demanding, it was more like busy-work. SOC 350 was the real challenge for me. There are several mini papers and essays and one large project that is due at the end. The course does have 2 quizzes that consist of multiple choice and essay questions. The essay questions require citations and references in APA formatting. The final exam is rather extensive, it is worth 245 points and consists of multiple choice and 5 essay questions. If I had a choice I would have taken this course by itself.
  12. The cultural diversity course is a lot of work. Not only is there a pretty extensive paper due at the end of the course but there are several mini papers every week along with the 3 postings to each of the 2 topic discussions per week. For the topic discussions you are expected to provide a scholarly reference for each posting and cite it using APA format. I would have preferred to take this class by itself. The transitions course is pretty easy with a lot of little assignments. This course teaches how to use EBP by search for journal articles in CINHAL and EBSCOHOST. It also teaches APA formatting. For each post to the weekly 2 topic discussions, students are expected to include citations from the course material and an outside source from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. It took me awhile to get used to that format; in the first couple of weeks it would take me more than 3 hours just to formulate one posting.
  13. CoffeeGeekRN

    Online History classes-choose one...

    I'm curious as to what was hard about it. Was it the subject or just a lot of papers?
  14. Have you signed up yet? From my understanding, for your first courses your admissions advisor has to register you and you don't get to choose the professors. Make sure that you are registered early enough to preview your courses and syllibi during the preview week. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  15. CoffeeGeekRN

    Anyone in the Frederick area studying for CCRN?

    Have you found anyone yet? What materials are you using?
  16. CoffeeGeekRN

    RN-BSN Online - Chamberlain September 3rd

    The Transitions course is pretty easy. I already have next week's assignment completed except for the discussion posts. Let me know how you like the Vietnam history course.

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