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  1. CoffeeGeekRN

    What would you like to see in your scrubs?

    Wrinkle free. I hate ironing.
  2. CoffeeGeekRN

    Patient ratios @ Frederick memorial hospital

    Depends on the unit. I think it is like 1:5 or 6 on day shift for med surg.
  3. CoffeeGeekRN

    For all INFP personality types only

    I'm an INFP also. I have been a RN for over 5 years and still haven't found my niche. However, I realize I don't like ED on day shift and am pretty much done with bedside care altogether.
  4. CoffeeGeekRN

    Shoes for wide, flat feet with high instep

    My feet love Crocs!
  5. CoffeeGeekRN

    WGU, Who else is starting with me

    I was told the same thing about the assessment. I was happy for that news.
  6. CoffeeGeekRN

    WGU, Who else is starting with me

    I'll be starting the RN to BSN program in August. I wanted to start in July but it a while for them to receive my transcripts.
  7. CoffeeGeekRN

    Things you'd like to say to....

    I think we work at the same place with the same pts.
  8. CoffeeGeekRN

    Working with others

    After almost 5 years of nursing, I have found NETY to be a very real phenomena. I wish it were not true but looking at the history of nursing or is something deeply ingrained in the profession. I believe it is long over due that we stand up to NETY and acknowledge it's existence and work on eradicating it. Older nurses have a lot to offer to new nurses. New nurses have a lot to offer to the profession. "Why can't we all just get along?"
  9. CoffeeGeekRN

    Chamberlain RN to BSN online Jan 2013

    What does the PERRLA program do?
  10. CoffeeGeekRN

    Chamberlain online RN to BSN March 2013 session

    In a way, informatics seemed easier because I had become accustomed to the expectations of the online learning environment. If you know how to do google searches, powerpoint presentations, and format documents in word then you could easily complete this class. There is one paper but its not a big one.
  11. CoffeeGeekRN

    Chamberlain online RN to BSN March 2013 session

    Informatics was too easy. I'm taking health assessment in March also and the workload doesn't look too bad.
  12. CoffeeGeekRN


    Please tell me you made this up!
  13. CoffeeGeekRN

    Concerns on Chamberlain

    I'm currently attending CCN online RN-BSN/MSN and it is expensive. I got my ASN at a community college which was very affordable for me at the time. I went this route because I heard the statistics on how many new RNs leave the profession within the first year of licensed practice and I wanted to make sure I liked what was doing to stick with it for several years. I had planned to start my BSN after a year or 2 once I decided I wanted to stay in nursing. Many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement for nurses to further their education. I'm taking advantage of my hospital's program so I will not have to go into a lot of debt. Before shelling out 80-90K on a school please be sure that you really want to become a RN and make a long term career out of it. You should also be aware that many new nurses are having a hard time finding jobs; for some it is taking more than a year to find employment. That is something to consider since loan repayments start a few months after graduation.
  14. CoffeeGeekRN

    That awkward moment when....

    That has got too be the best one!
  15. CoffeeGeekRN

    Caffeine Intolerance

    Has this happened before when you drank coffee?