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  1. shinwei

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    please need help....any1?? is this the message in person vue trick that appears when you log-in....that means you maybe passed! either the username or password you entered was not correct. please try again. please note: recently introduced security measures may have affected your ability to sign in with an existing password. if you think you have received this message in error, please follow the "i forgot my password" link to request a new password. thank you!
  2. shinwei

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    thnx....certainly i will keep praying!
  3. shinwei

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    now im anxious...i think i failed my nclex...huhuhuh!
  4. shinwei

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    i just finish taking the test few hours ago..i got 3 math, 3 sata and 2 arrangement in order its stop at 75.....huh what does it means??????hmmmn...now i feel happy and relief dont know why maybe im waiting for this moment to happen in a long periods of time! i just pray hard with consistency!..and one thing im so exicted the night b4 the exam again dont know why!hehehehe...crazy here! im preapred for everything might happens! Goodluck to all of us and God bless!