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It is with sadness I post this thread, for the time has come when some nurse siblings are acting with emotion instead of their heads. We are a family of professionals me and you, and I enjoy posting messages that do cheer you. But as of late, I'm feeling this task is not getting through. I love you my friends, can you not see? Animosity only hurts and tears down you and me. So lets do better with getting along, so I can post my messages of humor and love where they belong. Please know I have written this message with kindness and love for all of you. We can do wonderful things together if we co-operate with one another. So please lets try to do better. There is a wealth of knowledge and talent here on this board, and it's so much more peaceful and easier to connect with one another if we do it in peace. Thank you all for your love, and your knowledge, for you do have a lot of it. Bless you my friends.

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I agree with you. I thought that we were supposed to be helpful to each other and even attempt informed answers, but some are just trying to pick fights for no apparent reason, perhaps just to get the last word in?

Sure, we are all entitled to our opinions, but when others make snide remarks about something that they know nothing about, it is ridiculous.

I personally do not like it when nurses from other countries get taken advantage of by some unscrupulous recruiters. I believe that everyone should have a fair wage for doing the same work IN THIS COUNTRY. It should not matter what type of visa that the nurse is on. The money should go to her and not the recruiter; especially when they are placed in situations where none of us would want to be in. Most of our family members were immigrants at one time or another and shouldn't others have the same advantage? Exploitation of the nurse should not be allowed but for them to better themselves and want more for their families.

Lets try and be a little more aware of the others and their situations. Until you walk in their shoes you have no idea.


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I hear ya Fran and I have had to back off some areas here as I don't enjoy the bickering and attacks either. Hope it passes...I will continue to try NOT to get sucked in....thanks for the reminder.

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Fran - well, I for one find your posts truly entertaining and delightful. They always bring a smile to my face. Thank you.

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Whew, Fran, I thought from the title of your post that you were leaving the BB! My heart sank and my stomach went in knots! Then I read the post, well stated and loving, as your posts are. A good reminder for us all, to impact the board in a positive way. As I try to avoid confrontation, I back away from dissentive subjects/postings, as mattsmom81 has also posted. I also realize we all have different temperament make-ups, and what floats my boat sinks another's. At least, tho', hopefully, we can be civil to each other when we agree to disagree.

I do appreciate your presence on this board, thanks for your postings! :D -- D

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There is a wealth of knowledge and talent here on this board, and it's so much more peaceful and easier to connect with one another if we do it in peace.

Couldn't agree more ! :)

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I have seen the negativity as well, and hard as it may be, I'm trying not to respond to it. Fran, you always do such a great job of lifting spirits and making us smile...don't ever change :)

On the other hand, I would like to say that the majority of posters here handle hot topics very well. Stating their opinions, but doing it tactfully...that's the way to go!


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I think I have gotten caught up in this activity. I did not realize it. My apologies. Thanks for the wake up and reminder.

Underneith it all brothers and sisters love each other. And when the bickering get out of hand and meanness comes in it overshadows everything and families become toxic and no one remembers anything except the bitterness which ususally starts over something that is insignificant and mushroons .

Every once in a while we need a member to remind us why we are here.

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I'm with Agnus on this one. I know I haven't been able to resist putting my own 2 cents' worth into some of the more controversial topics; being passionately opinionated on certain subjects, sometimes I can't help rising to the bait and spouting off. I will try harder to avoid this in the future. Thank you again, Fran, for reminding us of why we joined this BB instead of, perhaps, the AOL message boards (has anyone SEEN the kind of stuff they post there? It's enough to curl your nose hairs!). And thank you for setting an example for the rest of us! :kiss

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I agree with you 100%. Also, I LOVE to read all your posts, esp. when I am feeling down. They always lift me up. I hope we never lose you as an allnurse friend!!! You are the best!!!! Thank you for always posting something that I can count on!!!

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Oh how nice of all of you to say those kind words. Bless you all.

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Fran, I love you madly, but I must be reading a different board than you, or just from a different perspective. Yes, often a flame gets through, and since several other people are saying it it must be true that it's on the rise.

But why let it cause you sadness? Just the be the light that you are, continuing to shine and brighten this board. You make so many people happy and bring so much joy, don't let the negative shine too brightly my sweet friend.

This is a moderated board and they do a fairly good job.

People are people and people are mean and nasty sometimes. This hasn't changed in the entire time I've been on this board. I don't know what I'm trying to say other than negative exists, it always has and always will. But a nice reminder helps too.

Just don't be sad. Keep on keeping on being yourself. :)

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