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nurseygrrl has 12 years experience as a LPN and specializes in HIV/AIDS, Dementia, Psych.

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  1. We have great carts. Top drawer holds OTCs, accucheck supplies, etc. Second drawer holds patient meds and syringes and narcs. Bottom drawer holds overflow. We get our carts from the pharmacy we contract with.
  2. nurseygrrl

    HELP a nursing student out!

    A good topic would be infection control. When handwashing came about, use of gloves, universal precautions, disposal of sharps, and now safety needles. How it has all changed over the years. Good luck!
  3. nurseygrrl

    Working at a nursing home

    Haha! Too funny! I would be sure to ask what the normal staffing is and how many patients you will be responsible for. It's a hard job for a new grad. You will have a lot of responsibility. Usually different shifts have different responsibilities. At my place the night shift is responsible for obtaining specimens and making sure all orders are being transcribed. They also do our weekly supply order so ask what special responsibilities you will have. Good luck!
  4. nurseygrrl

    So many ways to mess up!

    Sometimes others forget that we are HUMAN. I wonder if the people that are reaming you out could do better? Probably not. I know just how you feel. As nurses we have to prioritize and write things down, but that doesn't work all the time. Think of it this way, if you had 10 patients would you be making these little errors? No. Management expects us to do the impossible. Just do your best and remember to keep things in perspective. You're not alone!!!
  5. nurseygrrl

    RN vs. LPN scope conflict: what would you do?

    I am an LPN and in my facility, management sometimes forgets that we are governed by our scope of practice, not our bosses. They like to ask us to do a lot of things beyond our scope. I think it's important to let these nurses know that while you are sure they are and have been more than capable of these tasks, for the protection of your license and their licenses things will have to change. Better you tell them than the BON.
  6. nurseygrrl

    I need help and guidance from nurses with experience

    First of all, 22 is so young! You have your whole life ahead of you and nothing to feel bad about. I got my LPN 12 years ago with all intentions of moving forward to an RN. I never did it! My advice would be to go for the RN off the bat. If that's what you want and you're going to be putting the time and money in anyway, I would just go all the way. I wish you luck in whatever you do!
  7. nurseygrrl

    I want to get out of nursing

    Thank you all so much. I haven't been to this forum in years and thought of this wonderful community again because of how I've been feeling and I am grateful. It is so nice to know that people really care and understand. Please keep the suggestions coming, it is really helpful!!!
  8. nurseygrrl

    Can I do this to help me insert a Foley?

    I had a friend just recently teach me to ask the patient to cough and the meatus will 'wink' at you. Placing something in a patient's vagina can get you into a lot of trouble for a lot of reasons. No good.
  9. nurseygrrl

    Anyone else miss nail polish?

    I haven't heard of not being able to wear nail polish. My facility really has no restrictions. Some nurses even have fake nails. I would go crazy without nail polish!! I love my dark colors. Black, ruby red, purple. I keep my nails on the shorter side and very neat. My manicure is never chipped and sloppy.
  10. nurseygrrl

    I want to get out of nursing

    Thank you For the suggestions :) I took some time off very recently and it didn't help. I really feel like I just want to walk into a book store and apply for a job LOL. It just feels like nursing is constant worry and fighting. You're asked to do the impossible all the time and chastised when you forget to do something or make a mistake. Then you have the lunatics! Just the other night a patient's son threatened to 'get a gun and come back and shoot all of you' if his mother fell out of bed. Administration did nothing really. It was on the evening shift and when I came in the next morning, a CNA who was there for the incident reported it to me. This is just one of many examples that illustrate why I need a big change.
  11. nurseygrrl

    I want to get out of nursing

    Hello all :) I have been an LPN for 12 years and I really do love nursing, but over these years I have seen so many bad things. Sad patient stories, being hit and threatened by patients and families, meanness by co workers, administration, families of patients and patients themselves. It is very anxiety provoking. All of you reading this, I'm sure, understand what I mean. I feel it is time for me to get out of nursing, even if just for a little while. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions where to start? What type of jobs to look for? I know it will be hard to find something that pays as much as nursing, but I think it will be worth my sanity!
  12. nurseygrrl

    What is your specialty, and why do you like it?

    I started out in home care which I didn't like because I felt more like a maid then a nurse so I left that and went into LTC. I liked the unit I was on which as short term rehab. It was fast paced and you had new patients all the time, but after a while I realized it wasn't for me. I've always wanted to work psych. I moved to a different unit last year at this time and I absolutely LOVE it. I have 2 wings one of which is HIV and the other is psych. I am in heaven and have found my niche. The HIV is great because it is still so new and there is so much to learn. My facility sends me to seminars which are really interesting. The psych is great because I have just always loved psych patients. I fell in love with psych in school and all the others thought I was looney because they hated it.They all went gaga for OB and I didn't enjoy that rotation. That's the beautiful thing about nursing...something for everyone!! As a side note, I find when a nurse really loves what he/she does they are SUCH a better nurse!!
  13. I work in an SNF and we definitely use our care plans! Even if you don't use them in the sense of writing them out and having them on the chart, it is very helpful in your thought process when you admit a new patient and have to assess their needs. Care plans CYA!! Half of my unit is psych and we use them most on our psych patients. We have one man who is very resistive to care at times and becomes violent if pressed. He has a care plan on his chart for Potential For Agressive Behavior. Our care plan outlines exactly what you do to get him to comply with care while keeping staff safe. It is essential if there are float staff on the floor who dont know the patient. Care plans are definitely not a waste of time!!
  14. nurseygrrl

    Burned Out and Quit Today!!!

    I hope you find a much better job. No one needs to deal with stress that severe. I wish you the best!!
  15. nurseygrrl

    reading a tb skin test

    stidget is right...no induration...negative PPD.
  16. nurseygrrl

    is this child abuse?

    There is no way I would leave my daughter with someone like that. You made the right decision and if it were me, I'd report her. I thank God every day for my wonderful mom who watches my daughter for me. Whenever I hear stories like this one, I appreciate her even more!!