Is an associates degree in nursing a waste of time?

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The ADN can be just the first step in a number of possible paths. Mine was- went to work full-time, completed BSN part-time, went to anesthesia school, went to work full-time, completed PhD while working. You have no idea what the future will hold but starting with the ADN is a smart move.

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If you were 18, I'd say go direct to the 4-year BSN and be done with it. In your situation, I'd say don't delay-- take that ADN acceptance letter and proceed with wings on your feet! Good luck!


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Do not listen to what others have to say about your education. I worked with as an RN with an ADN for 11 years before going back for my BSN. I am currently a week and a half away from completing my MSN. Everyone enters the nursing profession from the point that is manageable for them. I was no less valuable as an RN with an ADN than I am now with more advanced education. My additional education has allowed me to pursue a career as a nurse educator and I am happy to say I will start my first position working as a part-time instructor for a nursing program at the end of the month. However, if I had been content to stay at the bedside I would have probably been much less likely to ever pursue additional education as where I work nurses are not payed more for advanced degrees. You are the only one who can decide which educational path is for you. Good luck :yes:

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It's odd that the OP has basically hit and run. Her other posts make her seem legit.


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I received my ADN last Dec. My base salary is the same as BSN graduate. Moreover, I had no problem finding a job. As a matter of fact, I got 4/5 offers from the interview I had.


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It is not a waste of time to get your ADN, you're still becoming a nurse. Block out what others say. This is your career and your dream. Good luck!


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Why?!?!?!?.....Keep your seat. I know right now the BSN is "in" right now and some hospitals might be exclusionary and won't hire ADN new grad nurses, but you will without a doubt not regret getting your ADN. I'm 100% glad I didn't shell out thousands of dollars for a BSN or entry level MSN degree (I have a previous degree)

I just graduated with my ADN this past May, passed the NCLEX with 75 questions, and found a job at an extremely prestigious Hospital in Cleveland. I applied for a RN-BSN program before I graduated so I could put on my resume that I would be matriculating into a BSN program.



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Do not let other people's opinions discourage you from doing what you want to do. I am in the same boat as you. I am a mother and I too will we be entering an associates program in nursing. I just do not have the time to earn a BSN right now, but I know this will be a great stepping stone towards it. Regardless, you WILL become an RN. SO GO FOR IT! Do what works best for you and I wish you the best of luck :)

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Not a waste at all. If this is what you want to do, control YOUR life and do it!


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I have an ADN and just got hired in my dream dept. I was told that most of best clinical nurses they have were ADN's first. Getting your ADN really pushes you clinically in a shorter amount of time. Go back later and sign up for a RN-BSN program online while you work. It's your choice really. Do you want this? If you do then how badly because if it were me I would have told them to stick it somewhere.


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Not a waste of time! At the end you can sit for nclex and get a job!!!!

I did my LVN then ADN then BSN then MSN, I couldn't go straight through because I had to work. It worked out great for me!


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This is the route I'm going, and I'm very pleased with my decision.

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