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  1. Review courses

    Thanks for your feedback! I feel like what I'm hearing from others is beneficial, especially in learning the question style. Our professors say that our exams are written in the style board questions will be presented, but I feel like taking a course...
  2. Review courses

    Thank you! That's good to know. I've been considering an online review also, just for the lower cost and better flexibility with work.
  3. Review courses

    To current NPs: Did any of you take a review course when preparing for boards? Did you feel it was worth it? Which did you take? I go to a reputable University, but I am curious. More specifically, I'm in an acute care program. Thanks in advance!
  4. Review courses

    Thank you for moving, but I posted this where I did intentionally. My post is directed toward current NPs, not students. I know that some NPs do read the student forums, but most of the responses are written by current students.
  5. Review courses

    Hi, I have one more semester left in an MSN-AGACNP program and was thinking about review courses. If anyone here has done one, which did you do? Did you think it was worth it? I also considered just buying the online disc review rather than going t...
  6. Little RN experience in NP school

    As far as how your peers will view you when you graduate, that will vary. This is a topic that gets brought up a lot. My networking with NPs has greatly increased while in clinical, and I have found that many of them, although not all, have the opini...
  7. No motivation. Gas tank on E

    You definitely aren't alone. I have one more semester after I finish this one, and I feel the same way! It seems like most of my classmates do, as well. I do 3 12s a week(nights) for work and 20 hours of days for clinical. The rotating back and forth...
  8. NP school and preceptors

    I attend the University of South Carolina. They do have a coordinator now that helps with setting up clinical sites. I haven't interacted with her, as I found all of mine and had them laid out before she was hired on. I've heard good things though. I...
  9. Working a 9-5 and starting NP Program

    I'm not sure if you are asking me or not, but thought maybe since you mentioned full-time work. If so, I attend the University of South Carolina.
  10. University of SC online AGNP

    That's a good idea. You're welcome! Thanks, if you have any other questions, feel free to message me!
  11. University of SC online AGNP

    The part that worries me about your working schedule is clinical. I think the coursework would be able to be done with your working schedule, but in all of the clinical semesters except one, you will have at least two days of clinical a week, if not ...
  12. University of SC online AGNP

    It honestly depends on the week and what's going on for how much I put in, but I would say maybe a very minimum of 10ish hours a class to include your lectures, reading, etc. Full-time in the program is usually 3 classes or so a semester. The work f...
  13. I am in a program at this school now and am attending full-time and working full-time. It really depends on how you are able to manage time, stress, and other factors in your life. I'm in my third semester now and started clinicals in my second.
  14. University of SC online AGNP

    Is this AG acute? If so, then yes, I am in my third semester of the program. I have been working and doing school both full-time. For me, FT work hours is 3 12s a week, and I work night shift. The number of clinical hours varies depending on which c...
  15. What's your work schedule like during school?

    I'm in my third semester. I've been doing school and work full-time. My first semester I had no clinicals. I started them the second. I work 3 12s(night shift) a week.