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To current NPs:

Did any of you take a review course when preparing for boards? Did you feel it was worth it? Which did you take? I go to a reputable University, but I am curious. More specifically, I'm in an acute care program.

Thanks in advance!

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I bought recorded audio from a live review (FHEA) and listened to it a lot. There was a book of practice questions included. I also used another book of practice questions (probably outdated now as it's not been revised). The materials helped me get used to the type of questions that pop up in the boards and I passed on my first attempt with ANCC but this was years ago.


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Although you are asking current NPs, APNs that post here - most have several to many years experience. Your best bet for review course input is the student NP forum so I have moved it there for you



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Thanks for your feedback! I feel like what I'm hearing from others is beneficial, especially in learning the question style. Our professors say that our exams are written in the style board questions will be presented, but I feel like taking a course may help me to really see if that's true. You can never practice too much!