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  1. ER NP Salary

    I'm in Southern California, Per diem I make 75/hr, no benefits 1099, if I get insurance I would make 70/hr. This is considered low because I had no ER experience when I started.
  2. CDCR

    Hello, any NPs working with the CDCR? Just wondering hours, do you love it? Generally, any details are appreciated. Looking into applying here and really interested in your daily life/ workload in prison.
  3. Primary Care- Scheduling/Clinic Management Advice?

    Do you have slots of 10-, 20- and 40-min for certain visits, or 15- or 30-min slots for sick vs well child/more complex mental health visits? the front office is supposed to schedule 15 minutes for established patients/sick visits. 30 minutes for ne...
  4. 2 month vaccination question

    we give pediarix which is Hep B, polio, and Dtap, which helps cut down on pokes, I give the parent the choice on how many pokes but reinforce how important it is to get them all in a timely manner,
  5. Job prospects

    Hello, all , so I have a new opportunity to work in ER as a NP, 12 hours *****, double the money I make now with full benefits. I currently work as at a FQHC a few miles from my house, the hours are 2, 10s and 2 8s, 1 weekend a month with full ben...
  6. Working 12 hour shifts- Good or bad?

    I love 3 8/9 hour shifts with an hour lunch. Only as a NP tho, I don't think they have this as a floor RN. When I did 12s it was good for time during the week, but the days I did work, the day was shot. As I got older and had a family, 12 hrs don't s...
  7. Becoming an FNP after graduating as an AGNP?

    Why don't you get a pediatric NP to cover what you missed on kids?
  8. Too many NPs?

    It's true. Nps are being churned out and saturating the market. I have found that my nursing experience is only s little valuable and specialty has not mattered to employers. I would concentrate on an easy specialty do u can concentrate on school.
  9. This is so interesting, this recently happened to me, I was accused of substance abuse due to a conversation that was overheard by another. The other person said that due to my comment I was probably on something. I laughed it off and never gave it a...
  10. Should I quit if the job doesn't fit??

    I would quit after I had another job on hand. There is nothing wrong with quitting something you don't like! It's your quality of life!!!
  11. Eliminating Physicians/Medical Schools

    No,NPs can not replace MDs, they are too valuable! And who would us NPs consult with?[emoji85]
  12. ANCC 2016- Has anyone taken it?

    Yes I was given lab values but the norms were shown, I got pictures and ekg strip on the ANCC For the on clinical portion I used the last chapter in Leik regarding the non clinical
  13. ANCC 2016- Has anyone taken it?

    Passed both ANCC and AANP .... AANP was harder for sure! ANCC was 50% is research and policy
  14. Average pay for Southern California Lvn?

    I graduated in 2006 and in Orange County acute care they started me off at 17/hr
  15. Am I doing the right thing?

    Yeah I can see what the issue was with the patient. Now the mom will be questioning him about the issue. You can't really tell mom anything since he isn't a minor. I think I would have apologized and said my mistake and somehow talk to the patient p...