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  1. Parents aren't supportive of a Nursing career

    Not a male nurse, BUT I can sympathize with your situation. So let me offer you some advice that helped me along the way. I think and I know that it is extremely difficult to try and pursue something when you have no support from your loved ones. Wh...
  2. RN that doesn't want to be an NP

    Yeah....that comment had me laughing! Like if you're "that smart" why didn't you go to medical school, why be a "nurse"? Honestly, I don't see what all the hype is about about NP schools, but that's just my opinion. I feel like the inconsistent scope...
  3. Is an associates degree in nursing a waste of time?

    Why?!?!?!?.....Keep your seat. I know right now the BSN is "in" right now and some hospitals might be exclusionary and won't hire ADN new grad nurses, but you will without a doubt not regret getting your ADN. I'm 100% glad I didn't shell out thousand...
  4. The Nursing Licensing Cartel

    Ahh the renowned MBoN!!! To get a hold of someone you need a direct number. I remember when they processed all of my classmate's ATT's but mine was sitting at the bottom of a pile, even though I submitted mine first. So to get a direct number, I cal...
  5. So your instructors are saying your confidence level is lacking, but in essence you'll become a great nurse? So from what I read, it's your fear that's holding your confidence level back. Nothin else :) Go in saying I don't know much but I will whe...
  6. How long was your CNA school?

    14 days?! Wow, how many hours? For the state of MD, there's a certain amount of hours of lecture and clinical that needs to be met. My CNA was every Tuesday and Thursday 5-9pm, Sundays 1-5 (7-3 for clinicals). Started in February and ended the last ...
  7. Tips for Organic Chemistry

    After two semesters of Ochem, this the advice I can give: -buy study aides: spark charts, etc. -buy: organic chemistry by LG wade. Hands down the best orgo text book. He gives a good breakdown of mechanisms which is needed in orgo!!! ( dirt cheap o...
  8. Why do nurses constantly say they don't hire ASN?

    I'm not well versed in terms of what is really going on with people jumping into nursing. I never meant to say that nurses are trying to gain the respect of others, what I meant was the ANA in its mission to push the BSN and DNP and NP. They can't se...
  9. Why do nurses constantly say they don't hire ASN?

    I'm in a very different boat than most. I already have my bachelors in biology. Im about to start an ADN program. I'm pretty sure that I will not go off to get my BSN, instead I'm going to jump straight to a MSN when the time comes. I refuse to inves...
  10. Annoyed! Where is the love?!

  11. Montgomery College Fall 2013 Applicants

    Yay!!!! I'll be seeing you and the patho gang in June I just faxed my letter today.
  12. NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry

  13. NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry

  14. NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry

    Honestly I wish they would have just told me at 4pm that I wasn't accepted, instead of leading me to believe there was still a possibility.