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  1. CRNA, DNSc

    Declining a school after accepting the offer

    Notify the programs ASAP. Give them the ability to accept someone else. Expect that your desposit is non-refundable unless you were informed otherwise.
  2. Every school is different so there is no quick, single answer. you will need to contact the school/program directly for information.
  3. CRNA, DNSc

    Reapplying to same school personal statement

    You could use it as a lead-in to telling them what you did to better prepare yourself to be successful.
  4. CRNA, DNSc

    Getting accepted into CRNA school with a pass/fail BSN

    Yes you are correct that you have an up hill battle to get admitted. Even figuring the pass/fail as a 3.0 you are likely to fall below minimum GPA for interviews. Look at a programs prerequisites, if you grades in those were poor repeat for 4.0. Talk to the specific programs you are considering for their recommendations. Good luck
  5. CRNA, DNSc

    Looking for advice

    Contact the schools for feedback. I would say get ICU experience and expand your options for school as well as your ability to care for critically ill adults (a large portion of your future patients as a SRNA and CRNA). Take a graduate level science course to show you can handle the work. If needed prep and give a great performance on the GRE. Good luck
  6. CRNA, DNSc

    Would you do it? Need your advice.

    Be aware than any student admitted to a nurse anesthesia program after January 1st 2022, must complete a clinical doctoral degree (minimum 3yrs). So the 2 year master's degree is rapidly disappearing and will stop admitting students in the next 2 years. Do some shadowing before making your decision. Make sure your wife would be on board with being the bread winner and mostly single parent. CRNA school is far more intensive and demanding then NP, you will need to devote many hours to the endeavor. Good luck
  7. CRNA, DNSc

    CRNA school and pregnant

    What if you have a difficult pregnancy? What if you have to go on bedrest for weeks/months? There are still limits to "work arounds". What if you don't get pregnant until late in the first year and then you are into the fulltime/clinical portions! All things to consider, might still be worth waiting for graduation.
  8. CRNA, DNSc

    Confusion about changes in program requirements

    Any student starting a CRNA program after January 1st, 2022 must complete with a doctoral degree so yes you will have to apply to a DNAP or DNP CRNA program which is likely to be at least 36 months in length.
  9. CRNA, DNSc

    Michigan CRNA Schools

    It is not true that all are DNP. Oakland University and Michigan State are DNP. University of Michigan-Flint is DNAP, University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State are currently Masters programs. In considering which program to attend think about curriculum, nursing vs non-nursing, think about clinical sites, do they go to all crna practices or is it all MD/CRNA, are you competing for cases with residents?,how far do you have to travel, do they have specialty rotations?. What is the cost?-Private vs public is usually quite a difference. After comparing all that, then I agree to go with the vibe. Good luck and best wishes.
  10. CRNA, DNSc

    Journey to CRNA

    Any student admitted to a nurse anesthesia program on or after January 1,2022 MUST complete anesthesia school with a clinical doctorate. No program will be able to admit any students to a masters anesthesia program after that date. The timeline you have for yourself is very tight and most programs will transition to the the doctorate level prior to January 2022, so you are most likely looking at a BSN to DNAP/DNP anesthesia school. It is possible you may have all the stars in perfect alignment to finish the ADN, get an ICU position, finish the RN to BSN, and get admitted but remember that most admission decisions are made 9months to a year in advance. You would have to start a Masters program in September 2021 (if there are any still being offered), be admitted September 2020 to Febuary 2021, have your BSN and other anesthesia program prerequisites completed around August of 2020 which (if you are finishing a ADN in April/May of 2019)gives you approximately 14 months to take NCLEX & start a full-time job in ICU & finish an RN to BSN program. Numerically possible but realistically the chances of that timeline working out perfectly are slim and none. Whew and good luck. I would suggest planning on the doctorate for anesthesia school so relax and let yourself get the experience and competency (not to mention the savings) to be great candidate for CRNA school. You are likely to only get one opportunity to become a CRNA, make it the best experience possible.
  11. No, it does not add anything to your resume.
  12. CRNA, DNSc

    DNP to CRNA

    You will need to speak directly with the program director and Graduate Office. Some Universities will not award a second same degree (even if the concentration is different). At this point there is not much demand for a Doctoral Completion Program for entry to practice so I do not know if there is an accredited Entry to practice DNP completion program.(There are a number of CRNA to DNP or DNAP completion programs but that will not help you). Good luck
  13. CRNA, DNSc

    crna felony

    You have some big stake reasons to practice full disclosure including the eligibility to take the Certifying Exam and retaining the CRNA certification. You should carefully review the NCE Handbook on the NBCRNA website, especially the section on eligibility pg 8-16. Of critical importance to you is the sections that state that eligibility to take the exam can be denied if incomplete, misleading, or false statements are made on the certification application and that certification can be revoked if the above is discovered even after taking the exam. I am not making any judgement on you as a person, I am just providing information that you may not be fully aware of that can seriously impact your future so that you can make the best informed decision rather then facing serious future consequences due to a lack of information.
  14. CRNA, DNSc

    crna felony

    If you checked the no box and the background check comes back with it you are a probable dismissal for lying on your application. Meet with your program director and explain what happened, maybe you can salvage the situation. I can assure you that this is not a surprise your program director should hear from the background check company.
  15. CRNA, DNSc

    Haunted by my past...What are my options?

    Do not under any circumstances attempt to "not" list all colleges and universities attended. Most applications will contain a statement that falsifying information on an application will result in automatic rejection/expulsion. You are better off looking for a program that considers only the last 60 credits GPA for admission- that will increase your gpa if your poor performance was in the first 85 credits (since you indicate you have 145 credits). Good luck!
  16. CRNA, DNSc

    Wolford CRNA Fall 2017

    Their last date of review was listed as 1/2017, now another date for review is 10/2017. Anesthesia programs are not normally reviewed twice in 10 months??