Is an associates degree in nursing a waste of time?

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Not a waste at all. If this is what you want to do, control YOUR life and do it!

It won't let me edit my post for some

reason, but I wanted to add to it that I also got my ADN first. I had no issue getting hired with two departments. I finished my BSN online, and am now in an MSN program.


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Those people who are shaming you are not your friends, period. Time to cut loose people like that in your life and stay the course. You are doing this for yourself and your kids, no one else. There will be plenty of time and options for you to earn your BSN later.

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I am a single mom of three and I am not doing my ASN , I decided to go for my BSN, because I figured the same time I spend taking the same pre-reqs will lead to the same two years and I will get my BSN and RN provided I can pass NCLEX. I however work nights as a hospice aide, you have to do what fits best for you and your family. It isn't right that others are making you feel bad about your choices, if the way you a re going works for you and your family stick with it, and good luck.

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The original poster has exactly one post and hasn't been back since. I don't think she cares what we think, lol.

Nothing you do to pursue an education in what you truly believe in is a waste of time


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Best decision I EVER made!!!!

Making excellent money too!!!


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What other associate degree pays 60 to 70000 a year. Not a bad degree to have at all!


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Please don't think going for your ADN is a waste of time! I graduated in May with my ADN, but had a job lined up at an excellent university hospital several months before I graduated. In fact, out of the roughly 80 people in my class that graduated, many of us had jobs lined up prior to graduation, and the rest have been hired on in the past couple months.

One of my old roommates tried to tell me that getting my ADN was a waste of time as well, but at the hospital I work at, about half of the nurses hired are ADNs, we just have to get our BSN within 5 years. In fact, ALL of us that were hired as new grads starting this summer on my floor were ADN educated nurses!

You'll do great, and be a wonderful nurse. Best of luck!

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