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New nurse, nursing assistant 5 years
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AbstracRN is a BSN and specializes in New nurse, nursing assistant 5 years.

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  1. AbstracRN

    "(Nursing Ads) We'd Like to See"

  2. AbstracRN

    Instructor Retaliation?

    Yes self reflection is hard. But as long as you are honest with yourself and your limitations, you will be fine. Just focus on making it through. Then you can smile knowing that no matter what they did you still made it through.
  3. AbstracRN

    Unsafe Nurse Residency

    If it is going to risk your license don't do it. It's not safe you or your patients if you aren't trained properly. I would start working on an exit strategy. It might include you working in a specialty that you don't like.
  4. AbstracRN

    Instructor Retaliation?

    Just let it go. I could tell you horror stories about the racism,prejudice and bullying that I dealt with in nursing school. But you know what says more, success. Up until the very end the teachers were awful. But none of their machinations stopped me from walking across the stage. As long as you aren't failed clinically, vent as much as you need to but keep it moving.
  5. AbstracRN

    ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    I used the pink book and LevelupRN resources,passed it the first time.
  6. AbstracRN

    Introducing #SilentNoMore

    Just punched at work the other day trying to pass meds. I shrugged it off because unfortunately alot of my jobs have had a certain amount of violence. In my mind I know people who have had it worse and I have never felt like my life was in danger. My heart goes out to the nurses that work in areas with high incidents of violence. This issue definitely needs to be addressed.
  7. AbstracRN

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    So I have to add what I have learned. I have an offer in Orlando from a level 1 trauma in ICC part of the full time variable flex pool. Now I already worr at a SNF making $27.50 and after 3pm another $1. They are only offering $25.75, which is a slap in the face. Tenet and HCA are starting new grads at $ 27-$28. Orlando by comparison to the rest of Florida has crappy pay. Another place in Orlando only offered $24.
  8. AbstracRN

    Everyone is white?

    I live in Florida and worked at a 503c healthcare organization, where there were no black people in upper management. Despite the fear mongering that goes on in our country, 73% of our country is still majority white. And some people get upset because that includes Hispanics/Latinos, but Spain is in Europe. So you can meet alot of Hispanics/Latinos with a high percentage of European ancestry not to mention it shows in their phenotype. Back to my old job it was super racist and with very few black nurses. I am wary of companies that don't even have a floor supervisor of another race. Because I doubt their aren't other races with the education or experience applying. But racism is insidious and people don't want to talk about it but it is often reflected in every day life( like your job). Even with the Asian nurses as someone mentioned, alot of them have told me horror stories about prejudice and discrimination they have experienced. I got a right to sue from the EEOC regarding my old job. People that have privilege, won't understand your post because they have never dealt with the macro and micro-aggresions people of color experience due to racism,prejudice and discrimination.
  9. AbstracRN

    I need help

    I am odd person out here but I studied for 13 hours a day leading up to boards. Iistened to Klimek and did Uworld. For Uworld I did 200 questions a day, five days a week. And I would go over the rationales for questions I didn't get correct. I also would go over questions that I did get correct but wasn't sure why. I re-worded the ones that I didn't get correct into my own words and wrote them on flashcards. I passed boards in 2 hours with 75 questions. I have severe test anxiety, so this regimen may seem excessive.
  10. AbstracRN

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    You could be right but that is what he claims. And I see no reason for him to lie.
  11. AbstracRN

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    South Florida
  12. AbstracRN

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    This is low ball and not competitive at all, I know a new grad making $36 an hour. Granted I don't know if they did years of service for previous medical experience.
  13. AbstracRN

    My First Nursing Job!

    I graduate in June and wanted to go to ICU, but at my school they have discouraged us from doing so. What made you feel that you could handle the responsibility of being an ICU nurse? I have struggled with this as they are telling us to go to a Tele floor before we do any critical care. I spent most of my critical care rotation in CVICU and I loved it actually I loved all the various ICUs. But I don't want to sink trying to swim.
  14. AbstracRN

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    I find discourse with you untenable, have a goodnight.
  15. AbstracRN

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    That's a simplified version of why I don't believe she should be charged with reckless homicide.
  16. AbstracRN

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    This isn't the only site with a rating system and you are taking something personally if you consider someone using a rating for its intended purpose as "childish". I rated it disagree because I disagree with your comment.

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