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I'm a sexless nurse


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yeah, I guess I'm sexist, and probably racist too, because I don't like anyone.

Lol. That would explain a lot.

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I didn't realize though that a female had to be present for a male to perform caths and such on a female. If that's the case then that sure underlies a potential issue, if you can't provide the care without a witness (on the sole basis of being a female patient), then it seems a reassignment or a female stepping in for those procedures would be logical.

Even if policy doesn't state the male nurse or MD have a female in the room for such procedures, as a male nurse it is prudent to have one anyway. All it would take is for one female patient with psych issues to accuse the male nurse of something inappropriate and that nurses life would be turned upside down. Hence the need for the "witness" to set the record straight so to speak.

Because the sad truth is that in today's world if you are male nurse and a female patient accuses you of something then you are guilty as charged until proven innocent in the eyes of the hospital, the BON, and the law no matter how bogus the accusation is.

As a male, having a female nurse present for intimate procedures is simply being defensive from a legal standpoint.

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Are there men here who have done a cath without a chaperone? That's certainly different from the countries I've worked, although I can't say if it has just been hospital policies, or something more. The hospitals figured it protected the patients and the nurse.

I remember clearly my 2nd week as a nurse (in the gynae ward) and my preceptor told me to cath a post of hysterctomy whom the surgeon had forgotten to cathetrize. It was a disaster, as she told me it's not hard to do, and stop complaining and go ahead and do it. I'd never done a cath on anyone before, let alone told to go and do it on a post op woman. Fortunately my preceptor had to come to my rescue, but I'll never forget her callous attitude. In fact most the nurses were hostile to their first ever male, especially a useless new grad, but i did learn a few tricks to help protect a patient's dignity, which I rarely saw the female staff do.

Anyway, to the American nurses out there, I'm curious how many of you have worked abroad and what your experiences were in the role of gender.

Oh, and one last thought. For those who say they're fine with a male doing certain things, and think patients don't mind - it is possible that some patients don't really feel comfortable, but don't feel they should/can complain. Just saying.

Now THAT was irresponsible of your preceptor. No matter what the procedure is, it should be see one, do one, teach one. If you had never done it then absolutely she should not have sent you in alone to do it. Or if she was right there she better have had a pair of sterile gloves so she could help when needed. Some female caths are extremely difficult, especially if there is any post op swelling. And to anyone reading this who is a new nurse, you absolutely do not perform a procedure you've never done without supervision. If your preceptor will not go in with you, you find someone who will.

On on subject of this thread, the logic of the male and female stuff is rediculous. So it's not ok for a man to cath a female because its penetration? But it's okay for a female to do it? What if the female nurse is a lesbian? What if it was a male patient and the male nurse was gay? Does that make a difference? It shouldnt. In the er we would do our own patients. If the patient specifically requested a female or vise versa, we would trade tasks. I will do the cath if you give these meds or start this line, etc. but we also did that for any task if we were unable to do like if we couldn't get the line started. The only time there was two in the room was if there was assistance needed to hold a leg or something.


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Stop this thread. Just stop it right now. My god.

Stop this thread. Just stop it right now. My god.

Love the Scottish Fold kitty!

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I do not believe this thread is still running - unbe(F-ing)lievable.....

To any poster who has stated that it is sexist, or it is part of a nurses job regardless of gender or similar comments since mid July what part of CULTURAL did you have a problem understanding?

Can we please close this thread!

My choice would be cut it up with a chain saw then bury the bits at midnight at the crossroads. :madface:


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First of all I hate,loathe and despise the term "male nurse" No where on any of the documents I have received for the past 38 years has there been a place for sex!

Secondly, when I first became a nurse there was plenty of prejudice from my peers. I am thrilled to see some of the comments here from female nurses. But the elephant in the room is acting like a professional and taking into account what the patient wants. I remember a very young women that I took care of in a neuro trauma unit who was in traction in a very embarrassing position with her legs spread. She was thrilled that I took such good care of her. Most of the times it has been my experience that other nurses had a lot more problem with who I was taking care of than my patients. But having said that a male has to be careful as does a male doctor. I will do whatever it takes to care for my patients. That is all that is important. If as a male you can't take care of your patient and keep them first, then you don't need to be a nurse Male or female!


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This thread again?

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I sincerely don't see the female cath delegation a pawning off of work. I don't get angry when asked to lift assist large patients. I'm sorry you worked with a "lazy" male CNA. I am not lazy. I am a bang-up hardworking male RN, and I get shutdown on female catheterization ALL THE TIME by the patients themselves. I'm dumbfounded by your generalizations. You may have gotten a bad vibe by the OP, but now you're judging ME as well based on a CNA you used to work with? Really? I hope you can process the difference and dialogue with me to flush out your biases.

This is different. If the patient requests a female nurse, or "shuts you down", that is not your fault and you are respecting the patients wishes. This is perfectly appropriate and what one would expect for patient comfort whenever possible.

The difference is the OP "chooses not to do female caths". Not he doesn't perform them when a patient requests a female but simply chooses not to do them. In my opinion it is not professional to "choose" not to do an aspect of your job for your own comfort. As someone else said, who likes cleaning poop? What if I chose not to start IVs? Or I chose not to give any narcotics because I had a family member who abused them, etc etc etc. It is not professional and not showing good work ethic to "choose" not to do part of your job. AGAIN, not referring to patient requests for a female at all. This is different.

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This thread again?

This is the thread that doesn't end.

It goes on and on my friend!

Some people started reading it,

Not knowing what it was,

and they'll continue posting it

forever just because....

Gotta love how it was brought up by a member's first and so far only post.

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So you'd be fine with a man doing that with your 18yr old daughter? Maybe you are fine with it, but is your daughter?

Im a Male Nurse with two daughters....i dont give a damn who does what in the medical setting as long as it necessary and gets done right

Its really not that big of a deal...You are a professional...act like it


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Someone please close this thread. End the madness. Smother it with a pillow.

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