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FlyingScot has 28 years experience as a RN and specializes in Peds/Neo CCT,Flight, ER, Hem/Onc.

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  1. FlyingScot

    Looking for right RN-BSN

    A lot of on-line programs require that you be actively working as an RN.
  2. I think you're confusing pulse rate (sometimes referred to just as pulse) and pulse quality.
  3. FlyingScot

    Becoming a flight nurse

    Not even close to the glam of television. Check out Welcome to FlightWeb You'll find all of your answers from the people who do it every day.
  4. FlyingScot

    I know the pros, but what are the cons of NICU nursing

    In my experience it can be a tough crowd to break into. It takes a long time to prove yourself to your peers and there are many pitfalls along the way. There is a lot of territorialism and sometimes outright jealousy. I have worked with nurses who get in a snit if they aren't always assigned the sickest kid in the unit and woe be it to the nurse who gets that assignment instead. If you can make it through that you'll be fine. It's very different than the ED and similar to any other ICU (I've done all three). For me, the best teamwork I experienced was the ED.
  5. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    No worries. I've never worked with the concentrations you have. And like you I checked our pharmacy and called a friend from two of my previous jobs to double check and I was correct. Maybe it's a regional thing.
  6. FlyingScot

    Is clinic nursing a dirty job?

    Well theoretically yes but if there aren't any open positions you can network all you want and it still isn't going to land you a job.
  7. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    Do you think I'm an idiot? I'm mystified why you are busting my chops over this. Your experience is obviously different than mine. Can we leave it at that?
  8. FlyingScot

    Is clinic nursing a dirty job?

    Don't drink the Koolaid. The demand is for experienced nurses not new grads and although there are regional shortages nationally there is a huge glut. The regions that are experiencing shortages aren't likely to have medical spas.
  9. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    That's how it's been in every hospital I've worked in including my current one.
  10. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    Nope! Two drugs I'm extremely familiar with.
  11. FlyingScot

    Nursing with schizophrenia.

    There are many different reasons to get into nursing this is not one of them. Nursing is not about being self-focused as this statement makes you sound. I agree with previous posters. I think research would be ideal.
  12. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    She said that because Dopamine usually comes pre-mixed from the manufacturer. However, the standard concentrations seem to be 400mg/250ml and 800mg/250ml. The higher concentration is often used when you need to reduce total volume of all fluids being infused.
  13. FlyingScot

    Can you get poked by removing an iv catheter?!

    It isn't. You're fine. Listen to those of us who've been doing this for years. Now go study! =)
  14. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Problem

    It's correct.
  15. FlyingScot

    IV Drip Rate Help

    I don't think that's it. The question just doesn't make sense to me so I can't answer it. Plus, I'm at work so my time is limited.
  16. FlyingScot

    Pharm Question

    That has to be the dumbest question I've ever seen but I'll bite. You need to figure out how many drops per hour. Then convert that to ml/hr. Then divide the total volume by the ml/hr. One thing you don't have to do is worry that you'll ever see something like this in real life!!!