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  1. FurBabyMom

    What do I do? What would you do?

    Internal inequity is a challenge for organizations to manage. Unfortunately, it's very common. It's a challenge to manage if organizations are not financially solvent enough to provide merit and cost of living/market adjustments each year. While I wo...
  2. FurBabyMom

    I need help!

    That makes sense. Now that you mention it, I believe one of our older (now retired) docs used something that was reusable that sounds like what you're describing. It's just been long enough since then that it's not at the top of my memory ?
  3. FurBabyMom

    I need help!

    Wow. I *literally* never spent "all my time" cleaning instruments. I know RoseQueen mentioned it, but where I worked, especially on the team I worked, we were expected to clean our instruments during the case. I worked primarily neuro. The bigg...
  4. FurBabyMom

    new circulator, but want to scrub too

    Just remember, it's always easier to get a job with experience. ;-) If you can be flexible I might see what companies are offering for recruitment and "wait" for a relocation offer to come up. Also sometimes once you have experience it is possible t...
  5. FurBabyMom

    Preoperative Heparin Adminstration Timing

    As an OR nurse in a Level 1 trauma center (> 30 rooms) - our facility primarily gave SQ heparin in pre-op or on the floor for those coming from ICU, stepdown or floor bed assignments (timed for ~1-2 hours before scheduled OR time). Naturally, som...
  6. FurBabyMom

    Career Existential Crisis

    The thing about nursing and health care - all types are required to "make it work". There is really no specialty better or worse than another, nobody more special. I left the OR recently and am in a vastly different kind of role. I love what I'm l...
  7. FurBabyMom

    Handoff to PACU

    We call PACU ~ 15 minutes before we're ready to leave the room. PACU report is brief: - Name / DOB / MRN - Allegies - Code Status (in our facility DNR/DNIs are suspended in the OR and Phase I PACU - but is re-enacted for Phase II and/or admit...
  8. FurBabyMom

    Post-Graduation relocation

    Some of it could be a form. Often there is something on the job posting side that wasn't unchecked. Apply, see what they say. Make an educated decision based on what is or isn't offered. The worst they can do is reject your application. I will say ...
  9. FurBabyMom

    CVICU to OR?

    Hmm. Not sure why you couldn't send a PM earlier - I just tried and it looked like it would let me PM you. You certainly can apply, the worst they can do is say no. If they have a training program / take new to OR staff, they may redirect your...
  10. FurBabyMom

    Post-Graduation relocation

    I have to agree. My first, second and third jobs were out of state compared to where I went to nursing school and took NCLEX. I didn't move between my first and second jobs (close enough to commute - well - mostly). But otherwise, I had an offer let...
  11. FurBabyMom

    Marriage/Name change before I graduate?

    Just remember, that your photo ID and other documents have to all be in the same name for admission to take NCLEX. If you're getting married in September, your documents could all be matching by the time you're able to schedule NCLEX (likely late De...
  12. FurBabyMom

    CVICU to OR?

    I disagree with the notion that there is very little translatable between the ICU / stepdown / floor and the OR. I do agree that it is a significant learning curve, especially if you will be learning to scrub. If you pursue this, to be successful, y...
  13. Call is part of life in the OR, unless you work in a surgery/procedure center which doesn't operate 24/7. Even that though, there are often call requirements (ex. the person to stay late when a room doesn't finish on time). As others have mentioned...
  14. FurBabyMom

    Are FNP as good as DNP clinical wise?

    To answer your question, there can be wonderful FNPs who have a Master's degree (usually Master of Science in Nursing - MSN), or some are wonderful with a DNP. At the same time, there may be times that an individual's clinical skills or critical thi...
  15. I would imagine this will work like H1N1 did, and staff will basically be required. I was a nursing student during H1N1, we were required to get vaccinated as a condition of attending clinical. I don't expect many people to be happy. Vaccination i...