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  1. Dogen

    Meyers Brigg, Have you done it?

    You can take any test you like, neither Briggs nor her daughter Briggs Myers were scientists or even trained in psychology. Jung's theory of personality (like all early personality theories) is more guesswork than science, though Jung's is more like spirituality. So have fun with it, don't take it seriously. There's nothing about MBTI that's scientific.
  2. Dogen

    Advice on Washington state job market

    There are always openings, but there are also a lot of nurses. Generally speaking, if you look at the major metropolitan areas (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Portland, Salem, Eugene) you'll find enough hospitals that someone will likely offer you a job. You're likely to have some competition for a great job at a great hospital (e.g., nurses will shank you like a prison snitch if they think you're competing for the same job at one of the children's hospitals), but if you're flexible and willing to also look at smaller hospitals in satellite cities (Beaverton, Tualatin, Oregon City, Sea Tac, Federal Way, Lacey, etc) you'll find something. A lot of people take jobs in small hospitals in the Providence or Legacy systems and then transfer internally to the larger hospitals. Newberg Medical Center is kind of famous for being the entry way to Providence. We also have a lot of areas that qualify for loan repayment, especially along the coast or the eastern part of the state. Basically, we have plenty of jobs, but you may have to put in a lot of applications to find one that meets your needs. Your experience will put you ahead of the ridiculous number of new grads coming out of Seattle and Portland every year, but we still have a lot of nurses, so be prepared.
  3. New grads with a BSN in Portland make $37/hour straight pay, $40 if they're per diem, plus $6 for night shift. West coast is the best coast. Also, unions (because pay scales are published online for me to find for you). If OP lives in California I would expect they make more, especially if they live in the LA or SF areas.
  4. I'm with the posters who've said talking about salary shouldn't be off the table. I don't walk around talking about it, but if conversations about equity and pay come up I'll disclose it. My point when I talk to people about it is always the same - knowledge is empowering. By knowing what people are making we're all empowered to negotiate better. When I was a student I asked my preceptors to talk about salary with me so I could get a sense of the market rather than depending on my employer to tell me what I'm worth. The phrase, "my market research has shown me that nurses are making X," is a surprisingly effective bargaining tool. One didn't want to discuss it, and I left it at that. The other agreed with me and asked me to keep in touch. Her information helped me negotiate for better salary, and in turn letting her know the outcome of my negotiations helped her in her next renegotiation. We both benefited. My cohort also shared information on our Facebook group so that we all had access to real-time info about what people were getting offered. I don't care if other people don't want to tell me their salary, and it's not something I drop into conversations, but in the context of helping each other out I'll tell anyone.
  5. Dogen

    No RN experence NP "non-nurse"

    I hope this happens regardless of the trend in direct entry and accelerated programs. NP programs need to be more rigorous, cover more science, and have students spend a lot more time practicing under supervision.
  6. Dogen

    new grad np contract negotiation help

    You're on call every single week day? I'd want a lot more information on that. If you can never have a glass of wine or turn your phone off without finding coverage that's worth compensation. If this is your first contract you should find out what other NPs in the area are making and how they handle call. It's almost certain that this employer not only offered you an amount that's a good price for them, but that they expect you to ask for more. Use the search box to look for negotiations or negotiating and see what other people have recommended new NPs ask for.
  7. Dogen

    Breakroom Potluck Tips

    I had one unit that did themes for potlucks. Popular themes were: - Grand Rounds. Everything had to be round. Oranges, donuts, melon balls, etc. - Glove Up. Finger foods. Chips and dip, veggie platters, etc. - Log Roll. Everything had to be shaped like a log. Hot dogs, pretzel sticks, churros, etc. - Code Brown. Everything brown. Chocolate cake, refried beans, etc. But there were three or four people who went all out with the homemade stuff that really got everyone else to up their game. Before them it was just chips and dip, pizza, or whatever they could find on their way to work or on their way home the night before. After a couple people brought in whole meals made from scratch people felt like tools bringing a bag of chips so they started getting more interesting. It lasted for about two years, then one of the bakers left and it dwindled until we stopped having pot lucks all together.
  8. Dogen

    We'd like to offer you the position but............

    If this is a common issue for you then address it early in the interview and tell them why they shouldn't worry. Are you a fast learner? Have you kept up on adult medicine? Do you have skills and knowledge that may transfer to adult patients? Perhaps you have a skill that many nurses who work with adults don't have. How are you at IV sticks on small veins? Think of ways to turn your experience into a benefit for hiring managers.
  9. Dogen

    Accelerated Masters with no Nursing background

    It's worth noting that AAC.271 made much broader comments that would be difficult to support. The research has looked at a select number of measures and found NPs perform better than physicians in some of them, and for limited amounts of time (the 2015 article is a review and the longest follow-up is 2 years). Saying "nps provide not only equal care but superior outcomes," is a claim not supported by the evidence because it makes it sound like we outperform MDs on every measure. Within the specific measures that have been studied NPs only outperform on some, and clearly not all measures have been studied. I believe NPs can provide high quality care and are competitive with MDs in many ways (and not in many others), but before I was a nurse I was a researcher, and inflating results of research is frowned upon. No one benefits from fudging results.
  10. Dogen

    Accelerated Masters with no Nursing background

    None of the interviews I've been to as an NP have ever asked me about my RN experience. I've even truncated it on my resume to include more information about the places I've done clinical work as a student NP, which seems to spark more conversation during interviews. That's not to say being an RN wasn't an informative and enriching experience, but if the argument for bedside nursing is that it will improve your ability to find a job once you become and NP I haven't found that to be the case. I think medical directors - who are typically MDs - don't view bedside nursing as relevant experience to practice as an NP. To them an "inexperienced NP" is someone (like me) who hasn't been an NP very long, regardless of how long they've been an RN.
  11. I also haven't read all of the responses, which is unusual for me, but there are a couple of things going on here. The first is the way OP's daughter responded to the incident. She may feel shame and fear, and by not addressing these emotions OP is not helping her to cope with what happened, OP would be reinforcing that victims of sexual assault should be ashamed and not tell anyone. It's difficult to tell your child that you can't do what they want, but consider the long-term ramifications of that decision in both her later life and the lives of others she may encounter in a similar situation. Helping your daughter avoid the situation is not giving her control, it's giving the abuser (the cousin, the friend, etc) control. Talking about why it's important to report - so important that the law requires you to do it - and that you want to make sure she and her friend are safe in the future is one way of approaching it that may help your daughter to re-conceptualize the event as something bad that needs to be talked about rather than something bad she should feel ashamed of. The other issue is that of mandated reporting. In Washington an anonymous report doesn't fulfill the requirement for mandatory reporters, so if you don't know the requirements in your state you should look them up before making a report. But you should absolutely make the report, for the sake of both children. Allowing a child to be sexually abused harms all of us.
  12. Dogen

    The right to an opinion

    If the family is putting food in the mouth of a patient who can't protect their airway and can't consent... That would potentially be contributing to the death of the patient.
  13. Nationally, only about 1% of PAs report working in psychiatry compared to a little over 4% of NPs. Additionally in 2014 there were about 101,000 PAs compared to about 222,000 NPs. So, that's about 1,000 PAs and 9,300 NPs who worked predominantly in psychiatry in 2014.
  14. Most states don't allow individuals with a master's to be licenced as a psychologist. Thus, if your SIL refers to herself as a psychologist it's likely shorthand for something else. In the US a doctoral degree is considered the entry to practice degree. Also, truncating a quote because the last few words weaken its support for your position is fairly dishonest.
  15. Yeah... Cura te ipsum. Getting into a psychology PhD program is incredibly difficult. When I applied to UW they got 900 applicants for 5 slots. You not only have to find a good school, you have to locate a faculty mentor at each school you apply to who studies what you're interested in studying and who is currently accepting grad students. You not only need stellar grades and research experience, but most schools now want undergrads to have published in an academic journal (in the area of specialty of the person you're applying to work with), which basically means you have to plan not only grad school but your undergrad around a specific topic. The average number of applications to submit for one acceptance is seven, which amounts to about $1,000 in application fees. And that's before you even get into a five year program.
  16. Also, PAs are uncommon in psych. If a person wanted to get into psych then suggesting PA school may be doing them a disservice.

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