I don't care anymore, I'm never saying another thing...


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First off, this is a vent.

I sent my manager an email about somethings that went wrong during shift report that we do as a group before each shift and how things could be done better. I get pulled into the manager's office this morning and chastized like a little child and am told that I'm bringing the team down and that while I do send positive emails about the staff, it's just sandwiching good stuff on top of bad stuff. Fine. I'm not saying another gosh darn thing.


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I hear you on that one...wait until you're slient..watch them get scared and ask you what is wrong...it's such a catch-22!...good luck!!

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A "catch 22" it is indeed. Honey, it is best that you keep your opinions to yourself in today's nursing world. Why? Because case managers, all bosses for that matter, take any complaints as making them look bad. They all want to think that they are perfect and things are running well because of their innovations and ideas. The other employees who are and probably need assistance or to be fired- -the bosses are ususally afraid of in some way. They will deny this, of course, but it is true none the less. If you want to keep your job, smile pretty and do not make waves. A sad truth for today's nurses.


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S.Corder,RN you are "spot on" with your post. Sad but true... So many managers say they want to hear from us but they really don't unless its all roses and honeysuckle.


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Yeah, you both are right. I'm just gonna lay low. But yeah, when you are silent they think something is wrong.

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....I think saying all bosses feel that way is a bit of an exaggeration! But I do empathize with you, Turn!


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Managers and supervisors are always absent on the day that "constructive criticism" and "quality assurance" are discussed. In their little minds, they can never imagine that someone might want to actually improve matters. All they can see is the criticism and they take that as a personal attack. Always best to keep quiet.


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It just ****** me off to no end. I love being a nurse. I'm very passionate about what I do. Nursing will never get the recognition it deserves because of crap like this from the higher ups. Have managers forgotten that they were once bedside nurses themselves? It makes me sick.


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That's part of the corporate game. Welcome to the real world.


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It reminds me of something I learned in Sociology class over the summer - the "richer" people (or in this case, the management) like to keep the "lesser" people (the nurses) in fear of them (AKA, getting fired) so that the nurses don't revolt and kick their booties.

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I think that in today's world there is so much stress that no one wants to hear a complaint because that means another thing to add to their plate. It isn't how things should be, but how they are. It is all about making the most profit which means often going under staffed, and expecting way too much of employees. We are seeing that very thing in our office right now. Something that two people need to do, we only hire 1 for. :banghead:

Keep your head down and your powder dry. It's an awful way to approach work, but it's the way of the world, and not just in nursing.

Sorry this happened to you.

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