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  1. nohika

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    One thing I have to say...that I've heard from some physicians in the ER. The biggest difference between the floors and the ER, is that the floors can refuse patients if they get full, but the ER has no choice but to keep taking everything that comes their way.
  2. I was abused by my father for 15, 16 years. My brother's taken over now - it's not as bad as it could be, though. I don't tolerate drugs, alcohol, tobacco, anything. Not in my house, not on your clothes, nothing. I can't handle it. My dad smokes, drinks, does pot (my sister thinks so, anyways). No way in hell am I voluntarily having that stuff in my future. Just my opinion.
  3. nohika


    That's part of the reason I got "let go" for not enough experience. I'd have to go hunt down someone to do the two-person CAREPLANNED people and the other NACs were like "whatever, I always do her myself." Well, yes, but when you injure your back, gee, how are they going to cover that? You weren't doing what was careplanned so therefore, the back injury is your own darned fault. I was kind of glad to be let go. That place was a hellhole. 30 patients in a 80 hr shift for a NAC, 10 of which were on the call light every two minutes, having to change them q2hrs, chart on all of them, attend to all the 30 "residents" who didn't need extra care (much anyways) who occasionally needed a change plus the one chick who was CONSTANTLY on the call light. Frickin' unsafe.
  4. nohika

    Ex-Nurse Guilty of Aiding Suicides Online

    I believe it's Megan Meier. It was her neighbor, since the mom thought that Megan was spreading rumors about her child and eventually things spiraled downhill and Megan hung herself in her room. The Mom (Lori Drew, I think) was acquitted in 2009. However...Megan's story is inspiring stronger laws against cyber-bullying. Wikipedia is a good place to start.
  5. nohika

    So disappointed

    Which Vancouver? BC or WA? In WA, nurse jobs are extremely limited, especially down in Vancouver because we have like five nursing programs within a 20-mile radius that pump out new grads every quarter. It's a rough job market.
  6. nohika

    Nurses who steal narcotics....

    The hardest part is proof. Yes, you may suspect something, but until you have 100% proof that it's XYZ person doing it, you shouldn't really report it - you can do a lot more damage that way. (I'm not a nurse, but I did a paper on this thing last semester and did tons of research on it.) And also, the incidence of drug/substance abuse in nurses is about the same as the general population.
  7. nohika

    RNs tell your hospitals to hire new grads

    If I had to choose between working as a nurse for minimum wage and working at Walmart...I'd choose Walmart. Far less stress and responsibility.
  8. I would see if they would let you talk to current students and see how they fare with the requirement. I wouldn't immediately ditch it due to the 90% thing - I'd chat with current students, see if they can do it. Check out NCLEX pass-rates and how many people actually took the NCLEX. I can imagine if you could pass that curriculum, you'd very likely pass the NCLEX.
  9. nohika

    Have you ever had a pt have sex...

    We're not talking about submarines here, people...it's semen. And to add, as I volunteer on a postpartum floor, if I walked in on a couple "getting busy", I would die of embarrassment right on the spot. So yeah. No submarines, please.
  10. nohika

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    I have to say...I do agree that PCPs/Nurses really don't have that much information. While "Eat Less, Move More" sounds soooo simple, I think one of the ways obese people really defeat themselves is by setting stringent, multiple goals. Ie, "I'm going to exercise 30 minutes a day and eat less! And healthy!" As ideal as it sounds, I think for someone who's so used to eating unhealthily that it's just too much. Having someone to guide you and show you to take baby steps is practically essential for a lot of people to get out of that area and start adjusting SLOWLY to a healthier lifestyle. Like some other obese people, my whole family is overweight. All my relatives are overweight. The one exception is my sister who has a lapband and lost weight that way. She still eats junk food, but thanks to the band, not enough of it to gain weight. No offense, but that kind of stuff is JUST as unhealthy as being obese like she used to be. I do think there is potentially a genetic trend, but I think the big thing is that those who grow up in an obese family are more likely to be obese simply due to that's the lifestyle they grew up with.
  11. nohika

    So Confused. Please Help.

    The only reason I would hesitate on advising an ADN is because the OP wants to be able to be a "head nurse" and a "nurse administrator" with their degree. However, I dunno if they'll think that way once they're a floor nurse for a while. Regardless, if that's the case, I think a BSN might be better...then again, a lot of admins have a masters, also.
  12. nohika

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    I kind of agree with this. I'm obese myself, I know it, and I feel guilty about it all the time - I know I should "be a better person" and lose the weight, but guilt is part of the reason I eat and why a lot of America eats. Guilt-tripping someone who is overweight because they are an emotional eater only compounds the problem. I think Leslie put it well, also. We know we're overweight. Trust me. And I also agree that it has really deep psychological things - I still think it's better than coping with tobacco or alcohol or illegal drugs.
  13. nohika

    Mother/Baby VENT!!!

    Where do you work I want to go there ! I Did leave Mother /Infant and miss it everyday, It was the same 5 couplets can be fine but throw in the 3 discharges and then 3 admits and the teaching and assessing gets sloppy...and no one see that until there is a complaint or something happens: I mean, there are days of multiple discharges/admits, but not often. And I know in L&D it's a 1:1 thing if the pt is in labor. I'm the PNW. :) Unfortunately, due to how good the ratios are, very very few people leave, so they hire even fewer.
  14. nohika

    Mother/Baby VENT!!!

    5 couplets is RIDICULOUS! Nurses at my Postpartum unit (I'm a volunteer) never take care of more than three at once, maximum six pts (3 moms, 3 babies). Even at night, it's a max of four couplets. Maybe look for a different hospital with better ratios?
  15. nohika

    Pet Nurse?!

    You must go to Banfield. That's about the only place I've heard of using Petnurses, Petnurse Assistants, Aides, whatever. Banfield is a corporate. 'nough said.