I don't care anymore, I'm never saying another thing...

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It bucks the popular opinion, but I would keep speaking up. Your intention is for the good of your unit. Wording makes a big difference, I think (not that I think you're saying anything the wrong way, but I hope you know what I mean). I actually give you kudos for WANTING so speak up and change/fix things, too many people just go along with a system that needs obvious improvement, and that's a much worse thing.

She gave me some advice that when as a staff nurse I have an issue/problem that I should speak with the manager and tell her the problem but also bring a possible solution to the table too. I have found this to be helpful.

... I most certainly aree that I should be very, very careful about what I write in an email!!!

these 2 excerpts.

in any emails, you want to come across as enthusiastic and hopeful, versus sounding malcontent.

you want your nm to be receptive and not defensive.

state the problem, followed with a "how about we..." and offer your solutions.

it really is an art, but effective communication is key in changing gloom to boom.

pm me if you need help.

in some very precarious situations, i've done pretty darned well for myself when using words selectively.:)

but plz tls, do not inhibit yourself to the extent where it will affect your fervor.

you just have too much passion and commitment, to keep it bottled up.


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