I don't care anymore, I'm never saying another thing...

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All nurse managers are different. My manager will listen to me vent, but she has no control. She can't change things. She is really not part of upper management. She/he can change some things on your unit if needed, but it's only minor things. The upper management, above your nurse management has the control. They never work the floor or have a clue as to what is really going on on a daily basis.

Just do your job. Work well with your team members and life will get better. The team you work with is what really counts. You help them, they help you when needed. It still won't be easy, but will be better.

Forget trying to change things. It won't happen.


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Thanks for all of the responses. My manager says that she has an open door policy but to me and many co-workers, we see her as unapproachable. I gave her suggestions about how we could rectify the situation with report and assignments so my email to her was not entirely negative. I just truly believe that they do not want us to have a voice because despite what I or any other co-worker says to them, it goes in one ear and out the other...nothing is ever done. She says that my opinion is bringing down the team and its negative but the negativity is being generated from her. I love where I work, but I've decided that it's best to just shut up and lay low because I want to keep my job. They have no bones about getting rid of someone whose opinion differs.

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Is it possible that the wording you used made it seem like negativity rather than constructive criticism? I am reaching here, I know, but I always try and look at every possibility in terms of what I can do to improve communication before I just give up and decide there is nothing to be done. It would be awful if you really couldn't bring up ways in which you could improve work flow.


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To be honest, I had another coworker proof-read my email and she felt it was good, that it was constructive criticism and that I gave good suggestions.

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Very few of the now case managers, head nurses, whatever they are called today, do remember being in the trenches. They think they have achieved beyond us when they get the promotion. I know that when I became a case manager I tried to be real and help out on the floor when needed and to be open and honest. However, those above me kept pressuring me to do as they bidded. If they did not like somebody, I was actually ordered to get them out someway. When I did not do this, I was let go. They said that it was because I was a not a "team" player. Their "team" did not include the staff RN. It only included braggards who were afraid of working staff and became bosses. What is that old saying: Those who can do and those who can't become bosses.

I thought that I could really make a difference, but I was innocent and oh so very niave. All we can realistically do is help our patients, help our CNA's and go home and love our families. The system today is not set-up to allow good, experienced RN's to assist in making policy or changes for the better. It is set-up for bosses to get the glory for everything we do. I disagree with the poster who said that this does not include all bosses. I got news, it includes all bosses who are allowed to stay in their positions for awhile. Not those who get in, try to change the system and then are dismissed for whatever the higher bosses do not agree with. Honesty, hard work and caring are not part of most bosses. "They are into what will make me look good to my superior."


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At my current non-nursing job that is supporting me through school, it is the same situation. I hold onto the knowledge that 1. what they think does not matter, and 2. someday they will be just a floor supervisor, or administrator, and I will be making a better life when i start researching and teaching.

It keeps me going.


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Oy vey! I hear you there...sounds just like our management. All chiefs and no Indians. So, when anything goes wrong, there are 5 or 6 different people all running around like a speeded-up version of The Keystone Cops. But, Lord frobid you should complain about something! Then, it's all "Well, you really don't know what you are talking about", or, "It can't be done that way.."

Then, after running around 'boiking' each other in the eyes and going "Whoo whoo whoo!", they finally put their collective wooden heads together and proceed to DO IT EXACTLY THAT WAY!

Only now, it was THEIR idea...


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When I'm at work, sometimes I feel like I'm battling the devil for my soul whenever I have to deal with my management.

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Sorry, TLS, that must be frustrating.


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This is why America is having problems. Greed, corruption, and dishonesty fill

the ranks of corporate America, including nursing corporate America. Sadly, it

will be our downfall unless Americans (especially those in corporate offices) wake up and see that we need to return to the morals and high standards that

made America great. It can all begin with more open, honest communication

without playing these little "gotcha" games where a staff nurse is blindsided

by some nursing manager who, instead of listening and taking into consideration whatever opinions that nurse may have, penalizes a nurse for just exercising

his/her right to free speech. The 10 Commandments weren't prefaced by , "If you feel like it, do these...."


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One nice thing about reading these threads is to see that you're not alone.

When I had something similar happen to me for suggesting an improvement

(I thought in a nice way) during a staff meeting, I was written up for it.

I couldn't understand why they would do such a thing but now I see many others have had similar experiences. It just shows you that we're not the ones

at fault for speaking up. That's what management wants you to think so you

won't speak up anymore. Obviously, it's a management tactic used to keep

everyone in line the way they want us to be, as was already pointed out by

others in this thread.

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Your manager sounds like an ASS. Someone needs to tell her this. Give me her email and I will tell her.

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