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Cardiac Telemetry, ED
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Virgo_RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, ED.

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  1. Virgo_RN

    Straight caths - to clamp or not to clamp?

    I was taught to clamp at 500-600ccs in nursing school, but this not the standard practice in the real world. The rationale was bladder spasms.
  2. Virgo_RN

    I forgot to chart something.

    You can go back in and do a late entry. Just make sure you document it as such.
  3. Virgo_RN

    Lost it at Work

    Sounds like a really stressful situation. When do you get a day off?
  4. Virgo_RN

    Please,please give me some guidance here...

    Honey, you have to toughen up. Don't wear your heart on your shirt sleeve. Take criticism as an opportunity to do better. Do not take things personally.
  5. Virgo_RN

    How much free water/fluid do you count 1/2 cup applesauce as?

    I wouldn't count apple sauce as "free" water or fluid. "Free water/fluid" refers to just plain water/fluid without any solids in it. The key word is "Free".
  6. Virgo_RN

    How to handle a patient asking for personal info

    I'd just tell him it's "against the rules".
  7. The reason nobody answers your call light is because this is the emergency room, and answering call lights is not a priority here. We are too busy drawing labs, ordering CTs, giving meds for pain and nausea, and monitoring VS. We've got a nurse out to dinner, and our tech had to go home sick. I gave you the paddle so you could watch TV on the flat screen TV that's in every room in our big fancy new ER, not because I had any intention of coming in here every time you put on your call light. I can see on the monitor in the hallway if you go into a lethal arrhythmia or desat. I can look at my watch and decide if it's time to re-evaluate your pain. I will come check on you when a) It's time, and b) I am able. Please don't ask me for another warm blanket for your poor little footsies the second I walk in the door. You are 32 years old and in good health, and you already have a warm blanket and a wife at the bedside who can adjust the blanket you already have (it sure doesn't look like her arms are broken). I didn't come in here because your call light was on; heck, I didn't even notice it was on. I came in here because the effing x-ray tech didn't hook you back up to all the monitoring equipment when they brought you back from your chest x-ray. Yes, I'll bring you a blanket for your feet, but it will be on the way back from sending urine and blood specs on the patient down the hall, going to the med room to get some Solumedrol for another patient at the other end of the hall, and tracking down the doctor to ask about adding labs to the LOL three doors down who had an abnormal EKG. I'll probably forget all about your blanket even though I don't mean to, simply because it is not a priority, and I won't see the call light when you press it to ask me about it again. Maybe your wife can toss your jacket over your feet, since it is sitting there on the chair right next to her. If I do remember your blanket, I'm going to hand it to your wife, who will give me a bewildered look as if to say "You mean, you're not going to put the blanket on his feet???" as I hustle down the hall with hands full of medications and charts.
  8. I'm drawing up your 2mg of Dilaudid for the headache you have, and now you're asking for a snack. So which is it? The Dilaudid or the snack? Cause there's only one of me, I don't have a tech, all he** is breaking loose, and I don't have time to cater to you. There are seriously ill people here, and you're not one of them, so pick one. And if you ask me for one more da** thing, I'm going to institute Pillow Therapy. I don't care if you say "please". You're still a PITA.
  9. Virgo_RN

    A nurse friend of mine passed away: A WARNING TO ALL

    So sorry, TLS.
  10. Virgo_RN

    Oh, the personalities.....

    I was vague in my vent for a reason. Don't wanna be recognized. I'm not expecting warm and fuzzy, and I'm not talking about being assertive. I am talking about people who are clueless and lack any sort of insight, and who take themselves far too seriously; people who do and say things that make you go "WTH???" Can't get more specific than that, I'm afraid. It was a vent after a long, busy shift paired up with one such individual. Your experience may differ.
  11. Virgo_RN

    Oh, the personalities.....

    Type A is fine. No beef with that.
  12. Nope.
  13. Virgo_RN

    Oh, the personalities.....

    I concur.
  14. Virgo_RN

    Oh, the personalities.....

    [vent]I tend to get along well with coworkers, both while in my previous career, and now in nursing. But my goodness, some of the personalities in the ED can be a bit hard to take. It's like "Get over yourself already!!!". [/vent]
  15. Virgo_RN

    I am in Nursing because.....

    I'm in nursing because I love cleaning up poop.
  16. Virgo_RN

    Vastus Lateralis

    I go for the deltoid or the ventrogluteal. I would go for the VL if the patient was uncooperative, though. It's just easier.