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  1. RuRnurse?

    Fighting mandate regarding flu vaccines

    The problem with mandating any kind of medical treatment is this...Where does it stop? Let's assume that the argument about the 'greater public good' is correct. Ok then, why stop at vaccination? Thousands of people each year die while waiting on an organ transplant list, while at the same time hundreds of thousands are buried with perfectly good organs inside them. Why not mandate that any useable organs be removed prior to burial/cremation? Certainly the argument could be made that the public good is being served, of what use are organs to a dead person, and here is "Little Billy" who will certainly die if he doesn't get a new liver in the next week or so... And if that could come to pass, what could the next step be? You are young and healthy, and happen to be a perfect match for someone who needs a kidney...You can live quite well with one, can we take the other one? Again, think of the greater good. If we have already established that you do NOT have the ultimate right to your own bodily integrity, and that the State can force you to undergo procedures against your will if they deem it to be in the public interest, then the answer is clear. Or how about the whole abortion issue? Yikes, don't even want to go there! Some will say, "Oh, that's just ridiculous, something like that would NEVER happen!" Just pick up a good general history book and see for yourselves that stuff like that can indeed happen. The funny thing is, these things are alloowed to happen because people are convinced that they are for the greater good, and they happen in increments. You don't shoot from point A to point Z in one step, it's always little baby steps until you get to where you never thought you'd be... The issue is much bigger than swine flu folks. Don't be so absorbed by the one that you are blinded to the other.
  2. RuRnurse?

    Studies: Some Nursing Home Elderly Get Futile Care

    God, this is a great thread!!! I work in ltc, and I see garbage like this ALL the time, it just makes me CRAZY! Right now I'm thinking about an elderly man in my place whose wife just cannot let go...this guy is 97 years old, a FULL CODE, and gets sent out to the hospital, basically, every time he passes wind because staff is so afraid he will die on them, and the crazy wife will find some way to sue. This poor guy used to be a cop, and is now practically a vegetable, and he is so miserable, fights everybody who tries to care for him. You know he just wants it to be over, and every time he gets close to finding final peace, the wife drags him back. He gets his food and meds through a tube, and it takes three to do this, cause he is still a big guy with some strength. When you go in to him, he just completely tenses up...some of us refuse to force things on him, and when you tell him you aren't going to have him held down for his accucheck, bolus feeds, etc, he visibly relaxes and will actually smile at you... Oh, the importance of a living will! Don't depend on your loved ones to do what's best for you, often they can't let go, and you may end up like this poor guy!
  3. RuRnurse?

    How long

    Technically, a virus is not "alive", it only can switch on in a living cell. So, perhaps it weakens with the passing of time outside of a cell, and becomes less able to cause infection... Someone will be along with a better answer, I'm sure. But viruses are not alive in the sense we think of being alive.
  4. RuRnurse?

    Mandatory Immunizations?

    "I understand that. The one that is available now is the nasal spray and is a live virus which is what I said a while ago and was told I was wrong." Frustrating, isn't it? That's the problem, there has been so much hype and fear-mongering with this that "information" is being tossed about willy-nilly. People who want to take a deep breath and really LOOK at the issue don't stand a chance. People with legitimate concerns about the vaccine are portrayed as ignorant, and called anti-vaxers. People who question the true severity of this particular flu? Well, it is implied that they just don't understand the FACTS. And people who say they wish to refuse this vaccine have been pretty much called Typhoid Mary's, the implication being that they just want to go around spreading disease to the helpless because they just don't want to get a shot. So selfish of them, right? I've said it before, and will continue saying it, and I don't care how unpopular it may be...If you WANT this vaccine, then get it. If you don't, then DON'T. But do NOT take it because you are forced to. That is the dumbest reason to take ANY medication. Do your research, and if after doing so, you are comfortable with it, fine, do it. But use your own minds, and make your own decisions!
  5. RuRnurse?

    Vaccination Discussion: Free-for-all....

    There are plenty of people who have doubts about this vaccine, and vaccines in general. To imply that they are all ignorant or misinformed, or both, is an insult. But I don't think that will change... Some obviously feel very strongly about the issue, and I for one, respect that. I may not agree, but I respect the right to express the feelings. Those on both sides of the issue should do the same.
  6. RuRnurse?

    Why I'm Not an Anti-Vaxer

    "If you believe that autism and auto-immune diseases are caused by vaccines, you should be able to provide links to information and studies that we can look at and analyze, otherwise it is just opinion or speculation." I didn't say that I believed it, just that I was actively seeking information on it. To be honest with you, I simply don't know if there is a connection. It does seem that our modern diseases and disorders are being caused by SOMETHING. What does it really matter if we are exchanging one set of diseases and disorders for another? I have been reading alot of info lately that has made me think... I'm GLAD we no longer have to deal with the summer worry about polio, or have to worry that the fever and lesions we develop are smallpox. I'm glad that measles, mumps or rubella are no longer the childhood killers they once were. But I'm not so certain about the other more recent vaccines. They are all meds, are they not? Then we need studies on them. Why is this particular vaccine being fast-tracked without the usual testing procedures? Why have the manufacturers been absolved of liability? These are questions we need answers to, before just going along and rolling up our sleeves. This doesn't translate into falling for opinion or speculation.
  7. RuRnurse?

    Why I'm Not an Anti-Vaxer

    C'mon now, no more labels. Those of us who are leary of this new vaccine are not "anti-vaxers". Most of us did not come to our decisions because of rumours and mis-information spread by others. I agree that some vaccinations have had positive effects. But it is also true that there have been some problems as well. We should be open to all the facts, and willing to consider that aggressive vaccination campaigns might cause troubles we never thought about. We are experiencing what seems to be an epidemic of autism and auto-immune disorders. Where are these coming from? There are many theories, one is that aggressive vaccinations might be a factor. People who, as a group, do not vaccinate (like the Amish) don't have these problems in their communities. Could there be a connection? Maybe, maybe not, but we MUST consider it until proven wrong. Neither side should be 'labeled'. I, for one, am not anti-vaccination. I am against forcing anyone to receive an untested substance as a condition of employment. If someone does want a vaccine, they should have access to it, but they should also have access to ALL information available about it, and they should retain the ultimate right to refuse such.
  8. RuRnurse?

    Im miserable at my new job!!! HELP!

    Noeissa, you may want to consider a different place to work! It's been my experience that places with attitudes like that are not great places to work. Chances are, the administration is at fault, admin sets the tone for any facility. As the saying goes, "A fish rots from the head down". If these co-workers are so miserable, chances are that the admin is as well. You can't beat that, so a different place is the only way to handle it from your end. Leave the miserable ones to their job, and drive on!
  9. RuRnurse?

    Treating the Muslim patient

    Good point, waterlily. The problem is that Islam doesn't have a central authority, like a pope or something. So, these things are left to individual imams. Also, the older women who have had this done tend to demand that the younger ones do as well. Even relatives other than the parents will sometimes kidnap girls and force it upon them, as your friends had done. This is one tough cultural nut to crack. Hopefully wisdom will prevail in the end...
  10. RuRnurse?

    Treating the Muslim patient

    Interesting thread... I believe that ALL cultural and religious beliefs can be accomodated, IF those involved are willing to be open-minded and accept that certain things, like caregiver gender, ARE important to some. One needn't become defensive if a conservative male Muslim prefers a male caregiver for the more personal needs he may have. Or, if such a man wishes his wife to be cared for by a female, etc. This isn't an insult to the caregiver, and shouldn't be seen as such. Something that hasn't been mentioned here is the issue of FGM. Many societies in the Muslim world perform this procedure on girls, and it is very possible, especially in a big city ER, that such a woman may end up there suffering through a difficult labor/delivery. What would the reaction be among uninformed staff at seeing the mass of scar tissue where the genitals would normally be? Some 'circumcisions' are minor, but the pharoanic type is pretty horrendous. Deliveries like that often require surgery to happen. But a nurse who isn't aware of this custom might seriously freak out-and even after being told what it was, might very well feel angry/upset at this, and cause the patient distress by the reaction... I did my sociology paper on this topic, and I am still amazed that it doesn't really get touched on in nursing school. Over 80 million women in the world have had this done, and it is inevitable that a few might find themselves living here through immigration.
  11. If she is so certain that it is safe, then why did they exempt the makers from liability?
  12. RuRnurse?

    "Experimental Units"?

    There is a dementia unit where I work whose manager and doctor seem to be engaged in some kind of "experiment" with the residents there. These are severely impaired folks, and many are physically aggressive. It's actually more of a de facto psych unit, as opposed to straight off Alzheimer's. Within days of an admission, the manager starts pulling all psych meds, with the doctor's cooperation. In doesn't matter what the med is, or how long they've been on it, or how bad their symtoms are, they get their meds pulled. Of course, this works out quite well...*snort!* Numerous staff members are out on comp after working this unit. One resident bit into the hand of a CNA, almost tore off two fingers. That CNA is now permanently disabled. Want to know what the reaction was from the manager? He said "Well, I'd never have put my hand that close to his face..." The CNA was FEEDING the resident, for God's sake! If there is a way to feed someone from, say, across the room, they should inservice us all on this method! Other's who have been injured are likewise blamed for bringing it on themselves. I realize that there are some who do not like to medicate, and I agree that less meds are better, IF it is warranted by the resident's condition. But there are people who NEED their meds. Their psychological symtoms are just that, symtoms, and deserve to be treated just as any physical symtoms would be. Leaving such distrubed persons without any relief puts not just them, but the entire staff at risk. And blaming those staff who get hurt for their injuries is just adding insult to the injury. As far as I am concerned, this is abuse. On the doctor's part, it is malpractice. I call it an "experimental unit" because it is the only unit in my facility that does this. I just find it so hard to believe that this kind of 'management' is allowed, and why a doctor, who prescribes properly on all other units, goes along with this kind of nonsense on this one particular unit, despite the well-documented behaviors of these residents. Well, just wanted to rant...I can promise you this, though. If I am ever injuured on that unit, I'm going to "lawyer up" real quick! The facility is allowing a dangerous situation to go on, and placing staff at risk of serious injury. If they want to experiment, then they can assume the responsibility for whatever happens!
  13. RuRnurse?

    Is it possible to get a titer for H1N1?

    If labs aren't testing, then how do they know that the illnesses they are seeing are actually swine flu?
  14. Got link? I'd like to read that myself. It wouldn't surprise me, I have a feeling that once this vaccination campaign get rolling, we are going to see a sudden rash of "egg allergies" among the powers that be...
  15. RuRnurse?

    Who plans to take the H1N1 vaccine, & your children?

    I usually get the seasonal flu shot, but this year I'm going to decline, and won't get the H1N1 either. I've been having questions about vaccines in general. I'm not sure what ny ultimate feeling will be, but I'm doing a lot of research on the whole thing. There is alot that I didn't know!