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psych, addictions, hospice, education
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Whispera is a MSN, RN and specializes in psych, addictions, hospice, education.

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  1. Whispera

    Been at Job 9 Mons, Work Suddenly Calls References?

    HR just hadn't gotten around to it, and it's probably some sort of required thing.
  2. Whispera

    Wrong side for amputation(loss of license)

    One time when I was taking care of a post-op patient, surgical notes indicated the wrong ovary had been removed...
  3. Whispera

    Wrong side for amputation(loss of license)

    aren't the docs supposed to talk to the patient and mark the part to be removed, themselves?
  4. Whispera

    Clean stick needle change

    was the vaccine already in the syringe?
  5. Whispera

    Anxiety following patient death

    On a related note...I worked in a hospice owned by the Catholic church. There's a Doctrine of Primary Intent that fits here. Sometimes we don't want to risk hastening death in an already dying patient. The doctrine says that our primary intent (providing comfort/relieving pain) is what matters most.
  6. Whispera

    Can Text Convay Enough

    Text can lack emotion, and that hinders comprehension and encourages misunderstanding. There is no body language in text. About affect and effect...Sometimes I can't decide which is correct, so I choose a different word! It's not worth a brain cramp!
  7. Whispera

    Anxiety following patient death

    It was a 50 ml. bag, so 54 ml. couldn't have gone in. The pump said 46 ml. were left. That seems to be what it should be. Was the bag empty awhile before you changed to the new one? That would account for the rapid breathing that slowed with the new bag. I think you're overthinking this. Is this one of the first deaths you've experienced with your patients? It's difficult! It's difficult to not be able to help ease things, without feeling you hastened the ending. I still don't think you hastened things. Truly.
  8. Whispera

    Review of nursing exams with students

    My students write their answers to their multiple choice questions on the text booklet as well as the scantron. I return the booklet to them for review, with a copy of their scantron. I keep the original in case they would be tempted to change answers. They have 15 minutes to look over their test. If they question the scoring, they can write, on their booket, their defenses of their answers. I review them and make changes in grades if they convince me that I was wrong. Then I email each with my thoughts. I also am available for individual review of tests, if the 15 minutes isn't enough. I don't discuss tests with the group. This has worked very well for me, for lots of years.
  9. Whispera

    Anxiety following patient death

    I don't see that you hastened his death. Your wrote that he was declining quickly and had been unresponsive, had no urine output, and had a very low respiratory rate, along with gaps. Struggling for air is something dying patients do. He was actively dying when you first assessed him. Was the breathing pattern you described before or after you changed the morphine dosage? How much was left in the bag? That's a big indication of whether you were giving a higher than prescribed dose. One thing that bothers me, however, is that you decreased his dosage. Was this something the doc said you could do? I wonder if the decrease meant his pain wasn't controlled and the change in breathing was related to pain?? Again, I don't see that you hastened his death.
  10. Whispera


    I hate to say it, but there could be quite a few people with ranking higher than yours, and they'll get the first slots in the school. Have you talked with an advisor to see what he or she says could help you get in?
  11. Whispera


    There's another thread on this topic...interesting reading: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/nursing-admissions-a-1073022.html
  12. Whispera

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    Do a search for C. Clark, incivility in nursing. She has done oodles of work on the topic.
  13. Whispera


    Look at your individual course grades rather than your GPA. Are there any courses that you could take over and replace a poor grade with a better one? What are the standards for admission at your school? Lots of schools put higher weight on sciences than some other courses. What can you improve? In highly competive schools, a higher GPA might be needed. Schools post the "at least" but if most have higher scores, the at leasts might be out of luck.
  14. Whispera


    Does anyone know what delirium that isn't reversed is called? I haven't been able to find the word. Dementia doesn't quite fit all the time...
  15. Whispera


    my response should say RIGHT thing, not eight Sometimes the cause isn't determined or proper treatment isn't determined or completed. Then the delirium goes on. Time frame is kinda flexible. I imagine the healthcare provider would keep trying to fix it. Is hypertension always reversible? If not, when and how is it not reversible? It's a similar thing...
  16. Whispera


    Delirium is reversible, provided the eight thing is done to reverse it. Why do you ask?