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  1. SuesquatchRN

    Brian Short News

    I was hearbroken by this horrible news. I can't imagine the anguish that must have precipitated this. My thoughts are with all affected by this. May they be at peace.
  2. SuesquatchRN

    moving to Texas from non compact state

    I moved from NY to TX three years ago. No problems. I DID begin the process as soon as we decided to move.
  3. SuesquatchRN

    Hospice...hostile and toxic work environment!

    There's always another job. No reason to love a job in a toxic environment.
  4. SuesquatchRN

    Hospice...hostile and toxic work environment!

    I don't know what's going on but I would get gone. If the boss doesn't like you it doesn't get better. Hugs.
  5. SuesquatchRN

    Do you need all those degrees?

    Yup I did it for me. Were I younger I would get some more education. For me. At this point I am too tired to deal with f/t work AND school. But I love learning.
  6. SuesquatchRN

    Assessing Acute Abdominal Pain vs. Cancer Abdominal Pain

    So what does he think was wrong with your assessment skills? You identified an urgent problem and sent them to the unit. For the docs to figure that out.
  7. SuesquatchRN

    Question about dressing

    What's the terminal diagnosis? Is your agency necessarily responsible for the dressing supplies?
  8. SuesquatchRN

    Nurse with anxiety/depression

    You must see your PCP and discuss your feelings. Depression and anxiety are medical conditions that can be managed. Ask me how I know.
  9. SuesquatchRN

    Getting Thrown Under the Bus

    Honey, hang in. And never believe what you're promised on the interview. Hugs.
  10. SuesquatchRN

    Assessing Acute Abdominal Pain vs. Cancer Abdominal Pain

    The perforation signs you mentioned can also indicate cancer.
  11. SuesquatchRN

    What shoes do you wear?

    Birkenstock. Pricy but they last forever.
  12. SuesquatchRN

    Nclex pn results have been cancelled

    How did you get in with your phone? They're pretty clear that you empty everything, including phones, and put them in a locker.
  13. SuesquatchRN

    Should we teach unlicensed caregiver . . . . .

    We stopped using the cream because it's expensive to compound. And my agency is all about the census and bonuses.
  14. SuesquatchRN

    Books that help nurses deal with death

    No books. Just time and experience, and it will still hurt when you lose someone you care for.
  15. SuesquatchRN

    Training for a new job and NO PAY???

    Oh, hells no.