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    Flushing a central line

    We only get PICCs except one of my guys came back with a central. Of course, I have never been trained on one so have researched it. I have read that prior to flushing one is supposed to check for blood by drawing back - push/pull. Well, I did that and ended up with a big old air bubble. Not good. Discarded the syringe and flushed with another. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.
  2. SuesquatchRN

    I feel so incompetent

    I had a lousy day. Get in and a 93 yo lol who had stomach pain the day before - I had repositioned her and it alleviated it - was puking and sick. Call the doc and am missing a vital sign he wanted. Felt like an idiot. Get the order to send her out. Another LOL has a really bloodshot eye and the doc asks me for her last INR. I had completely zoned and didn't even put together that she's on Coumadin AND antibiotics at the same time so bleeding was affected. Felt like a bigger freaking idiot. Call the squad to transport the first LOL and completely forgot to print out any paperwork. Of course, the boss is standing at the printer and getting everything that I should have done. Of course, the passive-aggressive LPNs are ignoring all of this because I am *supposed* to know. Then my highlighter uncaps in my pocket and completely ruins a white skirt. Meanwhile, yesterday a LOL is pinching and scratching everyone. I clip her nails and nipped her pinky. It wasn't bleeding. This morning an LPN notices a tiny scab and asks me if I clipped her nails. I said yes and I must have nipped her while she was trying to pinch me while I clipped. Before I can even get the paperwork started on the incident she's told the DON who is at my desk telling me to do one. Then there's a class at 2:30 and the nurses conveniently don't bother reminding me. They leave while I'm on the phone with a family member and I feel like a flaming arsehole. I'm a lousy nurse.
  3. SuesquatchRN

    cebuana nurse!

    Looks like you've decided to stick out your LTC job. It sounds like you're doing well. :)
  4. SuesquatchRN

    Appalled at LTC standards of nursing care

    Call the hotline. I would have sent anyone doing such a thing home STAT and then informed the DNS and admin. After I was pulled off the offender and Mirandized for battery.
  5. SuesquatchRN

    IV fluids in LTC setting?

    We see some but will be seeing more and more. CMS is pushing LTCs to keep their residents there for most therapies, including IV fluids and abx.
  6. SuesquatchRN

    Terminated 15 mins after state left

    I'm sorry, newtress. I think you should use caliotter's reason for leaving and you'll be snapped up by a reputable company in a heartbeat.
  7. SuesquatchRN

    Appalled at LTC standards of nursing care

    I assess every morrning. I manage a skilled unit, 38 beds, and examine every resident during breakfast. I don't necessarily do much more than say good morning and see if they're at baseline, but if anything seems off we are right on it. There's a difference within the facility, between units. Mine is now the one everyone wants their loved one to get and I'm very proud of that. My charge is an LPN with 15 years more experience than I have and is my right arm. The aides, once they learn that you respect them and listen to them, will reward you and, more importantly, the residents, with quality care.
  8. SuesquatchRN

    What is the term for word confusion in the elderly

    expressive DYSphasia
  9. SuesquatchRN

    When is enough enough?

    And another good one bites the dust. Good luck, CCM.
  10. SuesquatchRN

    When is enough enough?

    Well, my facility is creating an ADON spot. My first reaction was, "ME ME ME!" but upon reflection I realized that I am at precisely the management level I'm comfortable with. I don't envy you your responsibilty, CCM.
  11. SuesquatchRN

    Residents who are constantly on the call bell... help!

    Can you bring her out to the nurses' station? She sounds lonely and needy. And, yes, incredibly annoying. The company and ability to watch the goings-on might help.
  12. SuesquatchRN

    What would you do?

    Nope. Not for the commute, but the one-day orientation for a brand new grad. That means they're willing to use you up and throw you under a bus if necessary. Hang in. Dress nicely and walk into every LTC in your area with a resume and copy of your lcense in hand. When asked what you want say whatever you've got. You'll be hired.
  13. SuesquatchRN

    Need Advice

  14. SuesquatchRN

    vancomycin in end of life?

    I sure as heck wouldn't set a rate per a visitor. That, you did wrong! Don't do that anymore. :)
  15. SuesquatchRN

    I finished the BSN.

    And I am really enjoying having my life back. :)
  16. SuesquatchRN

    I finished the BSN.

    No. I am 57 and tired and want the remaining years I have to myseld. :)
  17. SuesquatchRN

    I finished the BSN.

    Thanks. I just don't have much to say these days. :)
  18. SuesquatchRN

    I finished the BSN.

    Thanks, all!
  19. SuesquatchRN

    I should be grateful to have a job,but

    They are. You just have to learn to write people up. That's taken me a long time but it's the only thing some people notice. I tried being the nice boss and it doesn't work. I'm still nice but if you I find a pattern of stuff you screw up you will be formally counselled. Oh, and the RNs keep getting more piled on, too. But thank a merciful providence I'm not behind a med cart anymore.
  20. SuesquatchRN

    Cna bonding too much with me...

    Well, she clearly wants attention but she is also clearly mentally ill. Be kind. Be distant. Refer her to resources that can help her.
  21. SuesquatchRN

    Questions about a recent offer (med/surg)

    It's a no go, TC. The pay and responsibility indicate to me that they can neither attract nor retain experienced personnel and you would be too much on your own. You do have a lot of skill and knowledge, BTW. Clinically. You just don't know it yet - but being alone on a floor with acutely ill people and no resources is no way to find out how much you do actually know.
  22. SuesquatchRN

    I should be grateful to have a job,but

    I hear you. KTW, I lasted one year as an LPN because I hated the way we were viewed. In my first month workling in a clinical setting as an RN I became a unit manager. The layer of middle management is necessary simply because of the documentation requirements and NPAs of many states - and I became an RN because it was clear that every door except LTC floor was closed to me as an LPN. I will say that I am astonished at how badly health care employees are treated, in every place I've ever worked.
  23. SuesquatchRN

    How to deal with constant calls to come into work?!

    The facility's inability or unwillingness to hire enough staff is not my problem. Just say no. Oh, and I am not an "angel in sensible shoes." I'm a nurse, not a saint or martyr.
  24. SuesquatchRN

    When do you cut off your family?

    "her aunt that rarely sees her but buys her the coolest stuff." That sounds like a decent role. Why not stay in touch but avoid physical proximity?