How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?


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I bought a new bike for me when I received my first nursing paycheck.

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I bought a Michael Kors bag and matching wallet with one of my first nursing pay checks. I also paid off credit card bills very quickly, it was nice!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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I bought a Michael Kors bag and matching wallet with one of my first nursing pay checks. I also paid off credit card bills very quickly, it was nice!

I bought a new car. Once I had a nursing job, I actually qualified for an auto loan, so technically I just put the first payment on a new car, but that was major! I had never driven a NEW car before, and the ones I had in nursing school were well used before I got them. (A junk yard near my folks' farm used to sell me cars that had been junked for one reason or another but we're still drivable.)

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I was late on my bills while in no-mans-land between graduation-taking the NCLEX- and getting a written job offer, so I spent my first check playing catch up. I payed 2 months rent plus eviction fees (I was late, so they started the process).

I was also able to get my eyebrows and facial hair threaded! ��

Im not complaining! It sure felt good that 1 paycheck could cover so many expenses.

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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It was 9 years ago but probably rent, student loans and groceries.

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I don't remember exactly where I spent my first paycheck but I remember that I was so happy when I got that first taste of earning my own money. I think I gave some of it to my mom to help with paying the bills. The rest? I spent that money on food.


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A new laptop


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Put most of it in savings but remember I went to the mall and got some makeup from Sephora. Don't even shop there now but it was nice buying something that was more "expensive."


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Probably not very exciting, but I purchased a Littmann Cardiology IV and a few new sets of scrubs. And I wish I'd gotten a better stethoscope earlier. Part of it is needing to develop my assessment ears, but having MUCH more sensitive stethoscope helps immensely.

For fun I also bought some new fountain pen inks, because when I write at home I use fountain pens. I love all the colors and textures, ball points just can't ever compared. But I still use ball points at work, because I'm OK with those getting stolen. I have samples of Diamine's Shimmerinks to work with, so beautiful!


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Proof of income to go buy a house. We attempted to go through the process in the past but the banks don't like part time income and wouldn't even count it, even when I was working two part time jobs with way more hours than I currently work. Still in the process but I'm sure it got divied up into inspections, down payment, etc some which way.

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I was so young -REALLY YOUNG and no real bills- I " Balled out " . Man , I spent every dime like there was no tomorrow. Plus, over night , it was like my credit report went into space and the same day I bought a "92" Range Rover in "93". Back then (Range Rover) was still exotic and get this - police stopped me so much - I would save and show my check stubs to Chicago Police when stopped . Never would fail -CPD would ask , " Hey how you afford a truck like this ? " . Memories , memories