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  1. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    Congrats! As far as what to bring, I would just bring a copy of your application, CV, essay, etc. in case they for some reason don't have that or misplaced it. They really do read the essays. That's how they narrow down who to interview among equally qualified applicants. As far as types of questions- nothing clinical. They figure your application and credentials speak for themselves and they can teach you what you need to know anesthesia-wise. Their interview questions are more "get to know you" questions. What is your motivation for applying, do you understand what it means to be a CRNA, have you mentally, financially prepared for this endeavor, how do you deal with conflict. Just be super polite, respectful, and answer as best you can. Good luck
  2. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    I'm graduating next month from Clarkson College. I hear "Clarkson students outshine Bryan and Mount Marty students" lol I think it's just a competition between schools type of thing. Our "skyped" lecture was our pharmacology lecture. From Dr. Nagelhout in California. Many CRNA programs used him as their pharmacology teacher. Why? Oh, well. You know, he just happens to be the guy who wrote the Nurse Anesthesia textbook. Literally. One of the core textbooks you will use (and all other CRNA programs use) is Nurse Anesthesia by Dr. Nagelhout... but you don't have to worry about that. My class was the last class he taught because he retired. I'm not exactly sure what they do now for pharmacology lectures. I enjoyed the "skyped" lectures because I could watch at home (they didn't make you watch on campus) and you could replay them, pause them, or rewind if you needed. Clarkson is front loaded. Bryan is side loaded. That's their main difference. Think about how you learn and your learning style and chose a program based on that. Clarkson's clinicals are 18 months. Don't count in semesters because there are no "semesters" when you start clinical. Just a M-F (sometimes weekend, sometimes call) schedule with only major holidays off (sometimes you are in clinical on those days too). Bryan's campus is nicer than Clarkson's but both programs will adequately prep you for clinicals and a lifetime career in Nurse Anesthesia.
  3. emb92250

    CRNA school prep

    If you know you are weaker in some anatomy/physiology/pathophysiology areas (neuro for me), I would look at those chapters in the books you are assigned. And watch YouTube videos on the concepts. My program started off with neuro right off the bat. Luckily I had talked with some professors and knew the reading assignments a month before school started. I also had a shoulder injury, so I couldn't work and was bored. Long story short, I studied neuro ahead of time and it really paid off when we did start school. Because w anesthesia, everything relates back to neuro. Other bits of advice: work as much as you can and also take a vacation or mini vacation to relax before school. Spend time with friends and family, especially if you have kids or a spouse.
  4. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    Well, no one warned us so we took it at Clarkson :/
  5. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    I think they don't give a number b/c if they need to pull off the waitlist, they get together and thoroughly discuss who to pull. I was originally waitlisted. I asked yesterday what made them pull me off the waitlist, and they said they would never tell. So, my best advise is to take graduate level research on your own (not through Clarkson). Then, if you get pulled from the waitlist, you have the toughest class done and it would apply to the program you are currently accepted at. If you get accepted past January, it would be too late to take the stats class, but that is only a Clarkson requirement, I think. Anyway, that's how I would do it. It's tough being in limbo.
  6. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    That's so awesome! Email me at emb92250@outlook.com or at swett.erin@clarksoncollege.edu Both accounts go straight to my phone and I would love to answer any questions you might have.
  7. emb92250

    Average age of SRNA?

    My program has 15 people, mostly aged 26-30 with two people >40.
  8. emb92250

    Just passed NCLEX RN. Crna next?

    Part of CRNA school is being in charge of your learning. What that means is you will not be spoon fed the material. So, look at the question you just asked. You're asking to be spoon fed the answer. There are many resources out there that will answer your general questions. Even in this forum, these VERY BASIC answers have been answered multiple times. Another good resource is allcrnaschools.com
  9. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    Anyone get notified of acceptance? We were talking to our instructors today and they have selected 15, 3 of which they are still waiting to hear back from the individuals whether they've accepted or not. I don't believe they've notified the waitlistees. But if you've been accepted, you should hear by now.
  10. emb92250

    Skype interviews

    University of Arizona only does Skype interviews, I think. At least they didn't give me an option. It was just Skype
  11. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    I completely agree with mgray3 and rocknrolling. They main focus of the interview is to get to know you and they really do want to see you succeed. Your success is their success. I think a big part of me wanting to start this thread is to help everyone relax a bit so they can put their best foot forward. Good luck everyone! Post here if you get in! You should hear relatively quickly. A phone call in 2-3 weeks for those who get in or an email in 3-4 weeks if waitlisted. I was originally waitlisted so don't worry if you are. The fee to hold your spot is $100 and sometimes people hold their spot and then drop if accepted to a different school. And sometimes they drop for other reasons. Also, if not accepted this round, spend the next year improving your resume. They'll know if you submit the same of everything, especially the essay. My biggest suggestions is to get certifications (CCRN, TNCC, etc). If you work with adults, try to get out of your comfort zone and get into a PICU. If you work with peds, get into an adult ICU, CVICU being the best experience in MY opinion. Also, there are two classes you can take without being a Clarkson student yet: graduate statistics (preferably one with an emphasis on nursing research- Clarkson has a great 100% online one) and graduate level nursing research (recommend anywhere but Clarkson, message me for details). As I said before, I'm a first year SRNA and I wanted to get info out on Clarkson bc I really love this program and I love to talk about it. Message me for info or email me, emb92250@outlook.com, if you don't want to post on this thread. Even if someone comes across this thread 10 years from now. I'll appreciate the break from studying lol.
  12. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    Don't forget, everyone who had interviews, please add to this thread to tell future candidates what the interview process was like. Also, post here if you get a spot for Class of 2021 (Aug 2018 start)
  13. emb92250

    How important is the school name?

    School name doesn't matter at all. There are about 10 job opportunities for every graduating SRNA
  14. emb92250

    Free Time Studying for CRNA.

    We are using John Nagelhout's "Nurse Anesthesia" book. It's like the bible for our program. Not pharmacology focused, but it's in there.
  15. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    Anybody have Sat interviews?
  16. emb92250

    Clarkson College

    My email is emb92250@outlook.com if you prefer that to forum. But anyone reading might have the same question, so you could just ask here

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