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  1. Clarkson College

    Yep, it sends an email to me whenever someone posts on this thread. Glad you found the thread helpful.
  2. Clarkson College

    Congrats! As far as what to bring, I would just bring a copy of your application, CV, essay, etc. in case they for some reason don't have that or misplaced it. They really do read the essays. That's how they narrow down who to interview among equall...
  3. Clarkson College

    I'm graduating next month from Clarkson College. I hear "Clarkson students outshine Bryan and Mount Marty students" lol I think it's just a competition between schools type of thing. Our "skyped" lecture was our pharmacology lecture. From Dr. Nagelh...
  4. Leaving ICU with a bag of Levophed

    I'm an ICU nurse whose Grandpa is not doing so good. My family's plan of care for him is to take him home on hospice. However, he's on levophed. Does anyone know if he can be discharged with a bag of levophed, I can run it, and we can take him home (...
  5. I think bottom line is to keep shadowing, get your ICU RN experience, and go from there. I think the advisor is probably just tired of people saying "CRNA" because of the salary. There is a small percentage of CRNAs who hate their job (too boring) an...
  6. NCE Exam Prep

    I know there are a lot of SRNA hopefuls on this forum, but this topic is specifically for those who have been accepted to or are in a program (SRNAs and future SRNAs). So, I'm only just starting my second semester of a front loaded program, but you k...
  7. CRNA school prep

    If you know you are weaker in some anatomy/physiology/pathophysiology areas (neuro for me), I would look at those chapters in the books you are assigned. And watch YouTube videos on the concepts. My program started off with neuro right off the bat. L...
  8. Clarkson College

    Well, no one warned us so we took it at Clarkson :/
  9. Clarkson College

    I think they don't give a number b/c if they need to pull off the waitlist, they get together and thoroughly discuss who to pull. I was originally waitlisted. I asked yesterday what made them pull me off the waitlist, and they said they would never t...
  10. Clarkson College

    That's so awesome! Email me at emb92250@outlook.com or at swett.erin@clarksoncollege.edu Both accounts go straight to my phone and I would love to answer any questions you might have.
  11. Average age of SRNA?

    My program has 15 people, mostly aged 26-30 with two people >40.
  12. Just passed NCLEX RN. Crna next?

    Part of CRNA school is being in charge of your learning. What that means is you will not be spoon fed the material. So, look at the question you just asked. You're asking to be spoon fed the answer. There are many resources out there that will answer...
  13. Clarkson College

    Anyone get notified of acceptance? We were talking to our instructors today and they have selected 15, 3 of which they are still waiting to hear back from the individuals whether they've accepted or not. I don't believe they've notified the waitliste...
  14. Skype interviews

    University of Arizona only does Skype interviews, I think. At least they didn't give me an option. It was just Skype
  15. Clarkson College

    I completely agree with mgray3 and rocknrolling. They main focus of the interview is to get to know you and they really do want to see you succeed. Your success is their success. I think a big part of me wanting to start this thread is to help every...