Leaving ICU with a bag of Levophed

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I'm an ICU nurse whose Grandpa is not doing so good. My family's plan of care for him is to take him home on hospice. However, he's on levophed. Does anyone know if he can be discharged with a bag of levophed, I can run it, and we can take him home (ideally, take him to his pontoon boat and spend the day on the water and let him pass when the bag of levo runs dry)? I know palliative care teams in the past seem to do some unconventional things in the name of comfort and good deaths.

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Propose it- you never know.

How much Levophed? Why is he on that? Would he even survive the move?

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Highly doubtful, but hey, the worse they could say is No.

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Something to discuss with his entire care team, including all imaginable contingencies, to what is best for your Grandpa.

Good you have hospice involved.

Per the Terms of Service, this is asking medical advice, so I am closing it now (but with a hug).

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