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  1. Potassium IV hack

    write it up!
  2. Does anyone still teach percussion in assessment?

    Calculating drops per minute was a math exercise to graduate. No one ever gave precise volumes or unit/time doses accurately using gravity flow. At the very best, the rate would change as the volume of fluid in the bag changed. At the end of the day ...
  3. Potassium IV hack

    slowed down the infusion? Nothing?
  4. Taking blood samples

    So? Stepdown units can take a lines. My kid (1-6 yo)? Multiple (more than 2) sticks? Do it.
  5. Potassium IV hack

    Sometimes PIV K doesn't hurt.....
  6. Preceptor issues

    You're 80% sure you were with her when you pulled the fentanyl. How sure is she that she was there? It is an unusual thing to not remember what you were doing and with whom, especially if the event were very recent. Not saying that you're not sincere...
  7. Taking blood samples

    Best, most humane way for multiple blood draws is an arterial stick and all the blood you want...
  8. It isn't the size of the catheter, per se, it's the quality of vessel that people choose to cannulate with such a small IV catheter. They're friable, thin walled and very fragile. IOW's they blow very easily. If you're reduced to resorting to a 24 ga...
  9. Amiodarone vs. Lidocaine

    Very commonly used to convert atrial fibrillation and very effective.
  10. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    Whatever you do, don't bail on the NP Program...that won't play well with the admissions committee.
  11. Resources for Ordering Imaging/Tests

    Was this not in NP training? This kind of plays into the arguments of physicians that accuse NP's of not having the expertise of discerning what, if any, diagnostic tests to order. Is there a fundamental systemic problem in NP preparation if folks ar...
  12. Swan Ganz Catheters

    Only by mistake...for one thing, you need continuous ecg and pressure monitoring to be sure the thing isn't dislodged.
  13. Best ICU for CRNA school?

    Not enough information here. All ICU's are not the same. A cardiac ICU that only sees bread and butter, healthy cabg's and valves might be far less valuable than a neuro ICU at Emory. Compare patient population and acuity, not the ICU category.
  14. Change in fellows and

    Post was way too long for me to read the whole thing but if there is an issue, call the resident's or fellow's attending...this isn't your deal.
  15. Peripheral Vasopressor Administration - Considering Catheter Gauge

    When did we change the conversation to include PIV's?