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  1. NP to physician... is it possible?

    Best thing to do is speak with docs that are mom's as well. It's also a specialty sensitive answer, ie, a CT surgeon who is a mom (pretty rare IME) would probably give a way different answer than a family practice doc.
  2. new grads go into level 3's, why wouldn't you be able to?
  3. Medical Aid in dying

    Slippery slope is a term that is used a lot in conversations like these, but I think a better term is 'logical progression'. So called 'involuntary euthanasia' is practiced at least in the Netherlands, which has the longest history of MAID in the dev...
  4. Medical Aid in dying

    After one year, 40% of applicants were permitted to use the medical system to end their lives in NZ. Canada's system has grown by about 30% per year since 2016. The trend is pretty demonstrable and as MAID becomes more and more accepted, the duty to ...
  5. Medical Aid in dying

    This is the stuff I worry about, and that's just for starters. Read this to the end. The road to hell is paved with good intentions....
  6. Where do I go?

    It sounds like you already have your answer then.
  7. Where do I go?

    Not seeing much enthusiasm for MICU applicants from whom?
  8. Impella Heart Pump

    According to the manufacturer, the 5.5 can go percutaneously.
  9. Physical Restraint in Critical Care

    Mostly these in the ICU's. Mostly with sedation.
  10. Sterile item expiration date

    If the packaging says "Sterile unless damaged or open", and it wasn't damaged or open before you opened it, you're good.
  11. Crusty Old Bats

    Used to roll surgery patients right past the surgeons lounge from which smoke was frequently billowing.
  12. Are more letters after your name better or ridiculous?

    It gets pretty absurd after a while...
  13. Experience

    No argument. There does need to be a separation and contextualization of nursing experience translated to advanced practice, though. In anesthesia, the baseline/advanced technical knowledge, especially CC knowledge and experience is irreplaceable. Wh...
  14. get 'em breathing

    Well now the trend is an opa and a non-rebreather mask to recovery for everything from a crani to a tah...smh.....I gotta retire....
  15. Apex CPC modules

    Nope. The AANA front NBCRNA is mandating these for the enhancement of the 'nurse doctor' narrative. They're busy work to give credibility to the Nurse Anesthesiologist title as well as enrich the nurse anesthesia education industry. All the nat'l org...

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