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  1. In 25 years I can count on one hand the number of times I've formally "ramped" a patient.
  2. offlabel

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    Not true...use your head, training and experience.
  3. offlabel

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    Sounds less your 'gut' and more your 'brain'.
  4. offlabel

    What are the low stress nurse practitioner jobs

    Gotta say, as a potential patient, this conversation has got me a little worried....
  5. offlabel

    hypothermia in C6 Spinal injury

    Was the patient symptomatic for any of this? The hypothermia could certainly superimpose it's own cardiovascular effect on to what ever autonomic dysfunction was going on, not the least of which is bradycardia and hypotension. Why was the guy in the unit in the first place?
  6. Allergy to PCN is the most bogus element of any medical history...the 10% cross sensitivity to 3rd gen cephalosporins is as credible as big foot sightings during elk season....what you are describing is on the order of superstition...Unless the patient describes a life threatening event for which they were admitted to the hospital for at least a day....it's bogus and the physician is just being a witch doctor with his benadryl.....but take heart...the benadryl won't hurt the patient and the antibiotic certainly won't....
  7. offlabel

    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    Device sales rep...anything cardiac.
  8. offlabel

    CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    This ^^^ is why you will be entering a mine field if you choose anesthesia. Been doing this for 25 years in every practice setting that exists. What the naive individuals that think this way don't understand is that anesthesiologists aren't the only doctors that CRNA's work with. While they advocate for appropriating the term 'anesthesiologist' for CRNA's by demurring about an obscure, insignificant group of dentists, they forget about their credibility with their bread and butter, the surgeons. And they just validate what a few anesthesiologists have been saying all along which is that nurse anesthetists aren't good enough. Plays right into their hands.
  9. offlabel

    Question on Pancreatic Cancer

    No. Yes. No. Just a pro tip...googed it. Found this in about 4 seconds: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4197429/
  10. offlabel

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    If people come here to kvetch and belly ache, more power to 'em. Better here than at work....
  11. offlabel

    Safety of heparin IV vs SQ

    In the context the OP is asking, no it couldn't. Not even close. 40,000 units of heparin bolused as fast as you can push it is not at all unusual in cardiac surgery.
  12. offlabel

    Trans Patient

    Best of all worlds.
  13. offlabel

    Trans Patient

    No you don't, but that is a false comparison anyway. The "accomodation" is simply superimposed on the psychiatric situation at hand. There is the reason the transwoman is there and then there is the logistical issue as to where to admit them. But the general outrage at the notion of protecting women in a psychiatric emergency facility from a transgendered woman acting out in their crisis is quite telling. Compassionate and professional care aside, the requirement of any and all individuals, even in crisis, to a potentially harmful situation is a foregone conclusion. i.e. a biological male in crisis being housed with a biological female in crisis. It is an irrational and non-scientific decision to put the two together.
  14. I do wish CRNA's were as interested in talking about the technical/theoretic aspects of the job as much as the political aspect. Remember NA.org? That place tanked. Not much on this site either. It'd go a long way in terms of backing up those equivalency claims. The residents and MDA's on SDN have regular clinical discussions and it just looks poor for us that we can't seem to pull that off consistently. Even the people that want to go to anesthesia school have little to no interest in the more advanced, critical care conversations. The SRNA forums are filled with nothing but WAMC threads and interview advice requests. Kind of pathetic.
  15. offlabel

    New grad on cardiac floor just cannot relax after today

    Being unaware of circumstances or not knowing something is not an indicator that something is wrong.
  16. What would you expect an anesthesiologist to say? This is neither new nor unique. Aside from trolling controversial exchanges, the point here is what?