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  1. Who is allowed to insert colon scope?

    Well, if there is a perf, it's the endoscopist on the hook and it would be pretty hard to keep something like that a secret. The physician would be held liable both on a legal and medical staff level. Especially puzzling because it saves no time at a...
  2. Who is allowed to insert colon scope?

    "I can't find anything regarding any one other than the doctor performing the procedure being allowed to insert the scope." There's your answer. It's an invasive procedure where the operator can perforate the rectum or bowel. Not that it ma...
  3. My most disappointing case...

    Why wasn't he a candidate for EVAR? With the CTA's, going to guess that none of this was a surprise to the surgeons.
  4. Intraoperative Family Notifications

    If this responsibility is falling on the nurses, you owe it to them and the families to coordinate training with your chaplain staff. A script is a really good start, but if it isn't done right there could be a wound on top of the loved one's unantic...
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  6. Horror Odor - Removing

    Breathe through your mouth.
  7. Why is PGE contraindicated in PPHN?

    Just spit balling here...prolly has to do with the potential of PDA in kids with PHTN. Keeping the ductus open with PGE will just increase aortic flow to the PA and make the PHTN worse? Although this paper would contradict your question ...
  8. Foley Catheter Use After Kidney Transplant

    One catheter per night and enough for 2 straight caths/day. Renal transplant may have nothing at all to do with it. A new catheter every night is prolly because of the risk of UTI because of immunosuppression meds.
  9. Kansas Board Investigation

    AFAF....what would have happened if you just quietly left the state for somewhere you were licensed in and hoped for the best (assuming you were confidently unaware of any actual malpractice issues)? I'd be less concerned with the state BON than CMS/...
  10. Patient Death After Shift

    Yeah, they had they're reasons for not taking him, and they had nothing to do with you.
  11. Patient Death After Shift

    Oh, and a surface echo on admission to the ICU would have answered a lot of questions.
  12. Patient Death After Shift

    Tough deal. As to the metoprolol, its pretty much beta 1 selective so if the HR wasn't in the tank, I wouldn't say his hypotension was due to that. You don't mention when his last dose was, but you don't mention bradycardia either. RVR Afib can cause...
  13. Advice needed regarding diabetic student

    that was exactly the point. Not expanding that information to everyone because of confidentiality reasons is misplaced concern.
  14. Advice needed regarding diabetic student

    Why the angst about staff being aware of a life threatening medical diagnosis? That's a form of body shaming and has no place in schools. There is no shame in having diabetes or any medical condition and keeping that a secret results in the very prob...