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  1. Have nurses work together and not form cliques and bully people. I’ve seen it a lot and it makes for a tense environment. It also doesn’t promote teamwork... who would want to go ask a bully for help? I also believe that nurses are expected to do too much, the remote is broken, garbage needs to be changed, calling family members, clerical work, etc... the nurse is expected to take care of it. I’ve worked places that won’t staff properly and on top of it we won’t have a CNA or a secretary, phlebotomists, EKG techs, etc. I wish the burn out wasn’t a real thing, unfortunately it is though.
  2. AlwaysLearning247

    "My Nurse"

    It depends on who says it. Sometimes it sounds degrading but other times it feels like you’re part of a team. For example, a boss says “my nurses are the best”, you feel like part of a team. If you have a random doctor that you hardly know say “let me get one of “my” nurses to help you”, that is uncomfortable. We aren’t someone’s property. I’ve never heard anyone say “my nurses” in a hospital setting.
  3. AlwaysLearning247

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    I am sorry that happened to you. It sounds like you’re in an undeveloped part of the world and they do things differently there. If I were in your situation, I’d probably be running back home. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. AlwaysLearning247

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    I don’t dilute unless it’s 80mg or higher. I just push lasix cautiously to avoid hearing loss. I’ve pushed 20-80 mg but when I had a patient ordered for 120mg, that was diluted and given over 10-15 mins!
  5. AlwaysLearning247

    Potential new employer trying to rush me into accepting job offer.

    I definitely wouldn’t take it, they seem desperate for nurses and are willing to hire anyone. It doesn’t sound like a supportive environment for a new grad. I was in a similar situation when I was fresh out of school, thinking no one would hire me, and that job was a nightmare!
  6. AlwaysLearning247

    Big Decision Please HELP!!

    It’s not always about the money (although it is tempting). I would go where your heart desires. You can get great experience in the field you love and take that experience to another hospital and make more money in the future. Good luck!
  7. AlwaysLearning247

    Bad orientation should I leave

    If you want to try and stick it out, you need to take their criticism and ask what you can improve on. If you don’t feel like you’re in an environment you can thrive in, I would get out sooner rather than later. I would also ask HR about switching to another floor if this one isn’t a good fit. I’d personally rather leave before they had a chance to fire me.
  8. AlwaysLearning247

    Should I....?

    You applied to the program for a reason. You’re already a nurse, this move will just help you become available to more opportunities. Good luck, you’ll do great!
  9. AlwaysLearning247

    How long to run a code?

    That seems fishy, no doctors are around? Is this a rehab hospital or is this a hospital staffed with doctors and an emergency room? I would think by the sounds of it you’d call emergency services if someone was to code while doing CPR. Even if your floor isn’t staffed with a doctor 24/7, there should always be a hospitalist and code team within the hospital.
  10. AlwaysLearning247

    The ICU sucks sometimes

    I’m in the same boat. The rotating shifts can be tough and the death in the ICU can be very sad. I try to look at it as the patient’s next stage of life and their quality of life if they were to survive. Sometimes it’s really depressing. Make sure to take care of yourself on your days off and do what makes you happy. I find having close nurse friends that I can vent to helps tremendously. Our non nursing friends and family don’t understand sometimes. If you feel like it’s really not a good fit and it makes you sad for a while you could always go for outpatient surgery, PACU, etc! Just know you’re not alone. Good luck!
  11. AlwaysLearning247

    Need advice!

    That’s how I felt when I was a new grad in a nursing home, I didn’t want to be a nurse anymore. Don’t be discouraged and continue to apply everywhere. Try long term acute care facilities (LTACH), hospitals, etc. When I got out I went to an LTACH, then moved on to acute care. The hospital setting is definitely better, in my opinion. You will have your good and bad days in the hospital too but I find that I have less bad days in the hospital. Don’t give up, good luck!
  12. AlwaysLearning247

    Always feeling rushed/stressed!

    I think what your coworker was telling you was to not focus on charting before patient care (I agree). Make sure your patients have their meds, treatments, etc. then chart. If a patient is crashing, I like to chart in real time. For assessments, I do charting as soon as I can after my patients are situated. You’ll find your groove, good luck!
  13. AlwaysLearning247

    Starting Med/Surg in 2 weeks. What to study up on beforehand!?

    You will learn everything during training. Hands on always makes it stick better. If there is a topic I am still unsure about, I research it. I enjoy watching YouTube videos on skills that I’m not 100% comfortable with and it really helps. Good luck!!
  14. AlwaysLearning247

    I feel like I’m being targeted please help

    Sorry this is happening but look for other jobs ASAP. Yeah, they may be able to “replace” you, but they won’t be able to keep staff with their attitudes. You deserve better.
  15. AlwaysLearning247

    It's Driving Me Crazy

    Once you get more comfortable, you won’t feel the need to get there really early. Get report then look up medication/treatment times and plan your time around those. You can look up the rest of the stuff throughout the shift. Good luck!
  16. AlwaysLearning247

    Is it the idea of NPs in general Dr. Leah Houston is disgusted with?

    There are huge egos I never knew existed before I become a nurse. We are all a team and it’s pathetic that some people feel the need to degrade one another. There have been times when I caught a mistake on the MDs part, and vice versa! I do agree that NPs do not get the same amount of training as MDs, but that does not mean that they can’t do their job just as well, if not better. We are comparing apples to oranges.

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