How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?


I just got my first nursing paycheck and didn't spend it on anything interesting. I used half of it towards my student loans and the other half I used on a shopping trip because I've had the same wardrobe for the past four years and I didn't have very many clothes besides scrubs. I'm curious to know how other people spent their first nursing paycheck :)


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Rent and car payment. Glamorous.


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Bills. More scrubs. A day out for my 3 year old.

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Bills for me too... it was nice to actually pay them all when they were due... for once.


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Scrubs for work and a nice pair of dankos, don't regret spending the money on them and plan on getting another pair soon. Several months later with some of my money earned with all my overtime I got myself a Littmann cardiology 3 stethoscope, was able to use it for the first time today and already very happy with the decision to upgrade my stethoscope.

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Tuition towards RN classes, scrubs, and nursing books tools to help me transistion from student to competent nurse.


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well i wont spend my 1st nursing check until a week from now. Cant wait

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Student loans and rent. I wanted to pay my loans within less than 3 years. I paid 1700/ month some months to shrink my debt fast.


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Mortgage and bills.


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Bills and the Security Deposit on my new apartment so I can move in next Saturday (after I get my 2nd check so I can pay rent and more bills)...Bills will be all I get to spend my checks on for quite awhile.