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  1. Ugh- helicopter/tiger mom!

    Is it possible that she doesn't want her kid to talk to other kids with diabetes and realize that they have more autonomy over their disease care than she does? After all, it would be mighty inconvenient if the kid started bucking the system the mom ...
  2. Non-nurse midwives?

    CPMs have become popular in certain parts of Florida because the laws are not friendly for v-bac patients. You can't v-bac in a birth center - you need an OB and a hospital. However, a good portion of providers in some areas won't agree to v-bac so.....
  3. Help me out here....

    It's reasonable. Those antibiotics are unlikely to impact the results and the fluid from the chest tube isn't the same as sputum but..... I thought Mexico vaccinated? If they have that vaccine scar then they'll always test positive and since I know d...
  4. New nurse staying way past 9:30 pm on day shift

    Safe Harbor doesn't exist but here's the thing - every single state has somewhere in their laws that hospitals have to provide safe care. It's just one of those things. So when hospitals don't? You can do something about it.. it's just hard and it su...
  5. Advice for New Grad

    My first two years nursing I've done three hospitals. I stuck a year out at a large organization that I hated. It was disorganized, the ratios were awful, management was difficult to work with, turn over was very high. I went to a smaller hospital cl...
  6. My DoN is a terrifying nepotistic bully. What do I do?

    You mentioned a union at one point in all of that. If there is one - then you can request a rep any time your manager wishes a private meeting that could impact your job. Weingarten rights. However, if you feel that you are not able to grow in your...
  7. Confused with new role as RN

    DNV is interesting. I worked for a hospital that had DNV as their regulatory agency. One of the more interesting parts of it is that it rounds yearly on the hospital instead of biyearly. That means that the hospital is almost all in a cycle of "getti...
  8. New Grad Orientation Contracts

    My advise to you is that if you do decide to go with a residency and a contract - take the contract to a lawyer. Not all of them are actually legal or enforceable. If yours ends up being one that isnt then it becomes much easier to break. "Talk to my...
  9. Newly graduated RN job search

    Google the words "New grad rn residency job" and plenty of hospitals will pop up that are happy to take on a new graduate and train them.... for a contract with an obligation to work a certain amount of time.
  10. Florida CEUs/CE Broker

    As long as the cite you use gives you something you can print out.. you can print it on your computer as a pdf and then upload it. Generally speaking, I use NurseCE4Less for all my CEU needs. It doesnt automatically transfer but it gives me the certs...
  11. Overcounting valium in pyxis

    Often time over count discrepancies are caused by pharmacy. They stock and then update the count wrong or forget to update.
  12. ICU nurse to patient ratio

    The highest Ive seen is 1 to 3 and in some places 1 to 3 is almost the norm. I've heard rumors about 1 to 4 but I hope that's not true.
  13. help! Is my job normal?

    That.... looks pretty normal. I wish it wasn't but..
  14. Pro Life Beliefs and Nursing

    If this is really an issue for you I'd avoid oncology, to be honest. I did women's oncology and ran into a few patients we scheduled for abortions, even later term ones.. knowing that you have a very small amount of time for treatment for a fast mov...
  15. I read another article on this. It was pretty specific in that it said that the child had not yet been declared brain dead and that the final test would be done the next day prior to removal of life support. So.... not brain dead.. not a miracle.. ju...