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Nature_walker has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in psych.

After many years as a teacher, I walked away to start on a new path as a nurse. I'm always outside when I'm not working!

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  1. Nature_walker

    NCLEX with a dui misdemeanor in NY

    Pretty sure she had to do it before she could apply for her ATT. She had one of the teachers at school helping her with all her paperwork. She told me about it afterwards, so I'm only able to tell you what I heard from her after the fact. Hope this helps.
  2. Nature_walker

    What do you work in the float pool?

    I'm a float for outpatient clinics and I love it. I'm never at one site long enough to be part of the office drama, but I love going to new places everyday. I enjoy working with every one and it is always nice to catch up with people when I float to their clinics. I think it's pretty fun and I'm happy being a nomad.
  3. Nature_walker

    NCLEX with a dui misdemeanor in NY

    I am in NY and I had a friend who graduate with me with the same thing. If I remember right, this friend needed to have two or three letters written on their behalf that they had upstanding character and that people in the program had not seen anything that would stop them from recommending them to be a nurse. I think they had to write a letter to the BON as well stating that they had changed and were of upstanding character and that it had happened when they were young and dumb. They were told that their ATT might be delayed while the board reviewed their case. They got their ATT the same time as the rest of my cohort and they were among the first to pass their NCLEX. I still hear from them as we have remained close friends and they are an excellent nurse! Good luck!
  4. Nature_walker

    Police Officer in Nursing School

    Sounds like you are a very disciplined person already, so being organized will be key. Also note cards are your best friend. Mine went everywhere with me, so any downtime I used to flip through a few of them. If you work with a partner, talk them through the nursing process as it will help cement it in your brain. I find that talking through what I'm learning really helps as the person you are talking to might have questions that force you to really stop and think about your learning. This will be hard and it is no joke, but it sounds like you are trying to prepare yourself the best you can before jumping in. Best of luck!
  5. Sometimes the path to get what you want is very twisty and takes a few turns you might have been expecting, but it's the lessons and experience you gain from those that help you get to where you want to go. I really wanted to be a vet when I was a kid. I dreamed of working with animals and living on a huge old farm where my life was surrounded by all kinds of creatures. Turns out my anaphylaxis level allergies to dogs *might* have ended that path for me. I was sad, but threw myself into a new path, being a teacher. I worked hard at that and enjoyed it a lot. For a while it was pretty good, but the draw to work in medical came back. While I'm not a vet, or a teacher anymore, I do help people now and I wouldn't be the nurse I am today without that side jaunt into teaching. I find that my background in teaching has helped my nursing career. The nursing jobs I have had each add a new layer to my nursing career. My point is we can learn from each experience and that will help us on our path of where we want to go. So you might not get into L&D right away, but the experiences you gain on your path will help you nail that interview when you do get there. Be open to all the experiences you can get as they will only help you as you move forward. Focus your energies on your NCLEX and then find a nursing job, any nursing job even if it's not L&D, learn as much as you can, and then go full force towards your dream. Good luck in your journey!
  6. Nature_walker

    Ideal age of nursing students

    Are you engaged in the learning? Are you open to learning? Do advocate for yourself to get the most out of your learning? That's really all I care about. I don't care how old you are, as long as you are willing to learn and put in the work, I'll work with you.
  7. Nature_walker

    Questions and Concerns - Current Nursing Student

    Psych is a whole different world from typical nursing. It is more about the least restrictive therapies and de-escalation than anything else because your pts are more "walkie-talkie" than typical bedside nursing. Typical nursing is more task based, and psych is more about being able to read the situation, so things don't always happen at a scheduled time. Keeping conversations therapeutic and being mindful of how pts are responding is the biggest thing to be aware of. I hope this helps a little bit. Psych can be really tricky. Good luck!
  8. Nature_walker

    Anxious about my upcoming preceptorship!

    Be honest with your preceptor about where you are and how you are feeling. An open conversation can go a long ways. When I was precepting, I had my students follow along for a shift or two and then slowly start having them take over small things and then we worked up to bigger things. I had a weekly check in to see how they were feeling about everything and if there was something they wanted more work/experience on. We didn't have a set case load as I was in the psych ED at the time, so we just let everyone know that if X,Y, or Z happened to let us know so my preceptee could get more experience. I loved teaching the students and I do miss that at my current job. Good luck and have fun. You'll learn a ton and just be open to everything even if it's not something you love you can always learn from it.
  9. Nature_walker

    New grad first job as Clinic RN?

    I am a clinic float nurse. I love it. I worked in the psych ED for years and then an ambulatory clinic before I took this job so I had knowledge of what ambulatory life was like before jumping into this. It's a great gig, but like it was stated, you do need to be autonomous pretty much right out of the gate. I have a basic scheduled of where I am, but if there are call outs or emergencies, then my schedule changes pretty quickly. As I was walking out the door on Wednesday I got a call that I was being sent to a different clinic. It happens. What I suggest if you do take this, take lots of notes during orientation!!! I have a binder that goes with me will all my info for each clinic. You'll need them when you haven't been to a clinic in a while and suddenly you are the only nurse there because of call outs. It's happened to me a lot as several of the clinics I cover are staffed by only one nurse. You need to be flexible and ready to deal with whatever is thrown at you. Like a PP stated when you walk in you better be ready to go at that site as you are there to fill those holes. I love my job and I like changing clinics all the time as I am never in one place long enough to get sucked into office dramas. But, that being said, you need to be really good being organized and flexible. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Nature_walker

    Transgender nurses?

    I just wanted to say congratulations on your transition and I wish you all the best in nursing school!!
  11. Nature_walker

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification (RN-BC)

    I agree with Pixierose on the book. I used that and a course that was offered at my hospital. It is a do-able test.
  12. Nature_walker

    Hazard Pay

    No hazard pay here either.
  13. Nature_walker

    Telling A Little Bit Of My Business

    Congrats!!! Sounds like you have has to push through a lot to make your dream come true. It can only go up from here. That level of dedication will make you a great nurse!
  14. Nature_walker

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    Check out ambulatory jobs around you. We have a outpatient surgical center that is part of our hospital. I know they work M-F days only and no weekends or holidays as their building is closed.
  15. Nature_walker

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    I once had an panel interview for teaching that was 7 minutes long. 12 people rapid firing questions about my experience. The woman after my interview had been in the job as a sub. She was late because she was teaching classes all day and thought that my interview would take longer than 7 minutes. They did end up offering me the job and I should never have taken it. I ended up leaving teaching because this district was so mismanaged and a host of other issues. Looking back, I should have seen the red flag that if that was how they treated someone already in the job that they knew, how much did they really know about me in 7 minutes? She had been subbing for 2 years at that point, because the district finally decided to make the job a full time permanent position and before that it had not been. Ah well, heard that the woman who had been subbing for the job ended up in a much healthier environment while I took on a grenade for 3 years. However, that district did teach me a lot about what I will and will not accept in my professional life, so I guess some good came out of it. So glad I left for nursing!
  16. Nature_walker

    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    I work with a woman who wears her hair this way or in one puff. I personally love this look and think her hair looks amazing. She is well respected and liked by both pts and staff and I have never heard anyone say anything about her hair other than it looks really cute that way!