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Nature_walker has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in psych.

After many years as a teacher, I walked away to start on a new path as a nurse. I'm always outside when I'm not working!

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  1. Nature_walker

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    Check out ambulatory jobs around you. We have a outpatient surgical center that is part of our hospital. I know they work M-F days only and no weekends or holidays as their building is closed.
  2. Nature_walker

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    I once had an panel interview for teaching that was 7 minutes long. 12 people rapid firing questions about my experience. The woman after my interview had been in the job as a sub. She was late because she was teaching classes all day and thought that my interview would take longer than 7 minutes. They did end up offering me the job and I should never have taken it. I ended up leaving teaching because this district was so mismanaged and a host of other issues. Looking back, I should have seen the red flag that if that was how they treated someone already in the job that they knew, how much did they really know about me in 7 minutes? She had been subbing for 2 years at that point, because the district finally decided to make the job a full time permanent position and before that it had not been. Ah well, heard that the woman who had been subbing for the job ended up in a much healthier environment while I took on a grenade for 3 years. However, that district did teach me a lot about what I will and will not accept in my professional life, so I guess some good came out of it. So glad I left for nursing!
  3. Nature_walker

    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    I work with a woman who wears her hair this way or in one puff. I personally love this look and think her hair looks amazing. She is well respected and liked by both pts and staff and I have never heard anyone say anything about her hair other than it looks really cute that way!
  4. Nature_walker


    32nd time???
  5. Nature_walker

    How many people made it to the end of the program?

    My class started with 77, graduated 40.
  6. Nature_walker

    RN-BSN Not Requiring Statistics

    My Rn to BSN program has it built in as I did take stats, but they have it in their curriculum as Stats for Nursing..... ugh, so I had to take it. In the end, it was easier than the full stats class I took at CC.
  7. Nature_walker

    Second degree

    Most school seem to have a GPA that is recommended for admission, however, most students competing to get in have higher than what is recommended. There seems to be more applicants than spaces for all who apply, so schools can be choosy. You might be better off retaking some courses to raise your GPA. Even our CC around here had a 3.0 recommended GPA for admission but I know people with 4.0's who were waitlisted for the program. Good luck!
  8. In my hospital our psych ED is a separate locked unit. Once they are medically cleared, they are sent up to us. We do not have a cap on how many pts we can have on the floor, so it can be feast or famine. I have seen as many as 48 pts one night and one time we had 0 pts for a few hours. That being said we never send staff home early because we can go from 0 to 50 in a heartbeat. If our pt's have medical issues they must be cleared in the ED first before we can bring them up. If not, our docs can go down to do a psych consult if needed. We do not cross train to work in ED. ED nurses are always nervous when they get called up to help us with medical issues.
  9. Nature_walker

    Psych Nurses. Do you hug your patients?

    I do not hug my patients. Quite often we see the same pts over and over and we have to maintain strict boundaries with them. This does not mean I don't care about my patients, I do. I want them to succeed. I have spent countless nights sitting up with my pts who need to talk it out, played games to distract them while they are detoxing, or just sit and color with them so they know someone is there. I have had students who see us playing games, or talking and think we aren't doing as much as say a med-surg floor when you can see the healing. Psych is about the subtle nuances that we see. I will talk with them, laugh with them and root for them, but always from a therapeutic standpoint. I just don't hug them. Working in psych, the one thing I can tell you is people are unpredictable. This time it's a hug, the next it could be pulling me to punch me in the gut. In psych there are is nothing but yourself as the method to healing and that means that those boundaries you put in place are for a reason. They protect you and your own mental health. You can be therapeutic without hugging. You may have been told that you were being too close depending on how you were standing (where was the exit in relation to you), where the pt was in relation to you (again, blocking your exit, not visible to staff), what topics you were talking about (just general or personal), or how much personal info you were sharing. Also was your conversation in the milieu or a room? First thing I tell students when they are on my floor is head on a swivel, stay where I can see you, and do not share personal details. Psych can be very rewarding if it's something you are interested in. I love it and am happy that I work with this population.
  10. Nature_walker

    What order would you do certification classes?

    Not sure what to tell you, however in my hospital they send you to these classes once you are hired. No need to pay out of pocket here. Myself and another nurse that started the week after me were sent to ACLS together and it was nice to get to know her over those two days while we were learning. Now she's one of my favorite coworkers because we bonded while going through that class together. The other thing is that you are graduating May 2020, the initial ACLS is good for two years. That means you'd be due 2021, just after you start. We use RQI on our units to test out on our BLS and ACLS skills, so I have to "recertify" every few months for both my BLS and my ACLS. The other thing is that you might change your mind about what kind of unit you want to start in and that might need different certifications, or only BLS. While I understand wanting to be ready and excited, also know that some of these classes are pricey and if you aren't using it, you lose it. Good luck with your studies!
  11. Nature_walker

    What do you think about this?

    My classmate from my ASN program was just hired as a research RN for anesthesiology. She has a background in research, so it was a natural transition for her. She did work for a year and a half as a bedside nurse before moving into this position. You can get into research with a ASN if you have a background in it already. Good luck!
  12. Nature_walker

    I feel so dumb, lonely and angry all the time

    Sounds like you are very depressed right now. Does you school offer any kind of counselling? I would look into that and let your professors know how you have been feeling about the course work. Maybe they have some insight on what you can do. Wishing you the best!
  13. Nature_walker

    Already feel like giving up

    Interviewing is a skill and it takes time to develop. I agree that is it way too soon for you to be giving up yet. You have received some good advice and keep plugging away at it. Reach out to your connections and see if anyone knows of any where that is new grad friendly! Good luck!
  14. Nature_walker

    Traditional BSN Vs ADN-BSN

    I got my ASN from the community college and am currently in my second to last term at a state university for my RN-BSN. Both school hold accreditations as that was important to me. I chose this route for one very simple reason; no loans at the end. I had scholarships for my ASN so all in all I only paid for half of my schooling there. Now, I am reimbursed for my classes by my hospital as long as I pass each one. Honestly, most the classes I've taken at the BSN level are a repeat of my ASN. My ASN program is well known here for it's high level of education and has an amazing reputation. I find the caliber of my BSN schooling to be lower than what I thought it would be. The writing assignments are spoon fed while the weekly tests are challenging. However, I have no idea why I need half these classes and if my ability to write a solid APA style paper makes me a better nurse. I was an English teacher and have a master's in English, so I do find the APA papers rather easy while it seems my classmates are struggling with this aspect. Overall, I am only doing this because 1.) work is paying for the classes, and 2.) it gives me job security in case my hospital, which is a magnet hospital, ever says I need it or I lose my job. Also, if I as to transfer to anywhere else in the states, I already have it and have a few years of job experience so I am a stronger candidate. I am a long term planner and I like the idea of knowing that this will help keep me secure in a job.
  15. Nature_walker

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    I wouldn't go near and would have had to ask someone else to take care of the pt due to my severe allergic (anaphylaxis) reactions to dogs. My coworkers in the past have seen how fast this happens when there is a dog on the unit. I just excuse myself and let charge know that until the dog is gone, I will be working the area as far away from them as I can. It hasn't been a problem so far and my unit is pretty understanding that I like breathing a lot.
  16. Nature_walker

    I've had enough.

    I agree with what has been said so far. What I'm hearing is that you want to improve your life but you are scared to be "labeled". Now how on this green Earth would anyone know this "label" without seeing your files? Will it be tattooed on you? No. The stigma for mental health is real, but asking for help is showing a strength of character. You are reaching out and the advice you have received is great. As a child I was labeled as dyslexic. I was told I would never graduate hs, or hold a "meaningful job". I worked hard to not only graduate hs, but be in the top 5. I graduated with honors from my BA, my masters and my ASN. I'm slated to graduate with honors from my BSN if I keep the work up. Does anyone in these classes know I struggle with spelling and sequencing by looking at me? Nope. It motivates me to keep pushing and growing. My point is, labels don't define you, YOU define you.