How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?


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Bills, bills, and more bills.


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You student to competent nurse comment struck me. I'm apply for my ADN program next month. I know real world is different than school. But how so?


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I paid bills.


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My first paycheck was so long ago that I probably used it for something nice to decorate my log cabin.


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Auto insurance, full tank of gas, groceries and a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps :)


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Ar 15

Summer Days

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Booked the next flight outta Cali to Virginia. While there I visited Washington D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland. Student life had not afforded me much of vacay.

3ringnursing, BSN

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Bills. They haunt me.


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Can't wait until I can say "I got my first nurse pay check!" I'd probably cry and take my kids out since we're poor and I've never been able to truly spoil them. ������ Struggles of the road to nursing.