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  1. Nurses, am I crazy for thinking I can do this?

    I concur with the OP. It sounds easy on paper but the lab portion of those classes will have you spinning rollercoaster style. I'd say you split two classes in the Spring & the other 2 during summer. Good luck
  2. Nursing School Needs Repair (And Why I Quit)

    Welcome to nursing, where your shift starts with a 89 yo pt on a cardiac monitor running normal sinus rhythm, alert & oriented x 4. Labs were collected right at change of shift. 30 min later, lab calls you with critical lab values of lactate 5.4,...
  3. Nursing responsibility for certain Lab test results

    Ideally, your nursing responsibility will focus on the system(s) in which the critical lab value affects. With regards to UTI, you will continue to assess urine for sediments, odor, & color. Assess VS & compare with pt's baseline. How old is ...
  4. Antibiotic administration

    Are you referring to IV antibiotics? In most hospitals, IV antibx comes to the unit already reconstituted by pharmacy. So inquire with your pharmacy, they are your best friends :)
  5. Nursing student weekend warrior, how realistic?

    It will entirely depend on what kind of a studen you are. While others could work full time and attend nursing school, some cannot even fathom the thought of it. I would tell you to go thru the route of no debt at all. With that comes the warning tha...
  6. Sounds to me you worry excessively. Some worry is ok, too much negatively impacts you. When was the last time you stopped worrying and actually did something fun, something unrelated to nursing school. Even the brain needs a break. You could be the b...
  7. nursing

    Not sure what the assignment is. By definition, health assessment will go from head to toe. As you assess, you are to note what's normal and what's abnormal for each body system then report your findings. If your assignment asks for focussed assessme...
  8. Fill In The Blank...

    Pt: I am an intelligence analyst. I search and find information on people, even info people think cannot be found about them. What's your name again, nurse? Me: (Very wide-eyed) Um (insert first name only).
  9. Having difficulty with Maternal NANDA

    I agree with the above poster. It's good you mentioned epidural. What are the risks for epidural? You could start with that. Look up in you drug guide & you will have plenty of "risk for" care plans to choose from.
  10. Clozapine peak time

    So I read the Davis drug guide and I found what you stated. I compared it to another drug guide & it states peak time is 2.5 hours. It could be a typo by Davis. Otherwise my first thought was that it takes a week before the effects of Clozapine i...
  11. The Four C's of Communication in Delegation

    It would be nice if you show us your work first. But really it isn't that hard if you give it a thought. Pretend I'm the LVN. " Summer Days, please insert a foley catheter for Mr. English in room 123 by 0900 and report back to me when completed. Can ...
  12. Differentiating between lung and bowel sounds

    And it can be especially true for the pt with morbid obesity or one with ESLD with distended abd.
  13. Med Surge 2

    I studied differently. I used 4 books to study. Davis Q&A for the nclex rn, Saunders comprehensive review, Lippincott's Q&A review for the nclex rn & Nclex RN Q&A made incredibly easy. Pre-lecture, I would do 100 questions from incred...
  14. Care Plan Question

    Hint: what is our major worry with a pt who is vomiting? What is the pt losing and how could this affect the labs?
  15. Scholarships for nursing school

    Here you go. I think one of the links are for those in CA only. The rest can apply to nursing students nationwide. Good luck Financial Aid Information