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3ringnursing has 25 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU; Telephone Triage Nurse.

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  1. 3ringnursing

    Maybe HR Won’t Notice My Accusation, ha, ha?

    When I was 27 years old, and several months into being a new grad I enrolled in the CANDO school of hard knocks (Chemically Addicted Nurses Diversion Option, although now it is called Alternative To Discipline: ATD) having signed my life away to the ...
  2. 3ringnursing

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    I had also married a narcissist, and he gradually controlled every aspect of my life. As a new grad if I came home late from work due to the myriad of things that can happen in bedside nursing (a code, a late admit, or just being behind in charting) ...
  3. 3ringnursing

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    I have an autoimmune disease and I am pharmacologically immunosuppressed to help keep my symptoms under control, so I have an unbreakable no touching rule. I don't shake hands, I don't hug outside of my immediate family, and I avoid even small crowds...
  4. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    Boy do I know a few that fit neatly into all of those categories and never got what they deserved back in the day. Glad to know many are now being held accountable for letting their ego monsters out of the closet to maul the general populous. Not sur...
  5. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    It WAS pretty funny. As I tend to be rather childish in my humor too I made a mental note of what constitutes a toe nearing the line, and actually running past the line. He was a really nice guy and a great nurse though.
  6. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    Excessive pranks. I knew a really nice, funny guy who was an RN on the cardiac floor of a small, sinking hospital I worked at about 20 years ago - he was always doing outrageous things just for a laugh. One day he came down stairs to the ICU and told...
  7. 3ringnursing

    Nurse Accused of Taking Naked Photos of Nursing Home Patients

    Some people are very disturbed privately and are adept in hiding it for a length of time - it just flies under the radar it until their weird comes exploding out of the closet in full spectrum Technicolor vibrancy. Afterward people wonder how they mi...
  8. 3ringnursing

    I hate fake call outs.

    I work with a gentleman who calls in often with "a touch of something" . Hmmm ... that sounds legitimate. The rest of us don't look forward to be pounded into the dirt the numerous times this happens, and it has caused a lot of resentment amongst the...
  9. 3ringnursing

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Another shift done in the life of a nurse (what do mean I'm on RIGHT NOW for mandatory over time???).
  10. 3ringnursing

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    No worries Ruby Vee, I take no offense. You are very cool and I enjoy reading your thoughts. And I can see how I could have worded that better for clarity.
  11. 3ringnursing

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I never said I was "young and pretty", but I will readily admit I had been young (then) and very clinically inexperienced. What I actually said: "She hated that I had the ability to assign her daily work tasks, hated that I was young, and pret...
  12. 3ringnursing

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I believe many of us may have experienced feeling uncomfortable, or in some way emotionally threatened in various degrees in the work place at one time or another. Does it qualify as bullying to everyone who may objectively look at the particulars? M...
  13. 3ringnursing

    What does your username mean?

    That nearly every nursing job I've had has been a circus.
  14. OMG. Girl, welcome to nursing - under appreciated and at times psychologically abusive ("Thank you sir, may I have another?" - if you have no idea what this means watch the movie Animal House). No, you are not being a unreasonable, this is designed t...
  15. 3ringnursing

    Nursing Student Pregnant

    I was approaching 30 during nursing school and had no children yet, so I timed my pregnancy to be able to deliver after graduation. My EGA was approximately 7 months when I graduated, and I was 2 weeks from my due date when I sat for my state boards ...