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3ringnursing has 25 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU; Telephone Triage Nurse.

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  1. 3ringnursing

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    I had also married a narcissist, and he gradually controlled every aspect of my life. As a new grad if I came home late from work due to the myriad of things that can happen in bedside nursing (a code, a late admit, or just being behind in charting) I was obviously with someone else. I eventually discovered he had been recording my phone calls for nearly 2 years - he proudly told me, "I've been inside your head for years". He threatened he would sue me for custody of our son and for child support if I dare left him (he also threatened he would "get me into trouble" with the SBON, that I would never work as a nurse again). My self esteem was rock bottom and I lived in constant fear. I felt trapped but had no where to go. Finally getting away with my baby was the hardest thing I've ever done - I continued to look over my shoulder for years afterward, and wake in fear from small noises in the night. Ruby Vee, from one survivor (and crusty old bat) to another you have my sincerest respect. Hugs from afar my friend from a kindered spirit.
  2. 3ringnursing

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    I have an autoimmune disease and I am pharmacologically immunosuppressed to help keep my symptoms under control, so I have an unbreakable no touching rule. I don't shake hands, I don't hug outside of my immediate family, and I avoid even small crowds during flu season (such as those pesky monthly mandatory staff meetings for those of us who work from home). You don't have to give anyone a reason why you prefer not to be touched. It's your body and your rules. Anyone getting close enough for unwelcome touch is invading your personal space.
  3. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    Boy do I know a few that fit neatly into all of those categories and never got what they deserved back in the day. Glad to know many are now being held accountable for letting their ego monsters out of the closet to maul the general populous. Not sure why bad behavior was ever tolerated to begin with when all of us learned manners in preschool.
  4. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    It WAS pretty funny. As I tend to be rather childish in my humor too I made a mental note of what constitutes a toe nearing the line, and actually running past the line. He was a really nice guy and a great nurse though.
  5. 3ringnursing

    Reasons nurses get fired

    Excessive pranks. I knew a really nice, funny guy who was an RN on the cardiac floor of a small, sinking hospital I worked at about 20 years ago - he was always doing outrageous things just for a laugh. One day he came down stairs to the ICU and told a couple of us to pay attention in about a half hour. We had a paging operator at this hospital that had honest to God voice training lessons for the time of old Hollywood movies and it sounded like you were transported back in time the 1940's Hollywood. Suddenly her voice came over the hospital wide paging system to page Dr. Jack Mehoff. Oh boy. The investigation was quick and punishment swift. As if they couldn't tell which extension the call came from. On a side note a neurosurgeon who was at the ICU writing orders turned around grinning, claiming it was an old airport prank. Poor guy just didn't know when to stop.
  6. 3ringnursing

    Nurse Accused of Taking Naked Photos of Nursing Home Patients

    Some people are very disturbed privately and are adept in hiding it for a length of time - it just flies under the radar it until their weird comes exploding out of the closet in full spectrum Technicolor vibrancy. Afterward people wonder how they missed it in the first place, but Dave Mustaine sums it up in a nutshell: "Hindsight is always 20/20".
  7. 3ringnursing

    I hate fake call outs.

    I work with a gentleman who calls in often with "a touch of something" . Hmmm ... that sounds legitimate. The rest of us don't look forward to be pounded into the dirt the numerous times this happens, and it has caused a lot of resentment amongst the rest of the staff that shows up to work when scheduled.
  8. 3ringnursing

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Another shift done in the life of a nurse (what do mean I'm on RIGHT NOW for mandatory over time???).
  9. 3ringnursing

    What does your username mean?

    That nearly every nursing job I've had has been a circus.
  10. OMG. Girl, welcome to nursing - under appreciated and at times psychologically abusive ("Thank you sir, may I have another?" - if you have no idea what this means watch the movie Animal House). No, you are not being a unreasonable, this is designed to make you feel bad for standing up for yourself, which you have every right to do, and did it appropriately as far as I can see. You may be enlightened to discover many management positions are reimbursed at the end of the year for operating under budget - which means you and your co-workers pain means bonus money to someone else. Perhaps going elsewhere is in your best interest (i.e., Leave!).
  11. 3ringnursing

    Nursing Student Pregnant

    I was approaching 30 during nursing school and had no children yet, so I timed my pregnancy to be able to deliver after graduation. My EGA was approximately 7 months when I graduated, and I was 2 weeks from my due date when I sat for my state boards (the last pencil and paper exam, traveling 200 miles away to the state capital). I was completely ignorant beforehand of how draining pregnancy would be. After my son was born I took 6 weeks off for maternity leave, then started work as a new grad. Early one memorable morning towards the end of my shift - just before the butt-crack of dawn was peaking over the horizon - I encountered a few gray faced, very rumpled and exhausted looking interns drinking coffee with my breast milk in it, as dietary was late restocking unit supplies on this day (our breakroom fridge had been out of commission at the time, so I had no choice but to store it on the unit in the fridge where we kept our stock of patient snacks). To say I was initially too stunned to speak didn't even begin to cover my shock at that moment. And because I was I tired and cranky - with the milk I pumped during my 12 hour shift now contaminated, having sat out on the counter for God knows how long, I took great pleasure enlightening them about the origin of their choice of coffee condiment. All but one of them spat it out into the sink looking rather green, but one continued drinking his coffee unperturbed in the least. Afterward I felt a tad bit guilty as they were a pathetic looking bunch, appearing like they hadn't slept in days, guzzling that coffee down like it was the elixir of life itself. But since I now going home empty handed to a hungry, squalling infant with only limited surplus milk on hand my sympathy was somewhat limited. I had worked as a PCT at that same hospital for 3 years before I graduated and I wrongly assumed I'd seen everything - apparently not.
  12. 3ringnursing

    I’m burnt out

    I worked for the largest medical center in town when I was a new grad. They had a staffing office that called everyday I was off and I swear they must have had algorithms of what to say if you said no. No ride? We'll send a cab. No childcare? We have a daycare option. Your busy? How about a later shift then. This was in the days before caller ID (before cellphones and home computers) so you had to answer the phone to know who was calling (then again none of my friends called at 5 am either). It went on all day long. Eventually I stopped answering the phone altogether. I felt bad but they certainly didn't.
  13. 3ringnursing

    Are We Too PC?

    Very cute vids!
  14. 3ringnursing

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    What a frightening way to die. I've been in plenty of unsafe work situations where the pressure to "just do it" was a very real expectation, along with insanely unrealistic workloads. In that setting things can quickly spin out of control where suddenly you realize to your horror things have now gone sideways. Every nursing job I've ever resigned from was because of very real danger to patients and myself. It is much more common than than I'd ever thought possible.
  15. 3ringnursing

    Failed AANP twice and finally Passed

    Congratulations for your huge achievement!
  16. I had a neighbor years ago that had fetal death in the first trimester of pregnancy but hadn't realized it right away - it wasn't until she started hallucinating worms in her skin and her boyfriend took her to the ER that it was discovered.