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  1. OMG. Girl, welcome to nursing - under appreciated and at times psychologically abusive ("Thank you sir, may I have another?" - if you have no idea what this means watch the movie Animal House). No, you are not being a unreasonable, this is designed to make you feel bad for standing up for yourself, which you have every right to do, and did it appropriately as far as I can see. You may be enlightened to discover many management positions are reimbursed at the end of the year for operating under budget - which means you and your co-workers pain means bonus money to someone else. Perhaps going elsewhere is in your best interest (i.e., Leave!).
  2. 3ringnursing

    First Reaction to Changes

    Okay, I understand change is often painful ... and I am certainly uncomfortable, because I am still just as confused as I was the first time I logged in to the new look of this forum. For some reason my brain keeps rebelling every time I try to make sense of the new look. It's like looking a 2 mirrors reflecting each infinitely: One part of your brain knows there are only 2 of them, but another part hooked to visual conceptions says, "Hey! Look at all those mirrors!". I guess I am stuck visually looking at all those mirrors that just don't exist? The alerts I'm receiving don't seem to make any sort of sense to me. Maybe I should just ignore those, and then ... I am not sure. Maybe it will all become clear in a dream, or vision, or in my tea leaves tomorrow {Maybe the Magic 8 Ball knows? (Try again later) ... Crap}. I like this site and the people, so I'm not quite ready to just chuck it all in the trash just yet ... but this old dinosaur is very much confused.
  3. 3ringnursing

    First Reaction to Changes

    Without a doubt I am having problems understanding how to figure out how to navigate the new forum ... I think I had comments or likes (or maybe just a head slap) but I couldn't figure out how to see it without combining through all the comments. It was like the equivalent of online dementia, wandering the cyberspace hallways confused looking for ... something. Maybe. I'm a dinosaur, so perhaps you just can't teach this very old dog new tricks? Maybe I'll just change my username to Jurassic RN and find myself a nice tar pit to wallow in?
  4. 3ringnursing

    Are We Too PC?

    Very cute vids!
  5. 3ringnursing

    Good morning sunshine!

    You are a lucky woman to have been blessed by being touched by Jake's pure joy of life. I'm sorry to hear he passed. Too bad we can't all learn a lesson from Jake and enjoy life as the gift it really is. I spend far too much time worrying about ridiculous or unimportant things, and far less being happy with the good things I have been blessed with. If you stop and consider it, you've already won the lottery by being born who you are. Even at the cellular level there was some mighty stiff competition to over come at conception. From this view point we are all a winner.
  6. 3ringnursing

    What is this vision therapy?

    That is so cool. I wish I had known about this when my son was in grade school, I bet this may have really helped him back when he used to struggle.
  7. 3ringnursing

    I wish I could see you!

    I love your articles. Most make me smile, and all are worth reading. Maybe you had a soul connection? Address and Google maps not required. I can't help but hope that the probate judge found Clarissa to be a gold-digger, and fraud, finding their sickbed wedding to be a sham. Maybe even sentenced her to 5000 hours of community service cleaning toilets in a maximum security prison with her own toothbrush!
  8. 3ringnursing

    The two minute catheterization!

    This tale made me cringe, and recall several less than safe events from my past nursing career. Cathing a woman is never easy (and uttering a little prayer before hand never hurts) but doing so under pressure of a full on brawl while tempers escalate and potential hooks are imminent sounds like a living nightmare! Luckily everyone walked away whole, and maybe this predatory "friend" of your patient got a dose of reality in the pokey. Maybe events even made this horrible woman leave your client and her possessions alone thereafter (one can hope). You certainly have lived a colorful life my friend!
  9. 3ringnursing


    I had been in an abusive relationship years and years ago (as an RN) ... I was frightened of my own shadow, with a toddler and no family for support. I was a lost soul floating through life wishing one day I would die in my sleep. I didn't believe there was help any where in the universe that could extradite me from my situation. I was as hopeless and as downtrodden as you could get and still function with a heartbeat. If you've never been in this situation - first thank God - and second, don't presume you can predict how you would react. I used to have a fiery spirit that was difficult to break, but little by little I was eroded to a shell of my former self. Threats leveled against me may seem outrageous now in hindsight 2 decades later, but at the time I had no one and it was frightening. By the very nature of the abusive relationship the victim believes the things their abuser threatens them with, and cycle repeats over and over unless something makes it stop. I believe the person whom abused me enjoyed it immensely, and that he felt he had power. Psychological warfare is a nasty game: my abuser taped all calls without my knowledge (I worked nights, so he had the phone company install a phone jack in our outside storage room while I slept ... he attached a recording device that taped when there was sound, then hid it inside of a box high on a shelf - this was in the days of landlines without cellphones). One day he said to me, "I know what you're thinking ... I'm inside your head". If that doesn't chill you to the core then probably nothing will. My abuse went on for years - I wonder if it could have ended much sooner if there was someone who cared enough to find out what was really going on in my private life? This nurse did just that, and has my sincerest respect and gratitude for saving someone else who clearly needed saving.
  10. 3ringnursing


    This is one of my favorite articles you've written. Although it didn't leave a smile on my face - and it was chilling to the extreme, the lives you managed to save by looking outside the box was incredible. When you save one or two lives you never really know how many more inadvertently you end up saving in a domino effect later on. I hope that rat b*s*a*d rots in jail for eternity. God bless the ED nurses.
  11. 3ringnursing


    I always love your stories! Although I'm sure you have plenty that would curl hair, many leave me smiling. Once again, good job nurse! (((I can't wait for the next one!)))
  12. 3ringnursing


    My heart goes out to your heart - I lost my 2nd pregnancy very early on, but I never counted on how deeply it would affect me. It was on Christmas day and I was working. I had started spotting, which progressed to frank bleeding - I felt my heart melt and plummet to my feet along with the blood in my face. It was the most sickening, unpleasant sensation of impending doom I ever felt. There was fear too - there was plenty of that while I stood alone in the tiny staff bathroom the size of a broom cupboard. Then the confirmation: there was no heart beat, and my hCG levels began dropping. My son was 5 y.o. at the time. It was too early to have know the gender of my child. Every Christmas for years afterward I sobbed and grieved with the only evidence that there was ever a baby at all: the positive pregnancy test stick. At times I realize I should have not only a 23 y.o. child, but a 19 y.o. too. I reach out to your loss in solidarity in the only way that feels meaningful - with a loss of my own. 20 years later the grief is now no longer a jagged edge blade that slices my insides to bloody ribbons, but has settled to a numb hole of acceptance. I appreciation you sharing your story - and I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs. XX
  13. 3ringnursing


    Awesome story. Thank you for not ignoring what your gift told you and using it to help others. What you experience is called "Intimations of Death" - it can be expressed as a particular odor the sensitive person picks up from those whom are dying or about to die. I've read flowers are a typical aroma, but other scents are possible too - such as the accompanying incense and candle wax you smell. It's not witchcraft, it's merely a gift of those who are intuitive enough to register it, and I think it's amazing. I bet you have other gifts too - and you're probably good with plants. If I'm ever admitted again I hope you are around.
  14. 3ringnursing

    Thank God for nurses!

    Good work nurse! Ma thanks you - and so do I.
  15. 3ringnursing

    Why did she do this to me?

    Spotangel, you really have a heart of gold! Thank God for nurses like you. I enjoyed the article (and sorry Ted passed).