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Calalilynurse has 7 years experience and specializes in peds.

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  1. Calalilynurse

    Pastel Scrubs Tops

    Uniform advantage has a good selection but shipping is kinda high $7 per item and decreases the more you spend. Amazon is free shipping over $25 for select items and they have a good but not as extensive. Sometimes hospitals have deals with local scrub shops for a certain percentage off and payroll deduct. Walmart has cute scrubs their higher ends ones scrubstar are about $36-40 for top and bottom. They last and hold up just as well as the name brand in my life opinion and I've gotten compliments on them just like my grey anatomy scrubs.
  2. Calalilynurse

    Which littmann

    I work in peds so I have a littmam classic III because of the pediatric diaphragm on top and the adult diaphragm on the bottom. I love it. I use the Ped side for babies and smaller kids and adults for teens. Ask your coworkers what they like to use too.
  3. Calalilynurse

    ARNP bonus structure

    I think he should start putting in applications for another job asap. I also think you need to take NCLEX and start applying for rn jobs instead of waiting this out. You have have a family to take care and your husband shouldn't feel pressured to work for free. I don't want you to be in financial trouble being loyal to an employer that's not loyal to you.
  4. Calalilynurse

    Peds NP or Public Health NP

    It's your decision but I would take the public health. Money isn't everything and I think you should consider how important weekends and holidays off maybe to you. I'm also thinking the peds job would be a lot of oncall hours.
  5. Calalilynurse

    Looking for FNP preceptor

    Have you tried contacting the providers in torrent or whatever your school uses to document clinical experiences?
  6. Calalilynurse

    Am I too old???

    Your fine. A lot of nurses start later than that. My charge nurse was 40.
  7. Calalilynurse

    Nursing vs. Social Work

    Most nurses do start out on nights. Rotating shifts are not a think in my area so I can't speak to that. You may have to look harder to find a job with your msw but if your willing to move you should be ok. Social work is a great career. My best friend has an msw and works for a hospital system they are required to have one. Try applying at nonprofit like domestic violence counseling centers, pregnancy resource centers, and adoption agencies.
  8. Calalilynurse

    Typical cellular data use in NS

    Apple watches syncing to patient monitors could be a privacy issue and Any personal device used to access patient records should be encrypted. A lot of nurses doe have apple watches and use them at work for telling time and pedometers but not patient care like your describing. Our nursing school required us to purchase palm pilots or iPod touches to look up meds, and nursing diagnoses and interventions for clinical. So save your money until closer to when you start the program.
  9. Calalilynurse

    No job post ER internship

    I think you should probably list it because some experience is better than none. On applications if you are eligible for rehire just say something about how the experience was not for you. Apply for med surg floors or smaller ers where you can get a better orientation. My first job I had do to an orientation sheet each week on what I needed to work on. Maybe ask your preceptors what you need to do to get better each week.
  10. Calalilynurse

    Navy Corpsmen Caught

    I don't think they're nurses and the term nurse is being used as click bait to get people to read the article.
  11. Calalilynurse

    Pediatric rounding rules

    Ask your professor what rounding rule they prefer for grading. In real word peds its sometimes guess work. I can't give a baby 2.345 ml of Tylenol I give as close as I can usually 2.4 or as close to between 2.3 or 2.4 as I can depending on the syringe.
  12. Calalilynurse

    I might get a B in Human Physiology ?! Is this going to hurt me

    No, I got a B but had a 3.75 overall and got in a competitive program.
  13. Calalilynurse

    Nurses leaving on the fast train

    Psych is also not for everybody. And poor staffing is a big deal.
  14. Calalilynurse

    Getting a non-nursing job?

    What about benefits until you find a non nursing full time job? Have you thought about school or office nursing? you might find it less stressful the hospital is not for everybody I know but maybe you just have to find your niche.
  15. Calalilynurse

    Floating policies- Tenet

    Don't work for tenet. But do a lot of floating to areas in our cluster. Know the a nurse is a nurse feeling. Put in some applications elsewhere and leave on good terms I hope the cno won't be there long.
  16. A lot of non bedside jobs require experience or it is encouraged. At least stick bedside out somewhere for a year.

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