How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?

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I just got my first nursing paycheck and didn't spend it on anything interesting. I used half of it towards my student loans and the other half I used on a shopping trip because I've had the same wardrobe for the past four years and I didn't have very many clothes besides scrubs. I'm curious to know how other people spent their first nursing paycheck :)

Paying bills, but once I get caught up I am buying a nice down pillow and a massage :yes:

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I worked full-time through school and so my first nursing paycheck wasn't very significant. A slight pay increase but nothing to really celebrate.

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Mortgage. I got a new mortgage around the same time I got my first nurse paycheck.

Coach purse - I felt I had been "poor" for so long I deserved something nice :)

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With my first check? Oh, I remember it well.

I self-funded a study designed to explore the ubiquity of red-heads (gingers) found in TV commercials. (actually a capstone project)

After watching endless hours of television along with their concomitant ads, I had come to the conclusion that this phenomenon may be directly attributable to some kind of bizarre fetish as even the ever present zombie programs will feature an inordinate amount of zombie redheads.

And all this given the fact that redheads makeup only 1-2% of the entire world's population.

Except in Scotland where 19% of the population are gingers.

Is this true nursing research at its best or what?

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Started paying off the bill collectors! Bought the wife a new mini-van... started plans to build a house. Good times and now we're still broke.

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I got my first nursing job this year. I was lucky and had no student loans;so I put my first paycheck all into savings (along with the next 2 after that). After that I bought my first car,all paid for in cash :) (have been saving for years though)

Like most I paid bills, but the first fun thing I spent money on was a pink rose tattoo. That tattoo let me meet one of the most fun boyfriends I had. ;)

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I want an Xbox One. :laugh:

Just got my first nursing check yesterday, and I paid off my credit card. And my first real purchase with money that was leftover was... an umbrella. A really nice one though I must say! It's been raining hard all week and all day here and believe it or not I didn't have one because they either broke or got lost somewhere :shy:

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Student loans and bills. It never occurred to me at the time to reward myself with it rather than use it like any other paycheck. I reward myself now all the time as I have no more loans lol.

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Groceries, rent, and daycare

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