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Mr. Murse has 11 years experience and specializes in Critical Care/Vascular Access.

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  1. Giving Report and IV Access

    I guess I just don't see the access as an inane data point, and I can't agree with the arguments suggesting as such. Furthermore, I really don't understand why remembering where your IVs are (especially in the ICU) and spending 15 seconds in rep...
  2. Giving Report and IV Access

    I'm wondering, do you believe nurses should be doing shift change reports at all then? Why not peruse through the charting instead? As for charting, I can't tell you how many copy-pasted and erroneous IV charting we see as IV therapy. Aside from...
  3. Med Error

    Keep in mind that often on this forum once a thread gets rolling it really ceases to be only about the OP and gets into more general discussion about the topic that was brought up. I don't think people are specifically talking to you or attacking you...
  4. ...Was I being insensitive??

    I'm surprised she managed to dodge Covid patients for 3 weeks. Most travelers I know just accept the fact that that's essentially why they're even needed, and they will be usually exclusively working with Covid on their assignments. Sounds like ...
  5. Giving Report and IV Access

    You're talking about ED report to the floors or unit, not inter-shift report on the unit, where I feel like it is a useful part of report that's not very hard to keep up with. Coming from the ED it is more excusable, but I still feel like the ED nurs...
  6. Giving Report and IV Access

    As an IV therapy/PICC/ICU nurse, I'm surprised that any RN doesn't see the importance in reporting off the size, location, and functionality of your access. It's silly to expect the oncoming nurse to have to look up your charting. If that's the case,...
  7. Unintentionally Violated HIPAA. Felt Stupid.

    I'm pretty sure that doesn't constitute a HIPAA violation. Frankly though, even if it does.........if no one cares then no one cares, and you seem to be the only one that cares in the situation. I would quit worrying about it. Everyone has...
  8. War on Nurses

    This is most certainly true. Some of the best nurses I've ever worked with are ASN nurses. BSN really doesn't mean much at all when it comes down to being in the trenches.
  9. War on Nurses

    I think what they're saying is that there are not literally too few RNs out there to fill the positions, but rather they are not paid enough or treated well enough to stay in the positions where they're needed. Someone that goes to travel or leave th...
  10. War on Nurses

    I have a little bit of an issue with the concept of "rapid nursing education". I understand and don't disagree with the rationale for proposing it, of course, but I feel like (on top of short staffing) we already have an issue of poorly educated nurs...
  11. What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    That's a nice sentiment, but the fact is that being a male in nursing IS a different experience than being a female. From the way patients perceive you and treat you, to the way doctors and other nurses do as well.
  12. Heparin Drips

    I have no idea if it was brought up two years ago. Thanks for the response though.
  13. Heparin Drips

    I've always wondered why so many nurses think that it is necessary to pause a heparin drip for 10-15min before drawing a pTT. I've talked to multiple doctors, pharmacists, and other IV therapists (not to mention a bit of Googling) and have yet to hea...
  14. sterile technique question for implanted port accessing

    I don't see how it would be possible to access some ports without touching the skin again. You'll come across many ports that need to be stabilized with one hand to get the needle in, and you'll occasionally see ports that have migrated to their side...
  15. New student pathway to becoming an Infusion Nurse

    I'm curious what attracts you to infusion nursing as a new grad?