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  1. theRPN2b

    UOIT RPN to RN part time

    Hello Has anyone done/is in the Rpn to Rn bridge part time at UOIT How many days a week were/are you in class? Thanks!
  2. Thing almost any nurses want to see is willingness to help us out. Even when you're assigned to your own one patient, volunteer to help us with our patients such as do vitals,answer call bells,toilet patients,change incontinent briefs, help us with washes,ambulate patients or help us with transfers requiring 2 people. When we see these kind of students we usually seek them out when there is something interesting for them to see such as blood transfusions,catheters etc and have the students watch or help out.
  3. theRPN2b

    Casual Nurse/Travel

    I think casual would be a good choice for you. You can still get lots of shifts (at least where I am in Ontario) and you can easily make yourself "not available" during certain times you want off, and they call/email you with available ***** and its up to you to take them or not (just be aware that if you're known to rarely take shifts offered than they may let you go, so be sure to take a decent amount of shifts to keep your position)
  4. theRPN2b

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    YES we are all equal,no one discipline is "above" another.No MD is "higher/more important" than a nurse just like no nurse is "higher/more important" than a CNA. Even though we have diferent roles and different levels of knowledge,we ALL work together and make a contribution to patients' outcomes.
  5. theRPN2b

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    You would have to contact the nursing governing body of the province you'd be interested in working,as each one might have slightly different requirements
  6. Like others have said, bring together like-minded co workers AND also bring in the union to help you guys out
  7. theRPN2b

    What is Nursing like (Ontario)?

    Same here in Ontario, as a casual I've been paying into pension for some time and you're right,casual is a good option to make your own schedule or only work shifts you prefer (I know people that stay casual in order to work only days/only night or no weekends/holidays
  8. theRPN2b

    What is Nursing like (Ontario)?

    I am casual in Ontario but have been working full time hours since starting my nursing job over 2 years ago. With the "in liue pay" I make an extra $4+change an hour,so casual working full time hours will be making more money than full timers. But the catch is no guaranteed hours,no paid vacation/sick time/maternity leave and no benefits
  9. theRPN2b

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    In Ontario,Canada. RPN stands for Registered Pratical Nurse, this is known as an LPN in other provinces (stands for liscenced practical nurse).
  10. theRPN2b

    Best bra for nurses

    I wear sports bras because they are most comfortable when moving around a lot, I don't really have a specific brand in mind but any sports bra can do
  11. theRPN2b

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    I am an RPN and work on an acute medical floor in Hamilton (about 1.5 hours away from Toronto). And I take my own patient assignment (5 patients) and work alongside RNs NOT under an RN so RNs do not delegate their tasks to me. We do not have a PSW on out floor to help us with ADLs/bed baths etc (unless the floor is really heavy the manager might approve for a PSW from the float pool to work with us for a few shifts). As an RPN on my floor I can do anything an RN can do (push IV meds,administer blood products,vitals,etc.) and the only difference is that I can't be charge (which I have no interest in doing anyways, and like Fiona said above, the RNs make $15/hour more.
  12. theRPN2b

    How much more do nurses get paid for night shift in bc

    LOL Ontario is even lower ... $1.20/hour night shift premium
  13. theRPN2b

    Hospital job years after graduation

    Don't give up hope yet!!! The job market is tough and sometimes it can takes months to land a position. Keep applying EVERYWHERE and to any posting you see (hospitals,LTC, homecare,clinics) and even if a position doesn't seem ideal apply anyways just to get your foot in the door and build your resume. Even if you don't get a hospital position right away you can work in a different setting for a few months and then start applying to hospitals and you might have more luck because by then you would have some experience.
  14. theRPN2b

    Not enough references

    When I got my first nursing job over 2 years ago, I only provided academic references (clinical instructors, preceptors)because it was directly related to nursing, and they accepted those as references. It may depend on where you apply though, some facilities request that you only provide references of people who you directly reported to (managers and supervisors) while other facilities may not require this
  15. theRPN2b

    Getting hired from final placement?

    I'm in Ontario and I got hired by my final placement when I finished my consolidation there, so it was my first nursing job. This was early 2016, I was hired into a new grad initiative position (this is when there were still more of those positions around,but sadly they are diminishing) But it is possible that you can get hired into a casual position by your final placement, I work with several people who have. While doing your final placement, introduce yourself to the ward/facility's manager and express your interest in wanting to work there, ask for their email and follow up with them once you pass your registration exam and get your licence. As for orientation shifts, it varies. I work on an acute medicine floor and externally hired new grads will get 7 orientation shifts (5 days and 2 nights) plus a week of corporate orientation. This varies between facilities and between specialties (highly specialized areas like ICU/ER/NICU will have a longer orientation)
  16. theRPN2b

    Nursing jobs in Ontario affected by Doug Ford's hiring freeze

    Doug Ford Says These 2 Industries In Ontario Will Be Exempt From His Hiring Freeze - Narcity According to this article, nurses are exempt from this hiring freeze, I hope it's true!

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