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  1. Thing almost any nurses want to see is willingness to help us out. Even when you're assigned to your own one patient, volunteer to help us with our patients such as do vitals,answer call bells,toilet patients,change incontinent briefs, help us with washes,ambulate patients or help us with transfers requiring 2 people. When we see these kind of students we usually seek them out when there is something interesting for them to see such as blood transfusions,catheters etc and have the students watch or help out.
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    Casual Nurse/Travel

    I think casual would be a good choice for you. You can still get lots of shifts (at least where I am in Ontario) and you can easily make yourself "not available" during certain times you want off, and they call/email you with available ***** and its up to you to take them or not (just be aware that if you're known to rarely take shifts offered than they may let you go, so be sure to take a decent amount of shifts to keep your position)
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    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    YES we are all equal,no one discipline is "above" another.No MD is "higher/more important" than a nurse just like no nurse is "higher/more important" than a CNA. Even though we have diferent roles and different levels of knowledge,we ALL work together and make a contribution to patients' outcomes.
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    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    You would have to contact the nursing governing body of the province you'd be interested in working,as each one might have slightly different requirements
  5. Like others have said, bring together like-minded co workers AND also bring in the union to help you guys out
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    Nursing jobs in Ontario affected by Doug Ford's hiring freeze

    Doug Ford Says These 2 Industries In Ontario Will Be Exempt From His Hiring Freeze - Narcity According to this article, nurses are exempt from this hiring freeze, I hope it's true!
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    Long hair at the bedside

    It's not super enforced where I work but really think about it ... do you really want your long hair touching all the dirty things in the hospital and who knows what it may come into contact with (MRSA,VRE,lice and who knows what else ) nurses really should wear their hair in a bun or ponytail to PROTECT THEMSELVES!
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    NICU New Grad

    In my hospital full timers work both days and nights. The schedule varies on each unit. Some wards do 2 days/2 nights 5 off. Other do 2 days/2 night 4 off.Others do 2 on/2 off/3 on/2 off/2 on/3 off and they will do a 2 week day rotation and 2 week night rotation. And in my hospital system there is the option of working straight days or straight nights - but you have to find a partner to "job share" so one of you will be doing the days and the other nights. And there are several nurses that do that both on my current unit and my old one. And surprisingly there are several older nurses (20+ years of seniority) that LOVE doing straight nights, so some nurses with not so much seniority that do straight days. And if you're part time like me you usually get a mix of days and nights, unless you specifically request that you only get scheduled for days only or for nights only.
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    RPN preceptor

    I've never seen it. An RPN is a preceptor for a new hire RPN or a practical nursing student so that they may learn the role of the RPN in that setting (an RN would likely have some additional charge duties which RPNs do not do,and an RN would be assigned to care for a more unstable patient while an RPN care for a more stable patient,as per the CNO).
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    RPN's how to you like your job?

    Yup I do IV's,blood transfusions, pretty much any skill that we learned in school
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    RPN's how to you like your job?

    I am an RPN and I work in a hospital on an acute medicine ward and I really enjoy it. The only thing I cannot do as an RPN on this floor is be charge. In my hospital system RPNs work in almost all settings except ICU,NICU,L&D, pediatrics and management.
  12. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent PICC line from moving during a dressing change? At my facility where I work, PICC lines are NOT secured with a statlock nor are they sutured into place (by reading through some posts here, I see that some facilities do either). The PICC line is just covered by a chlorhexadine tegaderm, and I worry about possibly moving the PICC line too much during a dressing changed considering that there is nothing to secure it into place.
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    Does HFO New Grad Gurantee gain seniority?

    My HFO NGG position counted towards my seniority where I work,I think it just depends on your facility.
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    coping with difficult pt in LTC

    Speak to the DON and make her aware about this issue.
  15. theRPN2b

    help in selection of job

    I don't live in Chicago either so I don't know the pros and cons of each hospital. What floors have you been offered positions on at each? Also, is it full time/part time/PRN. Temporary or Permanent? What is the pay rate at each one? How long of a commute from your home to the hospital? These are all things to consider if you have 2 job offers to decide which one you want. In the end a job is a job,it isn't easy to get one these days so you need to decide which one you want. And if you're a new grad it's best to start working as soon as possible.
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    Should I stay or should I go?

    Could this hospital hire you on as a nurse once you're done school? If so it may be worth it to stay (but maybe cutting down on your hours) because it is easier to get a job as an internal applicant.
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    8hr Shifts vs 12hr Shifts

    There are part timers in my hospital that work only nights (we have 12 hour shifts at my hospital). So it could be possible that you can still work nights only (or mostly).
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    Night shift alterative hours poll

    If I had to choose I would do 4 pm-4:30 am simply because I wouldn't be travelling with any traffic on my way home. I work both days and nights at my job. We to 7-7 shifts. Whenever I work nights and start returning home at 7 am it takes me around an hour or more to get home in the direction I'm headed. However when working days and returning home at 7 pm it takes me around half an hour.
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    new grad rpn - can't find a job!

    Casual positions are easier to get than full time or regular part time positions,so apply to as many casual job postings as possible!
  20. theRPN2b

    Not paying license renewal fees on time (random thoughts)

    Paid mine today ($180), glad I have that out of the way and don't have to worry about it until next year :)
  21. theRPN2b

    Nurses in many cases bullies who love clicks at any age

    I love the floor I work on, and one of the reasons is because of my awesome co workers! Like others have said SOME nurses can be bullies, same as some people in any profession can be bullies, but that is not true for the majority. If it's true that you work with a bunch of bullies then maybe it's time to look for a new job?
  22. There have been NGG's on my floor that did not do their consolidation here so it's possible;just apply to every NGG posting and you may get lucky and get a call for an interview. I also applied to other NGG posting as back up (I literally applied to every single posting on the site) and was able to get calls from 2 other facilities that I have never had placements in.
  23. I was hired as an NGG on my floor after doing my consolidation there;after that I was hired on the same floor as casual.
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    How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?

    I got my first nursing job this year. I was lucky and had no student loans;so I put my first paycheck all into savings (along with the next 2 after that). After that I bought my first car,all paid for in cash :) (have been saving for years though)
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    Help in finding RPN work within GTA (Ontario)|

    Right now it's not very easy to find nursing jobs,but it is possible. Apply to anything and everything (hospitals,nursing homes,clinics,retirement homes,hospice,home care,doctor's offices) even if it means sending out hundreds of applications. You have a better chance of getting hired if you apply for casual positions rather than regular part time and full time positions (but you can still make plenty of hours working casual). Good luck!!!!

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