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  1. Buyer beware

    In Need of Psych NP/Psychiatrist preceptor

    Usually schools have any number of preceptors available for just your situation. Have you spoken to the program director or your instructors?
  2. Buyer beware

    Applied to Nursing school!

    OP, Somehow I knew this was a for-profit. The reason for this assumption is that many people who attend for-profits are sort of self-conscious about it considering their track records of charging high tuition, low graduation and retention rates and histories of lawsuits and deception in the recruitment of students. I would not worry about getting accepted, they take just about anybody with a high school diploma, GED and no felonies. Any preadmission test is usually just a deceptive formality. The real object of their desire is your Federally backed Title IV loan money and Pell grants. Up to 80-90% of the students attending these sub-par schools are loaned up this way and with graduation rates so low most are left paying off expensive loans for 10 or 20 years without a degree. Most certainly go to a community college and save yourself a lot of time, money and grief as other posters have advised. But don't believe me go to (collegescorecard.ed.gov) look up these schools and you will see what I mean. Also conduct a thorough net search to get the full picture. I wish you all the best in finding a reputable school to attend.
  3. Buyer beware

    In Rn school but need a job to get experience

    OP, Look at it this way, if you don't need experience in nursing to diagnose and treat illness as a nurse practitioner why would you think you would need experience in nursing to become a nurse? Just take a moment and think about it.
  4. Buyer beware

    FNP preceptor!!

    Yes. The APRN organization. Lots of help there. Or you could try the dean at the school you're attending. They can really be helpful too. Just so many people out there just waiting for you to give them a call or drop by and say hi.
  5. Buyer beware

    Why SAH or aneurysm need midodrine HCL?

    I'm sorry but we are not allowed to give medical advice on this site.
  6. Rule of thumb. No matter who is paying, never throw good money after bad.
  7. 1. Always remember that since nurses for the most part do not own the means of production this creates a jockeying for position at work venues and often enough best friends may be on each other's menus. 2. Always remember that colleagially is an often referred to concept among nurses that is touted in nursing school and at work sites especially if there's money involved otherwise in practice not so much. 3. The routes to becoming an RN do not make for academic uniformity or professional cohesiveness allowing employers to exploit nurses at will while promoting internecine discord. (see #1) 4. Nurses are their own worst enemies. This statement is evidenced by by the fact that cops and firefighters get medals and pensions while nurses get disability, if lucky. That's it for now true believers. But there's so much more...
  8. Buyer beware

    Nursing Informatics Preceptor Please

    Well, looks like South University strikes again. Preceptors of any ilk as you have found out are very hard to get. You've had 18 months to find one and I'm sure the school has been diligently working behind the scenes to help you pay it forward. Why a for-profit school expects any teacher to educate their students for free is what the Yiddish word chutzpah is all about my friends. High tuition, terrible graduation and retention rates and no affiliations with the preceptor community sounds like a winning combination to me. (collegescorecard.ed.gov) At this juncture I would advise you to read the particulars of the arbitration agreement you signed as a condition of enrollment. In other words read it and weep. Maybe there's still hope but in situations like this it's better to let hope take care of itself and get it in writing from the get-go.
  9. Buyer beware

    Nursing school applications

    You will make it with diligence and discipline as many before you have. And don't worry nursing isn't going anywhere. I'm glad to hear that you are aware of the for-profit come-on. They do nothing but offer debt nightmares wrapped in a student's earnest desire to help people and help themselves be healthy and productive members of society.
  10. Buyer beware

    LPN attending Gaylen College TB, HELP!!!

    Just as question. Why have you chosen to go to this expensive for-profit? At 21K per year plus books and fees the math is simple. If you tack on interest over years and years on the loans the cost is way more than just the yearly tuition. Have you considered the community college route. You could work and pay as you go. That way with patience and diligence when you graduate your paycheck will be yours.
  11. Buyer beware

    Financial Aid

    81K. Yikes!!! OP, try a community college and take the prerequisites at a fraction of the price and see how you do. After that take it from there and finish at a school that won't put you in debt hell for years to come. 81K is an enormous cost and that doesn't include books and mystery fees for god knows what. Go to (collegescorecard.ed.gov) and find schools that don't trade on the stock market and build a life where the fruits of your labors go to numero uno.
  12. Buyer beware

    But Why? Fingersticks and Common Sense

    Drawing a serum blood glucose for an ultra high FS reading sounds reasonable to me. Comfirmation is the key and and as matter of good practice all wacko blood values should be evauated with at least two jaundiced eyes. On the other hand if someone did a FS on me dead-on as portrayed in the graphic for this story, Cat-scan should be notified stat for someone to be ruled out for a closed head injury.
  13. "...or the facility would end up in trouble..." At 30K per year in tuition, it doesn't look like the facility is the only one in trouble. Could you explain what the teacher was referring to by "in trouble." Perhaps their paycheck? Now THAT would be a catastrophe.
  14. OP, This CNA's attitude reeks of contempt and disdain for you. I have a chuhuahua exactly like that. If she doesn't like something or has to do someome that doesn't suit her mood she snarls ever so subtly and goes about her business. Now in comparing chuhuahua to the CNA I must say that at least chuhuahua serves a purpose. She constantly surveys the property is protective of family members and will sound the high-alert in a moment's notice. Now tell me, just what is it that this CNA does?
  15. Buyer beware

    RN-BSN online

    Just as a word of precaution although you can obviously make the decision you feel comfortable with. Of the schools you have mentioned Chamberlain, GCU and WGU, the first two cited are for-profit schools. Besides being very expensive they are no great shakes either when it comes to graduation and retention rates and besides I don't like the idea of my education being driven first and foremost by the decisions made by a bunch of sushi engorging Wall Street types. Go to (collwgescorecard.ed.gov) and you will see that WGU is well positioned tuition-wise in a sea of schools that are ravenous for new recruits that can't shake their trusting students down enough and as we speak are relentlessly trolling cyberspace looking to replace those left by the wayside all loaned up and without a degree with even more trusting souls. Be careful with this and sign no arbitration agreements as you have already been through the "Carrington" experience first hand.
  16. Buyer beware

    Need pedi rotation for FNP

    Did you sign an arbitration agreement waving your right to sue the school over issues of deception? For this school or any school to claim to find preceptors for students is a come-on but very typical of their modus operandi. The "gotcha" here is by the time you get to the pediatric preceptorship rotation you have so much time invested (also called a sunk investiment) that the school knows you would put up with any kind of lies from them just to get through the program. This goes on all over the country. The schools know there are too many students for the available free preceptors in the marketplace. In the language of the law this is called false indicement and/or misrepresentation of a material fact. So either put up with the crap but next time get their promises in writing or seek legal representation in order to help out the next group of suckers from being lulled into thinking the school had the student's best interests at heart. I'm very sorry to hear this but it is a common problem with NP students and it's plain wrong on the school and faculties part. But their thinking is why give up the paycheck just to do the right thing by students. I hope you get a preceptor but for the time and money involved your academic success should be based upon more than the nebulous concept of hope.