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  1. 1. Always remember that since nurses for the most part do not own the means of production this creates a jockeying for position at work venues and often enough best friends may be on each other's menus. 2. Always remember that colleagially is an often referred to concept among nurses that is touted in nursing school and at work sites especially if there's money involved otherwise in practice not so much. 3. The routes to becoming an RN do not make for academic uniformity or professional cohesiveness allowing employers to exploit nurses at will while promoting internecine discord. (see #1) 4. Nurses are their own worst enemies. This statement is evidenced by by the fact that cops and firefighters get medals and pensions while nurses get disability, if lucky. That's it for now true believers. But there's so much more...
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    Nursing Certifications

    The "gold standard" for me is the "good character" standard. Where's the certification for that or am I just being old fashion?