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  1. Yeah I figured that I'd have to start with Postpartum or Nursery to see what healthy is before I'd be allowed anywhere near the NICU. I think that will stay a dream though as I don't see the hospital system allowing me to change departments and I'm in the biggest hospital system in the city of Las Vegas. The other hospitals don't really hire nurses unless they have 2-5 years of experience or they know someone in HR. I just wish there wasn't a contract so that I could have found another floor earlier than this when I still had a clear record.
  2. Thanks. I'm actually in a year-long residency New Grad program, hence the contract. I have my last Residency class next month with a research workshop in November to prep the "graduation" presentation that I have to do. I just don't know what the problem is but part of me (the bigger part right now) HATES pretty much everything to do with nursing. Part of me though wants it to work, I do have goals. I was just about to start working on my BSN but I think I need to let that be for awhile yet, if ever. I wanted to stick this out for the year on Med-Surg and then work on getting a job in Nursery or NICU (or anything Women's Services related) but now with a write-up I can't even apply for anything else until it goes away (1 year from now rather than in June which is 1 year from when I was on my own). The other problem is my coworkers and clinical supervisors are getting tired of me asking them questions or for help. There is very little teamwork and I'm tired of doing everything myself, but even more tired of trying to get a CNA to do something for one of my patients. Obviously I suck at delegating or they suck at listening but I just save my energy and do total care as much as possible. Here it is either patient care or a new line of work. I don't have the experience needed to get anything away from the bedside. Not until at least the 5 year mark.
  3. I'm at this point right now...sorry for the vent Today marked 6 months at my current position (Med-Surg) and 11 1/2 months of working as a nurse. It started off with one of my patients deciding that I wasn't paying enough attention to his needs. He told me he was paying for me to do whatever he said to do when he said to do it, despite the fact that most of what he wanted required doctor's orders that I didn't have at that time (I got them, but not fast enough). So he complained about me to the charge nurse and DON and fired me. Then as if that didn't make the day suck enough I was given another patient (to trade the one that fired me) and I went and made my first med error and it was one that could have killed or seriously harmed my patient. I was lucky that he was okay and I'll never make that mistake again. I MIDAS reported myself and then several hours later the DON wrote me up for the error. So much for MIDAS reports being "teaching tools for how to prevent errors not reports used to punish" as we were told repeatedly in orientation. I tried asking the DON how to put in my resignation even though I have a new grad contract and would have to pay back a bunch of money but he told me no I couldn't quit and that he wanted to work to see if I had potential. That sounds like he needs a warm body on the floor whether I'm safe or not. Sorry you are short handed but at this point I am no longer safe to work as a nurse and as it was never a calling for me but just a job (one that I've really hated for most of the year I've done it), it doesn't seem fair to co-workers or patients to keep trying to force myself to be a nurse. I don't trust myself anymore so how can anyone else trust me? Not sure how to get out of this except by turning in my license to the BON as being unsafe, but that seems a little extreme just to leave a job that I can't and don't want to do anymore. Sorry for the long rant, I just don't know what to do. My mom is so excited that I'm a nurse but doesn't understand that I'm miserable. I cry at least once a week and I'm tired of it. Wal-Mart at $10 an hour looks so much better right now.
  4. AvaRose

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Yeah but why pay extortionist level union dues to maybe have the union rep protect your job after you fight for a year or more to be allowed to work again. At that point I seriously wouldn't care and would have found another job. That's the thing, all jobs suck, management everywhere is stupid and fails to serve anyone but themselves and paying $300-$500 out of each $1800 paycheck for "protection" is stupid. If you don't like your work conditions just go down the street and find another job you'll hate in 3 months.
  5. Thanks to this article and others on this site I took a chance on a job I found listed on Craigslist. I had my interview today and was hired within 30 minutes of sitting down with the Director. I start on Monday already. The job is for a new short-term rehab hospital with 45 beds and a Nurse:Patient ratio of 1:12 (max) although right now since they are new there are only 12 patients for 4 nurses. I will also be learning how to delegate and manage the 2 CNAs that are working each shift. The Director was looking to hire new grads to train them up exactly how she wants them. I'm a little nervous since I wasn't expecting even if I got the job to be starting on Monday...now I have to work on finding an apartment closer to the facility since I am staying with family right now and it's a 1 1/2 hour commute (one-way) to get there...leaving the house at 530 am and not getting home until 9 or 10 pm will get old pretty quickly. Thanks to everyone on the site for your wisdom and encouragement...I'm finally a real working nurse!
  6. AvaRose

    Busting Myths About the NCLEX-RN

    Try ATI. It works for content review, practice questions, and getting used to the different areas of the test (i.e. Psychosocial Integrity or Safety and Infection Control). Safety as well as Basic Care and Comfort are the 2 big areas that this latest version of NCLEX seem to hit the hardest. Most of my test was Safety and all of those questions were also Prioritization (with some Delegation thrown in for fun...though the main Delegation question was pretty easy to figure out). The LaCharity Prioritization book is a pretty good resource as well. I think ATI runs $75 and you get a mentor and several comprehensive tests to see if you are ready to take the NCLEX.
  7. AvaRose

    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    I hear you there. I haven't even gotten my license yet and I'm already disgusted with the whole process. I wonder if I can't just get a job at an insurance company doing medical audits or something without even worrying about taking NCLEX...I have my degree but I don't even want to go through anymore effort to be able to use it eventually...I just need to get away from my going to school job at Walmart before my brain explodes...then maybe I'd actually care if I get my license or not.