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How hard is chemistry as compared to anatomy class?


I'm thinking about taking chemisty, but how hard is it as compared at anatomy or microbio? Should I take it in the summer? I had a A/B in anatomy and a B in microbio if that helps.


I thought Chem was harder than A&P and Micro... I got an A in it, but just barely. My instructor wasn't very good, and I think if I'd had a good instructor it would have made a huge difference. It's a lot more math than either A&P or Micro, and I personally thought it had more memorization.

No matter how you look at it, chem sucks! I found though, if you have a good teacher (ask around or check ratemyprofessors.com) life is so much easier. Fundamental chem is mostly all math. Organic chem is all memorization.

I would not say it is easier or harder then any other class. Although, it is extremely different then any other class that you mentioned.

Schaum's Easy Outlines were also a big help! Good luck and Best wishes to you!

I felt the opposite. I got an A in chemistry but an A and B in A&P 1 & 2. I did not study as much for Chem as I did for A & P.

I took A&P I as well as Chem 131/General Chem this past semester. As much as I hated to admit it, they complimented each other. I found that I studied more for Chem then A&P as it seemed to be harder for me. (Kind of the opposite of one of the PP).


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Neither of them are easy, they are different kind of hard though :-) Chem is mathmatically hard, while A&P are more understanding and memorization hard. To me chem was the harder or the two.

In the grand scheme of things I found chem harder. However, I studied way more for A&P and micro than I did for chem. It depends on how you're wired. If math is intuitive for you then you're good.

Now I know you didn't ask but someone mentioned organic. Organic chem is a completely other thing all together. It is the reason I dropped premed in college, got a degree in English, worked in business for ten years, and now am back to the sciences trying to get a BSN. Sometimes I think I'll take organic again eventhough it isn't required just to kick its butt . . . now that I know I can and should've done it the first time around.


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I also think Chem was harder than A&P. But I had an awesome A&P teacher and a horrid chem teacher.

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For me it depended on the instructor. The first time I tried chem it was in the summer and my instructor confused me so badly I'm almost gave up on nursing right then and there. I dropped half way through and re-took it with a better teacher and got an A. She made the same material so much easier, so in comparison, A&P 1 was way harder IMO. I took them together and I spent 70% of my time on A&P vs about 30% on chemistry. It really depends on you/the instructor.

Like others have said, chemistry and A&P are different beasts. I know people who are brilliant in one subject and can barely hack it in the other. As has also been mentioned, general chemistry and organic chemistry are night and day, too.

I thought that general chemistry was easy in that everything was pretty black and white. My professor liked to point out that the thing that trips people up in general chem isn't the chemistry, it's the math. If you don't have a serious aversion to math (or if you do and you can get over it!), general chemistry isn't too bad.

Wow! I'm scare already! I didn't think Chem was hard. I'm registered for Chem and A&P 2 along with the labs and 2 other classes for next semester and I'm getting worried. I hope I'll do good because I want to maintain my 4.0 GPA...but it looks like it's not going to be easy at all. :(

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I'm with you- I am taking A/P2, Chem and Micro this coming semester and Chem is scaring me to death.

How hard is the chem math? I ask because I am not a math person, I was scared to death of stats math, and it turned out to be a breeze for me. Is chem math really hard to wrap your head around, or is just practice like any other relatively simple math?

Is it worse than college algebra?