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  1. ErinRN2B

    First semester random drug testing time

    I'm sure it's a urine test. Hair tests are expensive, and I doubt any school would be willing to shell out the extra cash, when urine tests are so cheap. Personally, I've never heard of anyone having to have their hair tested, expect for those applying to police forces or government jobs. You can buy a THC urine testing kit at any drug store for under $20. 36 hours is a pretty big window to take a drug test - many drugs are out of your system naturally in that much time! Geez. Cross your fingers, take this as a lesson, and don't make the same mistake again.
  2. ErinRN2B

    Why are students going into LPN programs?

    I have no problems with LPNs in general. The vast majority of the ones I've met have been knowledgeable and kind. However, I've had a few issues with some in my class currently. I'm an RN student, and half of my psych class is LPN-RN transition students. The ones I haven't gotten along with are very whiny, constantly complain about how "you never need to know this crap on the job," and don't value assessment at all. But I'm sure not all LPNs are like that. :)
  3. ErinRN2B

    Is making friends in school important?

    There are a few people that I really like in my nursing program, but I doubt we will stay close after graduation. I have a few very close friends that I've had for years before I ever started the nursing program, and to be honest, I didn't go to nursing school to make new friends. I mostly just keep my head down, do my own work, and try to be friendly and respectful to everyone else. Study groups and review sessions may help some people, but they've never really helped me.
  4. Stop being so clique-y, you're all grown adults! This isn't high school, and acting like it is isn't cute.
  5. Quit talking about your kids. Half of the women here have kids. I have a kid. It doesn't make me special, and it certainly doesn't make you special. Being exceptionally fertile does not make you any more interesting to the rest of us.
  6. My ASN will have taken me three years to complete. One year of pre-reqs - A&P, micro, chem, etc. - and two years of core nursing classes. I think that this is pretty standard for CC ASN programs.
  7. ErinRN2B

    You paid HOW MUCH for nursing school??!!

    I envy you. My CC is about the same price as yours; all of the loans I have were taken out to help pay living expenses. That's what happens when you have a family headed by two full-time students.
  8. ErinRN2B

    Going shopping for school supplies tomorrow

    I work part-time at Target, and they have awesome school supplies. Unfortunately I already spend way too much of my paycheck there.
  9. ErinRN2B

    You paid HOW MUCH for nursing school??!!

    I'm honestly kind of embarrassed about the amount of debt I have. Student loan debt scares me. It's not awful -
  10. ErinRN2B

    A "chick's" perspective on Men in Nursing

    Another "chick's" perspective - plenty of women hold professionalism in pretty high regard, myself included, and this thread doesn't exactly reek of that.
  11. ErinRN2B

    quitting while i'm ahead

    From one anxious gal to another... Plenty of people have had bad experiences with this or that various psych drug. I know I did. Paxil didn't do anything to help my anxiety, but Xanax turned me into a dysfunctional zombie. Part of psychiatric medicine is trying different medications to find the one that works best for you. It sounds like you're not happy right now, and like the other posters I agree that you should seek medical advice. Anxiety spectrum disorders are very treatable, both with medications and with psychotherapy. Best of luck to you in your schooling. :heartbeat
  12. ErinRN2B

    No sick adults please.....can I still be a nurse?

    Gorked-out = over-medicated?
  13. ErinRN2B

    LPN / ADN / BSN / MSN. Whats YOUR plan?

    Are you kidding? I'm 22 and I hardly consider myself a "late bloomer" into the nursing field. There are loads and loads of posts on this site from nursing students in their mid-40s or even older.
  14. ErinRN2B

    LPN / ADN / BSN / MSN. Whats YOUR plan?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have one year left in my RN program. I loved my pharm class and would someday like to work in the pharmaceutical industry doing clinical research trials or working in drug development. After I finish my ASN, I'm planning on going to Purdue University [hometown school] and getting a bachelor's in pharmaceutical science. After that, I'm not sure. I've also been considering pursuing medical school after that (a giant leap from nursing, I know). I love psych too, so another option I'm considering is becoming a mental health NP. The third route I'm thinking about is doing the CRNA thing. I loved the little time I spent in the OR and PACU last semester and am anxious to learn more. Whatever I chose, I know that more education is in my near future. I'm still young and want to go as far in the medical field as I can. Oh, and I'm already married and have a kid. :) No more for us in the near future. I got married/pregnant when I was only 20 and started my ASN program when my son was 2 months old. I'm very happy being a mom but I also was never the kind of person who could be a full-time stay-at-home mom... I would probably go crazy.
  15. ErinRN2B

    Calling all pen aficionados...please report here

    I love this post. I'm a non-repentant office supply junkie. Right now I am loving Bic VelocityGel pens. They feel great writing on a thick legal pad in clinical.