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oklahomagal specializes in Lactation.

Im a 32 yr old nursing student from Oklahoma. I have been a Lactation Consultant for just over 1 yr now and love it. I am also a single mama to 5 great kids :-)

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  1. Took nclex today!!!

    I had the three day live review also, plus I listened to all the lectures online probably 2x. Then did all the questions as previous poster said.
  2. very well organized and easier to understand!!
  3. Took nclex today!!!

    I checked my results this morning, I PASSED!!!!
  4. Took nclex today!!!

    I would say that you need to focus on content, but also work on stategies. I just continued to study daily after graduation, at least a little bit everyday! I really like the hurst strategies, they helped me! I think that if you work with what you h...
  5. Took nclex today!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that :-(
  6. Took nclex today!!!

    Good luck crna2b!!!
  7. Took nclex today!!!

    Thank you! Good Luck and remember when your nerves get to you, breath in through your nose... out through you mouth and RELAX!!
  8. Took nclex today!!!

    Post back here when you have official results!! I know you made it though!
  9. Took nclex today!!!

    I have read and researched many different threads on AN and it seems to be a legit trick! Everyone from my class that has passed got the "good pop up" and our one girl that failed was prompted to reenter her credit card. I did mine within 15 minutes ...
  10. ADN class of 2013

    Nclex taken today, 75q and a good pop up!
  11. Took nclex today!!!

    I didn't think it was horrible or anything, it definitely required my critical thinking skills though! I highly recommend using lacharity, Saunders and Hurst. Aside from nursing school those were the only study guides I used, I felt very prepared.
  12. Took nclex today!!!

    Yay!! Congrats!
  13. Took nclex today!!!

    Yay!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Took nclex today!!!

    75 questions, at least 20 of them were sata, and after about 60 most of them were management questions, when the computer shut off I reared up, felt like a FAILURE! I went to my car and did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up!!