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  1. BuffaloGirl

    TEAS in 5 Days!

    If I had a short amount of time to study, I would first do one of the practice TEAS tests online -available via ATI testing . Then i'd focus on my weak points. HTH :). GL
  2. BuffaloGirl

    Has anyone gotten into a program with a C in Chemistry?

    Yep, I just got into the ADN program starting this fall with a "C" in chemistry. What helped me were my higher grades in my A&P, Eng, Math, GPA, Teas score, etc. So, with all that being said, I wouldn't let that Chem score hinder you. :). GL.
  3. BuffaloGirl

    Im keeping quiet on my decision

    There isn't anything to be ashamed of. Becoming a nurse at any age, regardless, is an accomplishment to be proud of. Congratulations :)
  4. BuffaloGirl

    TOOK NCLEX RN TODAY SHUT OFF AT 75 and good pop up

    Congrats Carvit! GL to you in your new career :)
  5. BuffaloGirl

    Nclex-RN today

    Good Luck to ya!
  6. BuffaloGirl

    How hard is the new NCLEX 2013 Test Plan

    I took my NCLEX today and it cut me off at minimum. I had a lot (stressing a lot) of SATA , a few drag and drops, scenerios, some conference q's, and a lot of delegations and priorities. There were no math questions and I felt that my test touched base on everything I learned in school. It was hard, but nothing out of the ordinary. My studying consisted of ATI (which the nclex was very similiar to), lippincotts, and kaplan. Our school did the Kaplan review & after taking the nclex it did not feel realistic to the nclex at all. It may be good strategy wise, but no more then hurst, lippincotts, or even ATI. Anyways, I started reviewing for 2 wks for a couple of hrs a day. I took minimum & finished it in a couple of hours. When I got home, I did the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up. Myself, I didn't pay extra as I should be listed on the NCBON in a few business days and that's what's most important to me - the license #- so I can start applying for jobs lol :) GL everyone who is to take/retake the nclex :)
  7. Ugh, but I can understand that. Good luck with your class :)
  8. BuffaloGirl

    Accepted - big thanks to this forum

    Congrats Breezy! :)
  9. Hey Lachell, Would you be up for taking A&P online w/another NC community college? I took mine with Stanly CC and really loved my teacher. I know you said close, but I just wanted to give you another option. To look up online transferable classes, I used the NC Community college system.HTH'sAlexandra
  10. BuffaloGirl

    Nursing Schools in North Carolina

    Hey there! I lived in Fayetteville, NC and they have a great school thats off bragg blvd (goes towards Ft. Bragg) - it is called Fayetteville Technical community college. If you lived on Bragg, it wouldn't take you maybe 10 minutes to get there. If you have questions about the schools or the area let me know :). I'd be happy to answer them for you. HTH :)~Alexandra
  11. BuffaloGirl

    Nursing with cancer

    I have a friends with thyroid cancer and she was accepted into a nursing program @ our local community college. She did decline because of how the treatments were affecting her. Take care.
  12. BuffaloGirl

    Any programs near Asheville, NC

    AB tech has a great program, as they partner with WCU to complete the program with a BSN if you want to go that route or you could just complete the associates program. There is the community college in Waynesville too that I've heard is a great school. There is Blue Ridge CC as well, but I've not heard heads or tails about their program. They are in Fairview btw. There are some great ppl on this board looking at AB tech who could give you a lot more info then I could as I live just an hour outside of Asheville and I'm not as familiar with the programs. All I know is AB tech gets a lot of applicants so for what's worth, I'd have high test scores and a high GPA. Take Care, Alexandra
  13. BuffaloGirl

    54 year old sahm, am I nuts to think I want this?

    My boss from my prior job just graduated as an LPN, and she is in her mid-50's. If she can do it, so can you :) GL
  14. BuffaloGirl

    South College - Asheville, NC?

    Hey Jazzy, I agree, encouragement is always appreciated. One of the best things they told us @ SC (during the nursing seminar) was we should look @ each other as future classmates and not as competition. My girlfriend is wanting to take the EMS/T program with ABTech and she keeps talking about going to visit but we can never meet up due to schedules :\ I didn't know about that program! I was thinking about taking it with Mayland and completing it w/Lees-McRae but i'd rather pay 3 yrs of CC tuition then 2, lol. I'll defiantly keep you posted, as I'd love to have someone to talk to about this journey! :) TY for everything..
  15. BuffaloGirl

    Question about the TEAS Exam/study guide.....

    I got my ATI study guide off Craigslist for 20.00 ..maybe check there too. I think it is 35.00 on ATI's site. HTH