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I am a 2013 graduate LPN, going back into the ADN program in the fall of 2014 - yipee!

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  1. TEAS in 5 Days!

    If I had a short amount of time to study, I would first do one of the practice TEAS tests online -available via ATI testing . Then i'd focus on my weak points. HTH :). GL
  2. Has anyone gotten into a program with a C in Chemistry?

    Yep, I just got into the ADN program starting this fall with a "C" in chemistry. What helped me were my higher grades in my A&P, Eng, Math, GPA, Teas score, etc. So, with all that being said, I wouldn't let that Chem score hinder you. :). GL.
  3. Im keeping quiet on my decision

    There isn't anything to be ashamed of. Becoming a nurse at any age, regardless, is an accomplishment to be proud of. Congratulations :)
  4. TOOK NCLEX RN TODAY SHUT OFF AT 75 and good pop up

    Congrats Carvit! GL to you in your new career :)
  5. Nclex-RN today

    Good Luck to ya!
  6. How hard is the new NCLEX 2013 Test Plan

    I took my NCLEX today and it cut me off at minimum. I had a lot (stressing a lot) of SATA , a few drag and drops, scenerios, some conference q's, and a lot of delegations and priorities. There were no math questions and I felt that my test touched ...
  7. Ugh, but I can understand that. Good luck with your class :)
  8. Accepted - big thanks to this forum

    Congrats Breezy! :)
  9. Hey Lachell, Would you be up for taking A&P online w/another NC community college? I took mine with Stanly CC and really loved my teacher. I know you said close, but I just wanted to give you another option. To look up online transferable cla...
  10. Nursing Schools in North Carolina

    Hey there! I lived in Fayetteville, NC and they have a great school thats off bragg blvd (goes towards Ft. Bragg) - it is called Fayetteville Technical community college. If you lived on Bragg, it wouldn't take you maybe 10 minutes to get there. If...
  11. Nursing with cancer

    I have a friends with thyroid cancer and she was accepted into a nursing program @ our local community college. She did decline because of how the treatments were affecting her. Take care.
  12. Any programs near Asheville, NC

    AB tech has a great program, as they partner with WCU to complete the program with a BSN if you want to go that route or you could just complete the associates program. There is the community college in Waynesville too that I've heard is a great sch...
  13. 54 year old sahm, am I nuts to think I want this?

    My boss from my prior job just graduated as an LPN, and she is in her mid-50's. If she can do it, so can you :) GL
  14. South College - Asheville, NC?

    Hey Jazzy, I agree, encouragement is always appreciated. One of the best things they told us @ SC (during the nursing seminar) was we should look @ each other as future classmates and not as competition. My girlfriend is wanting to take the EMS/T pr...
  15. Question about the TEAS Exam/study guide.....

    I got my ATI study guide off Craigslist for 20.00 ..maybe check there too. I think it is 35.00 on ATI's site. HTH