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  1. Has anyone found that different types of automobiles are better for home health? I am going to get a new car soon and may be leaving my job at a nursing home to do home health. I was thinking a hybrid awd minivan would be a good choice. It would get better mileage than a suv and have more room, and I hope would ride smoother. With all the space you would have room left over for cooler and stuff. Any of you wish you had bought something different from what you have now?
  2. northmississippi

    Best way to study

    listen to your notes and look at the class notes at the same time is helpful, be sure to take good notes. you may can find Youtube videos on the class content for that day also. learn your notes word for word. You will need to study daily so that the day before the test is more of a two hour review. be sure to get a good NCLEX book that broken down into content areas. Group studies usually turn out to be a waste of time because they usually turn into a party after about 30 minutes. listen to that lectures in your car on the way to and from school and while doing house chores. Also check out NCLEX strategies like the ones from Kaplan and ATI to help you answer questions, nursing school makes you take your best guess. good luck.
  3. northmississippi

    Any older males becoming diabetes educators?

    I would like to find a clinic job and get out of the nursing home one day, I thought maybe becoming a diabetes educator would be a good idea, but what is the chances of an older male getting hired for that? Do you know any that fit that description?
  4. northmississippi

    Need help with syringe test question?

    Is this a pharm question from a book? Sometimes those books have errors and the may have meant 150mg in 1.5ml. My old current math for meds book had a few of those typos.
  5. I have spent the last few years just being a med cart nurse at nursing homes. I think that if I left being a med cart/med pass nurse that home health would be a good job too, but I know I'd need to brush up on some stuff first. What are the most common skills that one would need to be in home health? I assume more assessment, wound care, specimen collection, and iv related issues. What else? Thanks.
  6. While looking for a way to become self employed or at least move away from traditional bedside care/med pass jobs, I came across cde. I work with a lot of diabetics already at a nursing home. Could being CDE be a way to work as self employed one day and move away from the traditional nursing jobs? Thanks. I think this could be a very interesting career.
  7. How much training did you get and what was it like as you went into infusion nursing? Could a newer nurse make it in infusion nursing considering they can do iv starts and hang bags at the med surg floor?
  8. northmississippi

    Do I have time to take 'fun' classes when in nursing school?

    I wouldnt take anything you dont have to take, it cost a ton of money to fail nursing school. If you do anything, I'd add a fitness class because you will need to be fit to hit the floors after graduation. It hurts to be a nurse.
  9. northmississippi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    You will probably have to start over, but stay in nursing school somewhere. It will be worth it in the long run.
  10. northmississippi

    any reason to keep Lpn lic. after getting Rn?

    I upgraded my lpn license to Rn last summer. Is there any reason to keep paying for lpn license? If for some reason I lost my Rn license, would I get to keep work as lpn somewhere? Thanks.
  11. northmississippi

    Working During Nursing School

    If you are really only going to work two days on the weekend, that will be ok, but keep in mind your test may be on a monday. Also, dont fall into being that person that always says "yes, i can come in to work since nurse X is too drunk to come in today". If you do, they will be calling you about three times a week, and you will fail nursing school. If you make it to last semester, i'd quit work about two months before graduation to make sure pass.
  12. northmississippi

    What do I need for nursing school?

    Get you a voice recorder or two so you can listen to your lecture on the way to and from school, and while studying your powerpoints. Get you a good printer with toner instead of color, because when its sunday night and you need to print out something at 1am you won't get a message that says "can't print, printer out of yellow ink". A good backpack, umbrella, snacks. One thing I'm glad I had during fundamentals was a davis drug book, and a medical terminology book that I could turn to while I was studying so that I could better understand a drug or word. If you work, dont work over two days a week. Put partying on hold for the next two years. I'd get a good recliner from lazboy to study in also, studying for nursing takes a lot longer than studying for psychology or english. I would get your own 02 sat monitor and a pocket thermometer so that you can get vital signs without have to wait for a machine. One other thing, for clinical,, get you one of those little spiral bound notecard books called LaB Notes, and MED surg Notes... they will help big time when filling out your paperwork at the clinical.
  13. northmississippi

    Failed nclex

    there is a book called lacharity prioritization, its great, it was the book that was most like the real nclex and its easy to read. You need to learn the nclex test taking strategies very well also. As far as trying to learn nursing facts, just get a copy of fryes 3500 nclex bullets. About the only thing hurst help me with was fluid balance and acid base. Nclex books that just tell fact after fact won't get you very far at this point because nclex test you how the new nurse feels about whats safe to do when given a common situation but given a drug you have never heard of. That is where strategies come into play and when a question ask you to pick the heart med and you see a list of drugs you have never actually heard of,,BUT,, you see one that ends in pril or OLOL,,, you pick those. Then there are the"who to go see first" questions. Hit the safety and intervention flash cards, and fundamentals. dont study at all the day before the test except basic lab values, a fresh mind will be better than trying to learn nursing on the last day. good luck.
  14. northmississippi

    How to navigate the LaCharity book?

    Just start reading it and have a medical terminology book/davis drug guide handy for a study buddy for when you you see something you don't recognize. You have one of the best books out there. Pay attention to the "who will the nurse see first" questions. Dont study at all the day before the test other go over some lab values (basic ones such as bun/cr, k, sodium, etc).
  15. northmississippi

    TIPS and Tricks

    Get your feet and back in shape. Go over cardiac meds again and brush up on assessment. Did I mention to get your feet and back strong and flexible?
  16. northmississippi

    Best study options for NCLEX/Preparing for new job?

    Best book I had was lacharity prioritization, it was by far the most like the real nclex in my case. Also hit free internet flash cards on safety and intervention. Another book I liked alot was called fryes 3500 bullets or something. Thats all I studied and got 75 questions, but keep in mind that passing nclex has a lot to do with being a good student to start with.