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  1. Share your study techniques

    Do they allow you to record class lectures? Our school did and I loved being able to just lay in bed or go do some yard work and listen to my lectures. It's great to listen to on the way to and from school in your car. If you get a voice recorder, ha...
  2. Has anyone found that different types of automobiles are better for home health? I am going to get a new car soon and may be leaving my job at a nursing home to do home health. I was thinking a hybrid awd minivan would be a good choice. It would get ...
  3. Future New Grad RN does not want to work Med-Surg!

    I know a nurse that went straight to nicu and is doing just fine. I"m sure there was a lot of training for it once she got there. Your success there probably depends on if you have someone who will really teach you and not go sit in a back room readi...
  4. pre-MED SURG Summer classes/courses?

    Get your mind used to sitting for long periods of reading by going over your anatomy books section on the heart and endocrine system. You could also simply find some free flashcards online that deal with med surg 1, or just simply some NCLEX material...
  5. Best way to study

    listen to your notes and look at the class notes at the same time is helpful, be sure to take good notes. you may can find Youtube videos on the class content for that day also. learn your notes word for word. You will need to study daily so that th...
  6. Any older males becoming diabetes educators?

    I would like to find a clinic job and get out of the nursing home one day, I thought maybe becoming a diabetes educator would be a good idea, but what is the chances of an older male getting hired for that? Do you know any that fit that description?
  7. NCLEX prep

    Best book I had for NCLEX was Lacharities Prioritization And Delegation, along with the strategies section from ati, and a easy to read book called Freys 3000 bullets. You may want to just Google some pharm flashcards for free. And don't study the d...
  8. Need help with syringe test question?

    Is this a pharm question from a book? Sometimes those books have errors and the may have meant 150mg in 1.5ml. My old current math for meds book had a few of those typos.
  9. ATI Predictor Exam

    If your school is doing ati's NCLEX program, be sure to study hard on the NCLEX test strategies, and delegation skills, ati has one of the best, and you will need strategies on the NCLEX.
  10. Nursing Tips I have no prior experience in healthcare field

    good news, nursing is one of the few jobs you can get without having 3-5 years experience like the accounting majors are about to sadly find out. It may be a good idea to start out on a night shift so that it will be a slower pace and you can learn a...
  11. Anyone not good at math but turned things around?

    You need to buy a book called ACT for Dummies and study the math section. I taught myself algebra with it. It's and easy and fun book.
  12. A & P with no science background?

    I took it and passed and I havent had a science class in many years. pay close attention to anything they say about the heart and lungs, and endocrine system.
  13. Is it easier financially in the Lpn to rn program

    my lpn to rn ran up a bill of about 8000 dollars over a year and half, that was for school only (books,scrubs, tuition,fuel, etc). I paid out of pocket (well my credit card did).
  14. Help: job choices as a new grad

    I would go with the office job, those are hard to get,hospital jobs are easy to get because of all the people who quit.
  15. LPN to RN worth it?

    Not make more money? Usually upgrading to RN gets you about 10k more a year. Having a Rn would open more doors if you ever left your current job and I hear many places are going to hire only Rn's. But if you have a good job with good retirement benef...